Heart Rate Monitor - I keep going out of target range?

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Hey! I'm new here so I apologize if this is the wrong section to post this in or anything.

So I started my health/fitness journey about a month ago and I purchased a heart rate monitor the other day because I felt like it would help me track calories better. I got a Polar FT4 for the record.
Now, my problem is that I keep going out of my target heart rate range when I work out. I've been going the ct5k so I'll walk for a bit and I'll be in the middle of my target range, then I'll jog (pretty slowly to be honest) and the rate go way up. Sometimes 20 bpm+ out of my target zone.
Should I manually adjust it to fit better? I can't imagine I'm pushing myself too hard because I don't breathe super heavy or anything.

I put in all my settings correctly, like height, weight and age, so that can't be it.

Any ideas?
Thanks. :)


  • mwyvr
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    How old are you? What is your target heart range?
  • mpadavano
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    I'm 20 and my target is 130-170 I believe.
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    When you first start out its almost impossible to stay in the target zone if you are running and walking fixed intervals. Also, even if you are not breathing too hard your heart can be beating fast simply because your aeorbic system is completely undeveloped.

    During C25K I would recommend watching it but not worrying about it. Your heart rate will begin dropping over time and once you finish C25K it should be staying closer to the desired zone. After a couple of months, once you have gained some fitness, it will be a whole lot more productive to train strictly by heartrate.

    That said, you could still run your running intervals now easier and you will be getting the same fitness benefit with less fatigue and wear on your body. Or, if you are feeling good in the training keep doing what you are doing now.

    Also, even though your target zone is 130-170, you should really be running with a HR right around 160 for best results at your age. You can target lower than that but fitness gains will come slower.
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    your max/resting heart rate may not necessarily be what is "average" for your age.

    I have a RHR of 52 and a max of 192, which is well above what my age dictates according to most calculators.

    take a look through your HR charts and see if you are ever going above what "max" is set at on your heart rate monitor. You may need to adjust your settings to find your true ranges.
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    scottb81 is spot on! What you are experiencing is normal as you start out running. There are many variables to your heart rate (I've been learning, as I am currently doing heart rate training with my running coach). First is calculating your heart rate zones, so you know most accurately where your activity is falling. Then, slowing down - most runners are running too fast for training runs and this will elevate your heart rate. Also, heart rate will be higher with exercise later in the day or when it is hot outside. There are a lot of variables...for where you are at, maybe slowing down a little bit when it goes up. Walking to get it back down is fine - time on your feet is what counts. You will see over time that it will come down naturally on it's own, the more you run.