Weekend NSVs?

mazmataz Posts: 331 Member
So everyone's NSV this weekend/Monday? It's always good to keep track of the little things ;)

This was my first beach weekend of the year...avec bikini! I've still got a ways to go before I'm anywhere near looking as good as some of the tanned, super toned godesses, however the best part was that I didn't really feel self concious at all. It was awesome!!



  • michelefrench
    michelefrench Posts: 814 Member
    someone commented this weekend how cute my "daughter" and I looked together.....hehehe - she's my GRANDDAUGHTER :happy:
  • Littlemissjackie1
    Littlemissjackie1 Posts: 122 Member
    Today my "well- fitting jeans" are really baggy, in the legs and the butt! It looks like I'm sagging! Two weeks ago they felt a little two tight! :D
  • eep223
    eep223 Posts: 624 Member
    Scale hasn't been budging lately and my clothes are fitting the same, but this weekend when I measured I've gone down a half inch at my neck and an inch at my waist! Everything else is the same. I knew I *felt* different though. I guess I'm just losing from weird places first!
  • Amy_Andrews
    Amy_Andrews Posts: 106
    Went for a run with my husband and he commented that it's the longest he's ever seen me run without stopping :)
  • YcatsFursworth
    YcatsFursworth Posts: 278 Member
    seeing muscle mass starting to form on my upper arms! yay!
  • Amyy1982
    Amyy1982 Posts: 369 Member
    We put away our winter clothes and pulled out the summer stuff so I tried on a few dresses from a couple summers ago which were too tight last summer and they FIT!! WOOHOO!! I can't wait to wear them again! :happy:
  • BeccaBollons
    BeccaBollons Posts: 652 Member
    I have two:
    Today I went out in shorts, and no-one recoiled in horror, (not even me at my own reflection ha ha!)
    And, I got on my bike for a short bike ride, which was the first time this year after a severe back problem.
    Felt pretty good about both :)
  • fitplease
    fitplease Posts: 647 Member
    This past weekend, I ran my first 5K at a faster pace than my practice runs! I also wore a top that I could not get into this time last year! :-)
  • kenj13
    kenj13 Posts: 39 Member
    This weekend I went shopping for a dress for my Master's graduation. All the fitted dresses I tried on were a size smaller then what I wore for Christmas (Went from a size 16 to 14), AND they were almost too roomy! :laugh: PLUS, I bought a dress in a L, a 1st in a long time!:happy:
  • pestopoli
    pestopoli Posts: 111 Member
    Monday NSV - "stole" one of my roommates vintage dresses (it's..god, adorable) to wear to the office - it would NEVER have fit two months ago :))
  • I saw the faintest outline of abs, and freaked out :) I was so happy.
  • TdaniT
    TdaniT Posts: 331 Member
    I jogged/walked 3.4 miles in 50:37 minutes. :) Never jogged outside before and I run a 5K on Wednesday.
  • fuhrmeister
    fuhrmeister Posts: 1,796 Member
    only one plate and one dessert at our fund raiseing dinner on Saturday. May not sound big but man can our church ladies cook. I usasually have at least 2 helpings of potatoes or dressing.
  • palmerar
    palmerar Posts: 489 Member
    My boyfriend noticing a lot of extra room in my jeans, and how strong my abs are becoming and telling me my hard work is obviously paying off!

    Personal-at a cinco de mayo party I filled up on the fresh fruit, and then instead of a traditional taco I went without a shell and put beef, salsa, lettuce, tomato, bell peppers, bean salad and a little cheese on my plate and skipped the dessert there. I did however get some frozen yogurt later...but I'm sure it was less calories than strawberry boston creme pie! Even a few months ago I'm sure I would have gorged myself at a party like that.
  • spirytwynd
    spirytwynd Posts: 141 Member
    Hmmm, my work pants are really loose. I will have to make some adjustments to them because they are loose enough to fall off if I don't use a belt. And, second, one of the guys who lives next door commented yesterday on how much weight I have lost. He doesn't see me often, and he is working hard to lose weight as well, so maybe he is more sensitive to it. Either way, he was highly complimentary and it was really nice that he noticed. :-)
  • spirytwynd
    spirytwynd Posts: 141 Member
    Oh, and the weekend before, my daughter saw me changing shirts. She told me I was disgusting. I said "huh?" Whereupon she told me I was despicable. When I asked why, she told me that she was seeing definite parts of my six pack forming on my abdomen. That was a big NSV for me! :tongue:
  • JenAndSome
    JenAndSome Posts: 1,908 Member
    My weekend NSV was that I finally felt okay enough to wear my bikini in the hot tub with people other than just the boyfriend there. Granted, it was dark out, but I still rocked it.
  • verdemujer
    verdemujer Posts: 1,397 Member
    Major walking all weekend and two great rides - over 10,000 steps each day.. A spin class on Saturday that actually made my knee feel better afterwards. I was surprised with all the babying of my knee I was doing to get to 15.5 miles. Also went shopping and trying on clothes. I can get into some 14s but still not completely comfortable but 16s are too loose. Bought a shirt in a Women's 16 when I use to be a 20/22. Lovely!

    Then on Sunday - kept up with my retired marathon running ex-boss on our 'catch-up with each other' walk for 4 miles in an hour and didn't even feel tired or sore. Then went for 7.54 mile bike ride with friends for an hour. And was charging up hills without a huge issue. Both my son and I were doing well, We just might make it riding bikes for commuting this summer. Tried that last year and he quit first and then I quit too as it was just so hard to get to work on time and last all day without fading out.
  • kateflourishes
    kateflourishes Posts: 257 Member
    Bought a dress and a belt for a wedding I'm attending- both in size small!! <3
  • lcvaughn520
    lcvaughn520 Posts: 219 Member
    I completed my first half marathon! I am not a very good runner, and about six months ago when I started training, I couldn't even run 1 mile!!
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