June 2015 Running Challenge



  • MonsoonStorm
    MonsoonStorm Posts: 371 Member
    I'm in. Going to aim for 50 miles.

  • lovnicole90
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    I have just recently started running. My goal for June is to run 16 miles.

  • sam_will40
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    Did my own challenge last month of 40 miles. I'll join in for 50 miles for June! I exercise for stress reduction - so I never worry about personal bests or things. I'm a plodder and a finisher, not a runner - so *wave* to everyone in the back of the pack!

    I have a 10K coming up in September - I've never done one before.

  • Aine8046
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    Did 71 miles in May. In for 75 miles in June! :)
  • kcn2bluesky
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    I'm in for the June running challenge! I surpassed my goal of running 100 miles for May for the first time ever, so I'm excited to increase that to 110 for June. I am training for another half-marathon at the end of July, so I'm planning on keeping my weekly mileage between 20-30 miles a week.

    Good luck everyone! :smile:

  • pars1981
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    Hi I would love to join in. Just done my second half marathon today so looking for something to keep my motivation up. Last year, my training became erratic to say the least once I had completed my half. Really hoping to enter another half nearer the end of the year so being accountable might just keep me on track! Hoping to do 100 miles for June.

  • missmelis98
    missmelis98 Posts: 31 Member
    Well I am gonna try again. I have my first 5k this month so I have been running but not posting. Hoping to stay accountable this month. I am in for 60 miles this month. I have improved my time by 2.5 minutes for my 5k in May, so hoping to improve a bit more in June.
  • 7lenny7
    7lenny7 Posts: 3,319 Member
    I'm going to reduce my goal down to 50 miles. My Achilles tendonosis flared up just a bit after Friday's run so I'm taking a week off.
  • Aresende90
    Aresende90 Posts: 70 Member
    Here goes nothing! Going for 75 miles!

  • autumnblade75
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  • skippygirlsmom
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    isulo_kura wrote: »
    So I'm I'll be doing 300miles (majority on trails) all in wonderful sunny Weather of course none of it will be in high winds or rain ;)
    Duncan, you really are a special kind of crazy... you know that, right?

  • shanaber
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    @Stoshew71 - Thanks again Stan for setting up yet another challenge!
    I am in for 120 again. Hopefully should be manageable with the half marathon prep!!
  • Pandora_and_her_box
    Pandora_and_her_box Posts: 240 Member
    After a disastrous May, I'm going for 80 miles.
  • ddmom0811
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    It's June!!!

    June 1 - 5.1 miles

  • Stoshew71
    Stoshew71 Posts: 6,553 Member
    Date Miles today. Miles for May
    6/1 10.6 miles - 10.6

  • MonsoonStorm
    MonsoonStorm Posts: 371 Member
    Switched my training plan from longer distances on fewer days, to shorter distances on more days... we'll see how it goes!

    1/06 - 2.07

  • chazdiezal
    chazdiezal Posts: 87 Member
    Good morning all, this is going to be a sweat filled month!

    6/1...4 mi

  • SuzLink
    SuzLink Posts: 32 Member
    I'd like to join too please. I'm going for 30 miles for June

  • 31flavors
    31flavors Posts: 154 Member
    Did 50 miles in May, so I'll try for 60 in June.
  • carolinacathy
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    Count me in please. Beginner here so I'll aim for 30 miles for the month of June!