How often do you weigh yourself?



  • cmoll520
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    I weigh every morning. I like the data- it helps me see if gains are likely just normal fluctuations or if I need to readjust something.
  • cmoll520
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    By weighing every day I can capture how fluctuations are quite normal. I don't get upset about them. I also can see trends- I am able to see more clearly how much I tend to fluctuate during various phases of my cycle or after a high sodium meal.
    This is my progress chart for the last 3 months- the trend is what is important.
  • Kst76
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    Every morning and after workouts. I weigh the same now as I did 6 weeks ago, but I am aware that my weight fluctuated to much higher levels 6 weeks ago than it does now. It is just good information.

    Are you getting smaller?
  • Bshmerlie
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    I weigh myself every morning and I take measurements once a week. Fluctuations don't bother me.
  • suruda
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    Every day, if it does go up it makes me pause and think about the previous day. What did I eat or do differently? I have definitely identified foods that make me retain water and will see it on the scale.
  • dalem48
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    every morning
  • MonsoonStorm
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    Every day, it's the only way I can be sure which way my weight is trending.

    I can quite easily pick points on my graph where if I had weighed myself at those points in time over the past 4 weeks it would look like I was slowly gaining. I'm not.
  • Indigoblu1
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    I weigh every morning. It seems that for the past four days I have been losing 2 ounces a day. TWO OUNCES! There are people who lose 1 pound a week! I also weigh at the office just to see if there's any difference.
  • Sarasmaintaining
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    Every morning, since 2012. However, one of the things I've learned throughout this whole whacky process, is that the scale is just a tool. It has no power over me. I have absolutely no emotions attached to it-it's like my toothbrush or comb :) I wake up, use the bathroom, weight myself, enter the data into an app I use and then I move on with my day.
  • Kittyworksout2015
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    I went through a phase of weighing myself multiple times a day and I got completely obsessed with it! It was extremely unhealthy to do (in my opinion) and left me feeling unhappy. I try to limit myself to once a week now and it really is much more rewarding. Even if I haven't lost any weight for that week, I realise that the number on the scale isn't everything and seeing positive changes in my body and mentality is so much more important.
  • Asher_Ethan
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    Once a week keeps me sane. I tried to weigh myself every morning and I am just not mentally stable enough for that. If I was under my calories one day and felt like I was absolutely starving and I gained weight the next morning I would get extremely upset. Much better to weight once a week.
  • emmoen
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    Every Tuesday
  • 7lenny7
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    As long as you understand that your day to day weight can go up and down, while still following a generally downward trend, stepping on the scale every day is not a problem.

    Today I weighed 237, whereas yesterday it was just 235. Am I frustrated? No, because I know that my calorie deficit was about 350 yesterday, so I know my trend will continue downward.

    There are many peaks and valleys in my weight. My 7 day chart looks rather disheartening at first glance, but I know my general downward trend is awesome, so I'm not discouraged at all:


  • MSDave
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    To be honest, I HATE weighing because it's too easy to get depressed, then I eat. Weighing for me is only to establish my daily max calories. I haven't stepped on scale in 3 weeks.
  • tlfoth
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    I weigh everyday to keep me on track and I don't let the fluctuation bother me.
  • mnfarmgal
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    I weigh daily - actually - twice.. i measure when going to bed and when i get up.. sounds excessive.. but it works for me.. it actually helps me see how different foods/meals and exercises affect my body.. I do not weigh during TOM. - But - more importantly - take your body measurements... you will be surprised when you measure now and again in a month.. and see the difference when the scale isn't showing it.. seriously.. just take your measurements.
  • alyci
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    I weigh every day, every morning after the bathroom and before my first drink. If I see a gain it is normal and I don't stress about it. I often see gains if I had a salt heavy meal or did an extra work out the day before. Plus my body has the habit it seems to jump a pound before losing a pound an a half the next day.

    I measure myself once a week to track if my waist, hips and other parts are getting smaller because the number doesn't matter as long as I think I look good.