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  • I agree with what everyone else says about gyms... depressing places ;) I'd keep up with the walking, enjoy the sunshine! Is there a pool near you, or perhaps even a lake now that summer is coming? Swimming would be another good choice, would be easier on your back.
  • How about adding free weights to your routine instead of using the machines? Maintaining muscle as you lose will help you in the long run. I'm sorry about your set back, but kudos to you for stepping up to the challenge :)
  • Id just like to point out something you put in your posts: Not necessarily correct, but lets tie it in to the next part: So... they are in a situation where they have no real outgoing expenses, so any money coming in can go pretty much where they please (food, alcohol, meth, whatever) I kind of agree with the previous…
  • Here's an example with a very squiggly badly drawn line: You can see that the overall trend is down, but let's say I decided to weigh myself on those days where the blue dots are... as you can see from my terribly drawn line, that would give me an upward trend. Imo the more data the better
  • Yep, and try to make note of things on the graph... That big portion of chips you had the night before, any salt-heavy food, important cycle days, any day you did a lot more exercise than usual (glycogen fluctuations in muscles can cause fluctuations in weight too). Even things like alcohol which will leave you dehydrated…
  • Feel free to add me. I'm in the middle of nowhere somewhere up North. ;)
  • it's been 4 days... if you see no change (or even a gain) it will be absolutely irrelevant. If you are that hung up on scale numbers perhaps you would be better off weighing every day so that you can see the trends and see how hydration, salt and hormones affect your weight on a daily basis without freaking out over a…
  • I agree... saw two lorries blown over on the M6 today. Wind was crazy up here. Thankfully I was a little more sheltered but at times it was hard to see through the tears!
  • If this is a sudden change it will probably be the bacteria in your gut going nuts due to a sudden increase. Other possibility is you are sensitive to cruciferous veggies. Did you eat them raw? If you fancy another binge perhaps a probiotic and a digestive enzyme would help.
  • 1/06 - 2.07 2/06 - 2.17 3/06 - rest day 4/06 - 0 (shin was painful after run on second so decided to give it another day) 5/06 - 1.93 6/06 - 3.13
  • 1/06 - 2.07 2/06 - 2.17 3/06 - rest day 4/06 - 0 (shin was painful after run on second so decided to give it another day) 5/06 - 1.93 [/quote]
  • Do you honestly believe that she's been living on 400-500 calories for months?
  • Every day, it's the only way I can be sure which way my weight is trending. I can quite easily pick points on my graph where if I had weighed myself at those points in time over the past 4 weeks it would look like I was slowly gaining. I'm not.
  • You wouldn't be experiencing those from a few days on a dodgy diet. Methinks the trolls are out.
  • your max/resting heart rate may not necessarily be what is "average" for your age. I have a RHR of 52 and a max of 192, which is well above what my age dictates according to most calculators. take a look through your HR charts and see if you are ever going above what "max" is set at on your heart rate monitor. You may need…
  • This. People generally need different amounts on different days depending on activity/weather etc. Just go with the flow (literally, I suppose) Other than that, I basically just keep a bottle of water with me 24/7. I know roughly how many I drink on average per day, but I have absolutely no idea how big the bottle is!
  • Bananas also contain radioactive potassium and will melt your brain from the inside out. Stay away from bananas, evil, nasty things. (YMMV) ;)
  • Unless you are following some low carb diet then I really wouldn't worry about carbs. If you are under your calorie goal that is the important thing. For me the only macros I focus on are protein and fibre, beyond that I don't really care as long as I am hitting my calorie goal. If you are still hungry then perhaps more…
  • 1/06 - 2.07 2/06 - 2.17
  • Well tbh I've been told I was flirting (by a third party) when I figured I was just being nice... so I guess it works both ways.
  • Numbers can change depending on where you stand on the scale, sometimes by fairly large amounts, so I wouldn't read too much into that. Some scales will show little indicators to show when you aren't standing centrally
  • Switched my training plan from longer distances on fewer days, to shorter distances on more days... we'll see how it goes! 1/06 - 2.07
  • I have to ask, how did you tell him not to do it? In a firm definite "please don't do that" way with a stern look; or a laughy, jokey "oh you shouldn't do that my husband wouldn't like it..." way. There's a big difference between the two, and expecting someone to pick up on an implication that you had but didn't get across…
  • I have a question. How do you know that everyone is judging you constantly? It seems like an awful lot of judging. I used to have that state of mind, I was depressed at the time, constantly felt like everyone was talking down to me, thinking bad things about me etc etc. So I'll ask you the question I was asked at the time.…
  • I'm confused... are each of these check boxes a separate youtube video that you have to hunt down?
  • I'm in. Going to aim for 50 miles.
  • This works pretty well.
  • That could be the salt from the boullion thingy (whatever that is) and the bacon that you put in your risotto/paella concoction just making you thirsty. I can't say that I've ever noticed cayenne pepper making me thirsty.