Need Friends that are 5' 2" 5' 3" 5' 4" Girls



  • you can add me :)

    27 years old
    mother of three
    117 lbs goal weight 105 llbs and to get rid of the mommy belly lol
    I log in everyday and work out to jillian michaels dvds and run and swim
  • Hi! Im 27
    mom of one
    current weight 274
    goal 130

    Im having a lot of trouble losing weight looking for encouragement and support. All of my friends are like size 3 so they dont understand what im going through and i feel really out of place when im with them. Add me if you want.
  • what about 5ft 1?
  • TanyaEberle
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    You can add me

    5' 3"1/2 :)
    3 kids (8, 6, and 3)
    Goal weight 130.
  • brennacr
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    You can add me! :smile:
    I'm 5'2"
    Current weight: 132.7 Goal weight: 110
  • harleenarang
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    Very much similar. Married but no kids.
    Age - 28 yrs
    Height - 5"2 1/2 (Yes I am going to count that 1/2) :happy:
    Highest Weight - 183.7
    Current Weight - 169.8
    Goal Weight - 132

    Recently started working out in a gym and trying to change my eating habits for good :) Have seen some progress and hoping to continue this journey and reach my goal weight by this year end. (My birthday - 27th Dec)
    People do a lot of cool stuff before they turn 30 but I want to do this before I turn 29 so I can enjoy "the best I ever looked" during that last year of my 20's and step in my 30's at the healthiest I can ever be. :flowerforyou:
  • I'm 5' 2" 5' 3" on a good day.I'm 29. I have decided not to be so large by my 30th birthday!

    HW 208 (that is not the highes from pregnancy which is 240)
    CW 191.8
    Once I get to 150 then I need to re evaluate and see if I thing I can get down another 9-15lbs

    I'm always looking for friends and motivation. I log everyday!
  • Asterie
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    I'm a girl! And I'm 5'3", currently 128.6 lbs, and aiming for 110 lbs with an ultimate goal of 105 (unless I keep lifting weights, in which case 110 lbs of muscle!) Everyone feel free to add me! I'm heading out in a minute, otherwise I'd go through this thread and add as many as I could, haha.

    ETA: And I'm 23 years old. (:
  • sohsoapie
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    I'm 5'3 and I'm looking for motivation to work out :D

    HW: 140
    CW: 112
    GW: I'm setting one because I just want to decrease my body fat percentage :D

    I do have an obsession with fried foods so I want to get rid of that fat and gain some muscle :D

    So add me~
  • Sweet_Gurl_Next_Door
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    Hi! I am 5"4 inches tall

    Sw:250 pounds
    Cw 170 pounds
    GW: I go by goal size to wear a size 9/10 whatever weight this is will be my final weight
    your are all welcome to add me.

    I am a single mom of a 11 year old daughter
  • nicoleashley_24
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    I am in need of some new friends that are in my same height category.

    I also log each day and am a mama! :)

    26 yrs old
    Height 5' 4"
    HW: 190
    CW: 174
    GW: 132
  • Hey, add me if you like:) I'm 5'4 1/2, currently 112.4 lb, 19 years old
  • jbbrannon
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    You can add me!

    GW 135-140
    SW (January, 2012 near 180)
    MFP starting weight 160 (January, 2013)

    My weakness is "love of chocolate".
  • Shani_Shoo
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    Hi you can add me.

    height 5' 3"
    highest weight 255lb (116kgs) 2006
    current weight 195lb (89kg)
    goal weight 143kb (65kg) but I will see how I feel when I get there. After losing 45kg (100lb) in 2008 I was at 67kg and I so desperately want to get back there.

    I have 2 daughters 10 and 12 (gorgeous who have their dad's metabolism and will probably never have a weight or food issue)

    Add me as a friend if you like, I post everyday and I am very supportive. Anyone else, please feel free to add me also. We can do this.
  • Garlicmash
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    I'm 34
    5 ft 3
    2 children
    heighest weight was 171lbs(5 yrs ago,non pregnant ).
    got back down to 140 then had my daughter 2010 don't know what i weighed during pregnant but put 14 pounds on,lost it then winter came and put it all back on and then got to 159 so deleted my old mfp profile and started fresh this year
    current 154lbs
    goal 140-147
  • freelancejouster
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    Any of you are free to add me. If I see a status from you I'll usually comment :) (though, be warned, I'm not always particularly nice - and if you eat under 1100 consistently I'll delete you because of past EDs).

    I'm 19
    5' 4" and a bit.

    HW: 154 lbs
    CW: 145 lbs
    GW: 128 lbs

    Not a huge amount to lose but I gained it very quickly :/
  • brownsooners
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    Please add me. I struggle a lot. 5' 4"
    Current weight. 160
    Goal weight 140
  • kenj13
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    I'd love another friend on MFP, please feel free to add me. :smile:

    I'm 27
    Height: 5' 3" and some change.
    No kids yet, but wanting to reach my goal weight so we can have kids.
    HW/SW: 199 lbs
    CW: 187 lbs
    GW: 135 lbs

    I'm on here daily, and will always read posts/be supportive of a fellow short girl! :wink:
  • You can add me. I'm starting to log more and more.
    I'm 5"3
    26 years old.
    Mom to two girls one is 5 and one is 2. I want a boy so I really want to lose 20 lbs before I get pregnant again.
    I got married at 150 but look better at 140 or so. I got pregnant at 170 (gained 20 lbs on birth control) and gained 16 lbs. lost that and got pregnant at 170 again and gained 13 lbs. I was 179 when I started hcg in June. I got Down to 163. Did hcg again and got down to 153. Now I'm 170.5. I can't keep it off. I have hashimotos and hypothyroid and I work full time and never have time to work out. Its one bad circle.
  • I need friends as well, new to this site

    I'm 5' 4
    HW: 227
    SW: 179 (Fell off the wagon and just got back on a month ago)
    CW: 169
    GW: 145

    I'm 32, no kiddos yet. Been trying for years so thinking of adopting.