June 2015 Running Challenge



  • missmelis98
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    Havent posted since the first so here is an update.
    6/1- 3.1
    6/2- 3.1
    6/3- 3.1
    6/4- 2.8
    6/5- 3.1
    5/6- 3.1
    Totals 18.3
  • cw106
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  • jenncalicollins617
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    3 miles today. 47 to go.

    3.5 miles today. 40.5 left to go.
  • 31flavors
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    June 3..........2.94 miles
    June 6..........3.35 miles

  • MonsoonStorm
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    1/06 - 2.07
    2/06 - 2.17
    3/06 - rest day
    4/06 - 0 (shin was painful after run on second so decided to give it another day)
    5/06 - 1.93
    6/06 - 3.13


  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
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    June 4th = 7.4 miles
    June 6th up to 10.5 miles now. Running in the strong wind tonight was hard work.
  • MonsoonStorm
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    June 4th = 7.4 miles
    June 6th up to 10.5 miles now. Running in the strong wind tonight was hard work.

    I agree... saw two lorries blown over on the M6 today. Wind was crazy up here. Thankfully I was a little more sheltered but at times it was hard to see through the tears!
  • skippygirlsmom
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    @mmabry72 great job on the 10K!
    @donpendergraft LOL that is an awesome picture of your run today. I'll have to steal that one for my files!!
  • WhatMeRunning
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    edited June 2015
    Have not had any time to post until now!

    Ran the Hospital Hill half marathon today. Definitely the most hilly road race I've done so far. Wasn't too bad though because I was running a steady effort and trying to stay in an endurance HR zone, finishing in 2:59:14. That helped. I suspect if I had tried to race it I would be kaput.

    @isulo_kura - hope you heal up quickly!
    @mmabry72 - Congrats on the 10k and beating your goal!
    @louubelle16 - Way to go on that 5k!!
    @skippygirlsmom - Great dedication on the 41 day challenge!

    6/2 - 4.1 miles
    6/3 - 4 miles (8.1 total)
    6/4 - 4.1 miles (12.2 total)
    6/6 -13.4 miles (25.6 total)

    Goal 130 miles


  • annekka
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    Ran 11.26 km this morning for a total of a half marathon so far this month at 21.4/70km.
  • Aresende90
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    June 1-2 miles
    June 3- 5 miles
    June-5- 4 miles
    June 6- 5k Race Event

    Total for week: 14.1


  • noirbook
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    6/1: 1.00
    6/2: 2.70
    6/3: 4.02
    6/4: 2.14
    6/5: 0.80
    6/6: 4.80
  • skippygirlsmom
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    @whatmerunning great half!!!
  • omnipotentmiku
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    Here's mine so far

    Goal: 40 mi

    Day 1: 1.5
    Day 2: 2.21
    Day 3: 1.65
    Day 4: Rest
    Day 5: Rest
    Day 6: 1.42
  • 7lenny7
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    6/02 - 1.0 mile run - 3.0 mile walk
    6/03 - 4.1 mile run - 2.2 mile walk
    5/04 - 5.0 mile walk
    5/05 - 5.6 mile runs- 2.5 mile walk
    5/06 - 6.5 mile walk

    Progress: 10.7 out of 50 miles

    Things have not gone as planned. Yesterday I meant to run 4 miles but only ran 3.4. I started feeling hot spots so I quit running and walked it out. The socks I'm using are just too warm for summer I'm finding. Later that night I went out to test two other pair of socks I have and ended up running 2.2 miles.

    I can't catch a break. I had just gotten over my Achilles issue when yesterday pain in the ball of my foot flared up again. This initially came on after a 14 mile hike a couple of months ago and started going away just as I started running last month. I'm getting so frustrated with all these nuisances! The odd thing is, it seems to be more affected by walking than by running.

    Today's plan was foiled by my son. I had to take him to all day soccer training. The field was 45 minutes away and I was planing on running with my dog during the first session while it was still cool, then walking during the second and third session. We get there and he realizes he forgot his cleats! We had to go back to get those and my running plans were over. I wasn't going to run in the heat of the day with my dog. Instead we got 6.5 miles in (the last mile in pain) and we found a beautiful trail to walk/run.

    He has another all day soccer training session tomorrow so I'll try to get a 4.5 mile run in if my foot cooperates.

    @Jackie0Marie , thanks for the tip about Charity Miles! I've been running & walking for Wounded Warriors since I've installed it. It is a battery hog, but I just plan for that and so far no problem.
    @isulo_kura @mwyvr @skippygirlsmom @shanaber , thanks for the comments about my issues with chaffing and socks. I thought I was wearing synthetic underwear but upon further review, they were 90% cotton. The socks I Was wearing are full synthetic, but they are fairly thick. They worked great in the cooler temps but now that it's getting warmer, I need to find something else. I have a pair of the SmartWool PhD Ultra thing socks but when I tried those my feet were sliding all over. I tested them again last night with tighter lacing and that seemed to help. I'm just going to have to experiment with socks & u-wear until I find what works for me.
    @Elise4270 thanks for posting the link to the videos about assessing your mobility and stability. I've bookmarked it and will go through it when I have some time.
    @mmabry72 , congrats on the 10k and hitting your goal! I hope to do a 10k in mid July.
    @WhatMeRunning , congrats on the HM!!
  • rajnigandha21
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    06 June 1.6 km
    04 June 1.5 km
    02 June 1 km
  • baldielove13
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    6/6: 5.1 miles

    So far: 28.7 miles out of 115
  • HonuNui
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    June goal 68 miles

    6/1 3.95
    6/2 3.3
    6/3 4.03
    6/4 rest
    6/5 3.84
    6/6 3.30

    Total 18.42

    (Ticker is my goal for 2015 and accumulation to date)


  • mwyvr
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    Month to date:		046.94 km
    Goal:			200.00 km / 124 miles
    Stretch Goal:		242.00 km / 150 miles
    Sat Jun 06 05.41 km (and 14.51km hiking not counted)
    Fri Jun 05 17.63 km
    Thu Jun 04 00.00 Rest
    Wed Jun 03 11.87 km Mountain Trail
    Tue Jun 02 00.00 km Rest
    Mon Jun 01 12.03 km

    Tired feet. Running the trail we hiked is a lot less effort than walking it. ;-)
  • shanaber
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    @isulo_kura - Duncan I hurt for you every time I see the picture! I hope the ice helped! @LoneWolfRunner would recommend some scotch I think!
    @mmabry72 - WhooHoo - 10K in the books! Congratulations on making your goal time too!
    @WhatMeRunning - Great job on the hilly half!
    @DonPendergraft - love the picture! Hilarious!
    @skippygirlsmom - Faith would be proud of you!
    @7lenny7 - Ice and rest are your friends!

    I got up early, early to get out and get my long run done before it got too hot. Unfortunately I felt terrible and ended up hanging around the house and bathroom for a couple of hours waiting to feel better. I finally headed out anyway and managed to get 12.43 of 13 ugly miles done! It was great cloudy, cool weather for running which helped immensely! Best of all I felt great afterwards and my legs still feel good. Tomorrow is a rest day.

    06/02.....4.71.....10.20 - Race pace +Strength training
    06/03.....0.00.....10.20 - Rest
    06/04.....4.15.....14.35 - Sprints +Strength training
    06/05.....4.89.....19.24 - Easy
    06/06...12.43.....31.67 - Hard fought long run