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  • I’ve worked in IT and my husband currently does (as he has for nearly 2 decades)... while it is not the fault of individual techs, it is a major misstep on MFPs end. To have an integral part of their platform down for 48+ hours while simultaneously rolling out a snazzy (but functionally uselsss) piece of flare does not…
  • You can reset your login streak - I've used it in the past when I've clearly logged in - because I commented on a friend's post the day it claimed I didn't! 🤦‍♀️
  • Just rollin' in to make sure someone pointed out the ever so awesome badges, but we can't interact with our friends. This isn't going to get me to actually pay you for anything MFP, and I'm someone about to hit 2000 login days. 🤦‍♀️
  • Sweets - still largely carbs, but one that is advocated to consume in moderation - are not in the same realm as cigarettes. You say going back to it with healthier portions at a later date. Many of us are pointing out that by total elimination you are not learning the skill to moderate intake. Someone else even points out…
  • Going cold turkey when it comes to food will never get you anywhere. You won't learn how to make better choices by total avoidance. Frankly, tanking baby steps to gain control over your diet will better prepare you for true lifestyle changes. The high fat nature of a keto diet could be problematic if you have family…
  • I like GoVeggie and I've tried their cheddar and mozzarella shreds as well as a smoked provolone sliced variety. I have hated Daiya since it came out, the texture just didn't sit well with me.
  • As a mid-30's mother of two, I can tell you a few things that are certain. 1) You are not what you think you are, and in 15 years you will look back and go "holy s.... I was so cute then, what was I smoking to think I wasn't?!?!!" You know, as you're trying to figure out if you put on deodorant, and why you underpants are…
  • Really though, if you want to lose water weight just watch your sodium intake for a few days while following a caloric deficit.
  • Then I think you need a new doctor if that's all they do. I have multiple autoimmune diseases, PCOS, and I've had part of my colon taken out. Diet does have benefits - for example, I am supposed to have a diet high in fiber to help with my colon issues. Losing weight will help keep my insulin levels in check from the PCOS,…
  • ;) I'd say I'm all three... but I'm mostly just bitter AF. :joy:
  • Chances are good that a large portion of that was water weight. I dropped like 6 pounds in 4 days, then gained back a pound, and then dropped .6 pounds this morning. It will slow down after that initial "woosh" by a great deal.
  • For me personally I notice an increase in bloating when I consume too much sodium. I also have a rather extensive family history of cardiovascular disease. Since I like my clothes to fit, and I'd rather not add to the list of health problems I have, I try to watch my sodium intake and keep it under 2,000mg. I don't feel…
  • Just not sugar free chocolate.... :flushed:
  • Well, since I don't pay anyone for my weight loss - I weigh and log my food, while eating what I want - I don't think I personally need to open my eyes to anything. No magic pills or shakes or anything of that nature here. I don't even tend to fall down the rabbit holes that are the fad diets - low fat, keto, gluten free…
  • Touch my coffee, I will cut you. I generally drink a homemade americano, black. If I'm feeling like putting in effort I hand grind some beans and use the Aeropress we have. Today my husband made me a latte with 4oz of steamed milk and 1 shot of espresso. My other 3 cups were my standard americano. :P Kona beans are bliss.
  • So why don't you just say "I'm trying to drink less" and not attempt to assign a "catchy name" to an eating habit that is not a whole hell of a lot better..? It's one thing to not worry about macro and focus on caloric intake, and another to trot out a factitious "diet" to attempt to validate yourself. I hate to break it…
  • I like eating at night. So I don't really eat in the morning. Around noon to 1pm my body starts to give me the "hey I'm hungry, feed me" signs and so that's when I eat. I try and pre-log my food so then I know what I can eat. Denying yourself things you like is only going to make matters worse. It's easier in the long run…
  • I'm not sure if I should be proud of that first sentence or slightly ashamed (but not too much). :smirk:
  • Oh hai! Your profile pic gave you away since I've totally seen that on IG. :wink:
  • I retained water just thinking about all that sodium. One Oscar Mayer Selects turkey hot dog has 480mg of sodium, and 1 "cup" of Easy Mac has 670mg. That's 1,150mg... twice a day and you're at your sodium max for the day. I go over 2,000mg and you could tie a string to me and put me in the Macy's Day Parade. :neutral:
  • And if I suspect the OP is trolling us all? Because really.. come on now.. (I'm giving my screen the same look I give my 9 year old when she tries to tell me she hates a food she devoured last week.) Or perhaps this could just go down in a ball of irony not unlike a bird shaped marshmallow purification method... *sips tea*
  • 1) I'm not 5 years old. 2) I like normal poops.
  • Oh okay.. back to eating my sugar loaded Fiber One Cheesecake and drinking wine then.
  • TL;DR Summary anyone? Or should I just go right to a solid GIF and some popcorn? It is Friday night after all...
  • Well, since I do know about it as I have multiple family members with it, and have to keep my own health in check to avoid it... I'm highly skeptical. Maybe it's just that high carb for her simply means high for someone with diabetes and not high for a healthy non-diabetic.
  • I'm so lazy my bowl from dry Cheerios is still in my lap and my yogurt and protein powder bowl is next to me on the couch. My phone is about to die too and the charger is 4' away. So. Lazy.