June 2015 Running Challenge



  • melissaulmen
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    I would love to join. I am in for 50. I just ran 3.1 miles today. I signed up for a 5k and wanted to be comfortable before it got here. Started 3 weeks ago after taking about a year off. Felt great.
  • _nikkiwolf_
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    @isulo_kura and @skippygirlsmom - hill running still intimidates me a little. There's pretty much no hills where I live, so everytime I run further away from home and come accross one, I'm torn between "I'm sure there's away around it" and "no, I should run up there, it's probably really good training". And halfway up the hill I come to the conclusion that the first idea would have been the better one B)

    @shanaber: thanks for the information on Skora! Most of my running shoes have a 4mm drop, but I was thinking about trying zero drop at one point. One more company to look at when I do that. Sounds like you had a nice run with them :)

    @Daisy471 Exiting plans for the weekend - enjoy the trail half!


    I was going to take Thursday as a rest day and do a little speed work today. Then they announced temperatures of 90F for today, so I changed my mind and decided to do the running yesterday evening instead to avoid the heat.
    (That's totally my reason, not the fact that I had already changed into my running clothes last night when I remembered it was supposed to be a rest day, and it was such a nice evening outside...)

    1.6.15 - 3.2km
    2.6.15 - 14.0km
    4.6.15 - 4.3km
  • JimCrackinDandy
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    @melissaulmen - Welcome! Glad you're joining us. When is your 5k? Many blessings on a speedy run!

    6.43 miles here trudging up one side of these southwestern PA mountains and speed tiptoe-ing back down the other side them!
  • Stoshew71
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    Date Miles today. Miles for May
    6/1 10.6 miles - 10.6
    6/2 10 miles - 20.6
    6/3 6.2 miles - 26.8
    6/4 6.2 miles - 33
    6/5 6.55 miles - 39.55


  • SBRRepeat
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    6/1- swim/ bike day
    6/2- 3 mi.
    6/3- rest day
    6/4- 5.7 mile trail run- long warmup, 7x 3 mins tempo, 2 minutes recovery, cooldown. Probably picked an unnecessarily hillyand technical trail for this particular work out, but it was so lovely and fun, it was worth it :smiley:


    Total: 8.7 mi.

  • Stoshew71
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    Welcome to all the newcomers that will be joining us.
  • karllundy
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    6/1 - 4.0 miles, still a little tender from Saturday's race
    6/2 - 4.25 miles; 8.25/120
    6/3 - 4 miles, indoor track; weights/abs
    6/4 - 4.9 miles, Trek/treadmill - would it kill my Y to put some fans in the cardio room?!?
    6/5 - 4.4 miles, a little humid, but nice!

    @isulo_kura @skippygirlsmom @_nikkiwolf_ I have learned to love running hills! I especially enjoy them as I am running past a lot of people as I ascend them during a race B)
    Seriously, just like running in general, just start adding them slowly and you'll learn to love them!
  • jlbrown1985
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  • betchay1000
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    Newbie here. 6 miles a week is my goal. hopefully 3 times a week 2 miles a day. Start is June 5

  • Elise4270
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    Posted on RW today is an article about a shoe company that will help you identify and correct areas to improve your running form.

    Seems to be some basic stuff. I figure with so many new running faces this might be of some value.


    I'm kinda taking it easy this week. Its so friggen hot. And I'm addressing the ongoing self rehab. Although I have found some help from a doc. He put me on cymbalta. First day was a noticeable improvement. I'll have SI joint injections in a week.
  • kristinegift
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    6/1: Marathon recovery day
    6/2: 1.3 miles nice and slow + 3.7 miles walk-run in afternoon
    6/3: 3 miles
    6/4: Rest day because I'm lazy and 99% humidity is gross
    6/5: 3.25 miles

    11.25/120 miles



  • baldielove13
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    6/3: 4 miles
    6/4: 12.5 miles

    So far: 23.6 miles out of 115
  • kimlight2
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    6/3 - 3 miles
    6/5 - 3 miles

    6 done 24 to go.
  • Tubbs216
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    First run for June! 4.5k.

    35.5 to go!
  • madube84
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    6/1 -
    6/2 2 miles
    6/3 1 mile
    6/4 1.7 miles
    6/5 2 miles

    Goal: 30 miles
    Completed: 6.7 miles

  • autumnblade75
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    6/02/15 - 6.25 miles
    6/03/15 - 3.3 miles
    6/04/15 - 6 miles
    6/05/15 - 3.55 miles


    shanaber wrote: »
    @autumnblade75 - that is really interesting about your treadmill. They are evil you know :) Seriously I am so glad it has worked in your favor and I am sure there is a sub 30 min 5K in your future!

    Absolutely. I actually prefer the treadmill to outdoors - I love all the numbers. I've got a 10k this Sunday that has disrupted my Half Marathon training somewhat: today was supposed to be a rest day, but I ran next Wednesday's run today, and everything until Wednesday will be run a day late - that aligns a 6 mile training run on Sunday and my long run on Monday, after the race. With any luck, I'll manage the 10k in under an hour, and that will "count" for a sub-30 5k in my book. :)
  • skippygirlsmom
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    6/1 - 5 miles
    6/2 - 5.3 miles
    6/3 - 3.2 miles
    6/4 - 4.4 miles
    6/5 - 2.3 miles

    Painful run today - then while running I realized I have only had one rest day since 19 May....well that explains the tired legs.

    Welcome to all the new folks, great to have you all here!

    20.2 out of 120 miles


    @shanaber glad your hamstring is feeling good
    @SBRRepeat beautiful picture
  • MonsoonStorm
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    1/06 - 2.07
    2/06 - 2.17
    3/06 - rest day
    4/06 - 0 (shin was painful after run on second so decided to give it another day)
    5/06 - 1.93

  • mmabry72
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    Its been a rough start for June. I have only been able to get out running a few times. I have been walking/hiking while on vacation. But finally got out last night and the pain! I don't think I had such a bad run since I started this crazy adventure. My calves, shins and side cramps where all on fire at the same time. I feel like I need to take today off but I have my First 10k Saturday morning. NOt sure what to do or how I am going to feel now?


    June - 1 3.75
    June - 4 2.80
  • SimoneBee12
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    Was feeling pretty sick so I had two rest days in a row, now I'm back at it!

    June 5th - 2.2km