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  • aubeatle
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    Hello everyone!

    I am almost done with Stage 1. Just Workouts 7 & 8, then the AMRAP workout.

    My question is: when you take a week off (if you do), do stop all exercise completely or just do other things?

    I'm thinking about taking a week off lifting but still getting cardio in.

    What has been best for you?
  • samntha14
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    Um what was I going to say? Oh yeah...

    aubeatle (great handle) Most of us keep moving. During my early lifting days I did nothing because I was just plain exhausted but as I became more fit, I kept more active. I do cardio on a couple of my non-lifting days during the week, and I don't really schedule my rest weeks anymore, they just happen when they need to happen either because of my personal schedule or again, exhaustion (my cycle and I don't get along) If you are brand new to lifting, I would recommend taking those scheduled breaks, but keep active.

    Jo wow, contacts at 11, happy birthday to him:flowerforyou: . I asked my husband why he never got them. Apparently he is incapable of touching his own eye lol.

    Doumc, best of luck with the thesis. That's incredible! Use the lifting as your stress buster.

    Oh DNA, I sincerely hope you feel better quick. My recent sinus infection was no joke and it took me two weeks to get right and I'm still coughing up mucus with a drippy nose. As far as no stairs, it was a great excuse not to do laundry and having to go up and down the two flights over and over again :laugh: Today I used walking at the aquarium as my recovery exercise. Back to the gym in the morning for my BT3B workout.
  • kikiboniki
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    Horray, I am officially half way through stage one. I really pushed myself today and am proud to say I've gone from squatting 30 to squatting 70, and my seated row has gone from 40 to 75! Push-ups are still tough, so still doing them from a bench.

    Question to people: I've only been doing the lifting program three days a week for my exercise. I'm not adding cardio on off days. Do you ladies think I should add some in.. Will I still see a reduction in bf percent without? I am getting better about my eating (kind of, my Co teacher brought donuts today and I had two.. Lol)
  • dnamouse
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    Afternoon all.

    I'm feeling better at the moment, but I think that's because I've kept out of the wind so far today. Night time isn't awesome, I probably got maybe 3-4 hours broken sleep last night? Of course, as soon as my body started to relax and drift off my alarm went for swim training.

    I may also have swore at DH in my sleep about him breathing loudly in my ear :ohwell:

    I shall rug up well for the last footy training tonight. Not allowed to miss it apparently because they've gone and bought gluten-free sausages especially for my little dude. Must remember some gf bread. Bonus is, that's the kid's dinners organised :bigsmile:

    aubeatle, like Sam, my rest weeks these days aren't always scheduled. Sometimes they are - like around school holidays if we are busy or something, and in that case, nothing is scheduled that week because it's crazy insane. I find that other times rest weeks just happen, my body basically tells me I need to chill - now. I keep generally active, but don't stress about it.

    Jo, 11 years old! Woot! My girl is 11. She got a Nerf gun for her birthday. You can imagine how that day went lol :laugh:

    Actually we have yet another birthday party for her to attend on Saturday. Seriously, my kids have a much better social life than me...

    Although that said, DH just sent me the info on TEDxBrisbane 2014. It's at a time during the next school hols that I think I can organise child-minding, so I'm out-of-my-mind excited to go with him this year (I think he got the hint I was a bit miffed last year when he organised it all for himself :tongue: ). We're taking the kids to MythBusters Live at the end of this month as well - they are thrilled :happy:
  • suelegal
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    Good morning everyone, just checking in here. My weeks have been consumed with PT and work. I haven't been to the gym once this week. Mon-Tues early allday meeting at work and the rest of this week is early PT. But I do decent upper body work with PT, all designed to strengthen my delts and lats and improve my rotator range of motion. Bi and Tri work too. It's not heavy weight - my lat pulldowns at PT are 40# (85# is my consistent good form weight - PR at 110).

    Next week, I should be back on a normal schedule, and hopefully back to the gym.

    DNA, I'm glad you're feeling better. I chuckled at swearing at hubby. I have been told I've wacked mine across the chest when he was snoring too loud.

    Welcome new people, I'm so glad you're here!! This is a great group of very caring/sharing women! Re cardio - in Stage 1 I did no extra, except for my daily walk too and from my office and the train station. I, like Sam, was just too exhausted. Starting with Stage 2 I did add more in, and actually, it's incorporated into the program as HIIT. I did spin class 1-2x each week.

    Sam, so glad you made it back to the gym! One of these days we should meet in the middle and work out together!!

    Hope you all have a terrific day!
  • samntha14
    samntha14 Posts: 2,084 Member
    Horray, I am officially half way through stage one. I really pushed myself today and am proud to say I've gone from squatting 30 to squatting 70, and my seated row has gone from 40 to 75! Push-ups are still tough, so still doing them from a bench.

    Question to people: I've only been doing the lifting program three days a week for my exercise. I'm not adding cardio on off days. Do you ladies think I should add some in.. Will I still see a reduction in bf percent without? I am getting better about my eating (kind of, my Co teacher brought donuts today and I had two.. Lol)
    I'm the evil co-teacher that usually brings the donuts lol. WElcome. YOu don't have to do extra activity but if you feel up to it, go for it. Take at least one or two days off though.

    DNA I LOVE TED! and Mythbusters. Lucky!!

    Sue you're on, and if you ever ride down to the Brick house again, realize I live 1 mile away.

    Ok, need some support here. I missed my opt to go to the gym this morning though I am sitting here in my gym clothes because little man had a major fit this morning and I'm lucky nobody called the cops. So I've missed the gym, no child care between 12 and 4, and I've cancelled our trip to six flags for the afternoon. Do I chill until 4 and go or try for an at home workout? OR just wait until tonight when hubby gets home and I ditch the kids for an hour.

    Scratch that, just got off phone with hubby he won't be home until after 9. Looks like I'm keeping the gym clothes on and going later. <sigh>
  • jamaicanlady
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    Hey everybody. Just checking in. I'm at home cleaning and I hate it so figured why not check in here.

    Nothing new to report. On a scheduled 1 week break from the gym and eating ALL the carbs. I'm not tracking/logging and it's such a relief. Dreading going back to tracking next week. I AM doing my daily weigh ins though to ensure I don't go overboard with my eating.

    Welcome to the new ladies. aubeatle, unlike the other ladies when I take a break I take a BREAK. No exercise whatsoever for the entire week. I want to ensure my body is as rested as possible. But do what feels right to you. Oh, and I take a rest week every 8 weeks.

    kiki, when I was working I never really had the time to do cardio so I didn't. And that was fine cause I hate cardio anyway. But now that I'm at home and sedentary, I do cardio so that I can create a modest deficit without having to cut my calories too much.

    sam, I got my first pair of contacts at 18 and touching my eye seriously freaked me out too. But the optician put them in for me, showed me how to take them out, put them in again and told me the only way I was going to get them out was if I took them out myself! I'm sure I don't need to tell you what happened after that.

    To all the ladies not feeling well, I'll pray for your quick recovery. Have a good day everyone! I need get back to my housework :grumble:
  • samntha14
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    Gotta do what ya gotta do Jamaica lady.

    Well, I went to the gym in the afternoon. Did about 3/4 of my workout when little man pitched a fit in the daycare and I was asked to leave. It's been that kind of day.

    Oh and apparently my husband gets vacation THIS coming week. Plenty of time to plan something, no problem <sigh>

    I need a damn vacation
  • Pudding1980
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    Sam, sorry you didn't get your whole workout in. Kids ruin plans often, don't they? ;) We are so ready for school to be back in here. Well, my kids may not be, but I sure am! I'm lucky to be a stay at home mom but the summer is LONG and my almost 6 and 3 year-old are totally sick of each other. The fighting over trains begins immediately upon waking and continues for twleve hours until bed time, daily. Good thing they're cute! ;)

    Anyway, the stress has been getting to me and my eating the past few days has been bad...I've gotten back into a bit of bingeing and know I need to get out of it. I prelogged all my food and have some cardio planned for today. I also have a massage this afternoon that hubby booked for me: he knows I've been stressed, tired, and also sore from stage 7. I can't wait!
  • suelegal
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    Hey all, checking in here. At PT today, the therapist added a new part. The dreaded W from NROL4W YTWL. I do them using the TRX straps, leaning back at 45 degree arms straight, then pulling myself up to hands out to each side at shoulder level, elbows down. It's easier than balancing on the ball, but it was challenging. I'm doing lat pull downs and cable rows, and a back/lat exercise with fitness bands, along with some stretching exercises, then she works on increasing my range of motion.

    Grandkids can get like that too! I don't see mine often enough so they're pretty good with me, and they know I'm going to spoil them no matter what, so they listen. :laugh:

    I am going to the gym tomorrow! EARLY before it gets crowded. I rode by yesterday on my way to the grocery store. Holy crap the place is jammed in the evening. The upper and lower lots were full and the spill over lot across the road had at least another 10 cars in it! I said to myself (out loud in the car) I am NEVER working out there in the evening!

    Sam, refresh my memory - which brick house? :frown: I'm not placing it!

    My food has been pretty good, over a few days but by less than or around 100 cals, and I've been under several other days, so we'll see what the weekend brings.

    NY Renaissance Faire has started, a friend and I are going Sunday. Love it, they have lots of attractions, food, drinks - I usually get a turkey drumstick and then an ice.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!
  • samntha14
    samntha14 Posts: 2,084 Member
    ANother bad day for my youngest. Not sure if I'll be able to go to zumba today, unless hubby gets home on time. On the bright side I got my new phone.

    Looks like I'll be driving/camping this week, so no Gym after Saturday it seems, and just when I got back on the wagon. But you know me, I'll be off hiking and what not the entire time. No moss growing on this girl.

    Sue the Brick House Bar and Grill in South Plainfield. I hink I saw that you posted from there one time before thought it may have been another location.
  • 808Kine
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    Hi everyone, new to NROL4W.....so new I don't have the book yet! I just started back to the gym and have some lofty goals....hoping for a little support along the way :-) Cheers!
  • Pudding1980
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    Welcome 808!

    Sam, we had a rough day here too... Again! My three year old had a pee accident in the gym daycare at an awesome time...while I was in the shower :P He has recently toilet trained and for some reason likes to be completely naked, and needs help getting his shirt off. So he couldn't get naked in time and had an accident. Then I got to walk through the big, crowded gym (change rooms are at the opposite side to the entrance) without makeup or hair done, to grab his change of clothes from the car. Lovely. Oh well. At least I got my workout done!

    Workout 6 in stage 7 tomorrow and I'm going to do all six over again for sure. That will take me until September when school starts, and since I haven't even missed one day of lifting or taken a week off between stages since I started NROLFW in April, I am going to take the first week of Sept. off lifting. I want to get the boys settled back into school, maybe try a few classes at my new gym, then start Supercharged.
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Pudding your poor little guy- at least you were done working out.
    Nice job doing all your workouts

    I slept through my swim this am
    But I will lift tomorrow
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Welcome 808

    Hey Sam - I should lend you a book on how to lift in the wilderness - my DH gave it to me for Xmas. Have a nice break
  • Pudding1980
    Pudding1980 Posts: 1,264 Member
    I cursed myself...I have to skip today's lifting :( My three year-old woke me at 3:40am and we never really went back to sleep, and I'm just so tired. I know my lifting never goes well if I'm not rested so I'll swap days, have today off and lift tomorrow. yawn!
  • sunshinelively
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    Hey everybody - checking in since I really miss the banter about lifting and life. Update on wrist: not ready for prime time. Shed the wrist bandages this week and it's good enough for motorcycle riding, but lifting still out of the question, I bet for another 2 weeks, but im hoping and praying its just another week. So, I'm in a state of NROL4W withdrawal....a setback I'm accepting. Trying to get some cardio in, not that successful. settling for eating at maintenance, rest, and repair. Going to Miami this week on business, anticipating 16 hour work days where workouts won't happen. Got some supportive wrist straps, perhaps if I try for low weights it could work. Anyway I was on track with a few people here and now I'm in the dust, drat.

    8o8 - welcome you're gonna love it!

    Pudding, you might find the rest exactly what you need! Congrats on stage 7, too. Potty training always seems endless...then all of a sudden they get it and phew it's over! :)
  • redlipsticklyfe
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    I'm baaaaaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!

    Pudding: YOU'RE ALMOST FINISHED NEW RULES!!!!!!!!!! I'm super excited for you! I'm sorry your little one is giving you so many problems while you're at the gym though.
    Pudding, Jamaica, BBCowgirl: I don't know what it was about today but I noticed all of your tickers and started screaming. No seriously I was lying in bed screaming and almost spilled coffee all over my laptop. I love your progress! I'm so excited for all of you!
    Sunshine: don't feel bad I'm in the dust too now!

    Sooooo tons of things have been happening with me since the last time I checked in. I reached my original goal weight! I'm down a full 8 pounds with only 4 more to go until I reach my new goal weight. To be honest the closer I get to the weight the less attention I pay to my weight loss. It used to be this thing that I obsessed over all the time and now it's just science and math. 1+1=2 working out + eating deficit= weight loss. 3500 calories needed to gain a pound and if I didn't eat an excess of 3500 calories it's just water or my body being weird and it will come off eventually. Now that this is just science and math and not some mystical beast that I fight on a daily basis I've been able to focus on other areas of my life. I'm not saying I never have moments where I get impatient but I do remind myself that I have a horrible sense of perspective and shouldn't be trusted when it comes to opinions on how my body looks. I'm down to a 26 inch waist at its narrowest point and 27 around my belly button. It used to be 31 at my narrowest point and 33 around my belly button so clearly even though my eyes can't see change everyone else can and it IS happening.

    I had a completely inappropriate moment in the bathroom at my job. I'm just standing in there with my t-shirt rolled up over my stomach staring at it in the mirror and I legit thought to myself "This is wildly inappropriate but you're going to stand here until you realize that your stomach is smaller and your muffin top is going away". And eventually I did see it. I'm still lusting after instagram fitness models bodies but I know that I'll have it one day so I've taken a lot of pressure off myself.

    I've had to force myself to work out this past week. I just hated everything stage 4 related so much that I regressed and did a stage one workout and when I get to that point I know it's time for a break. So I'm going to take one. I'm not going to care about lifting for the next week (maybe two!). I'll throw in some yoga and of course keep walking everywhere but I'm not going to lift until my body starts to miss and crave it again.

    It's tax free week so I'm going to the mall to catch some sales and spend my money on jewelry and shoes that I don't really need :laugh: :laugh: :love: :love: :tongue: :wink:
  • runzalot81
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    I decided to skip Stage 6 and move onto Stage 7. Started today... :noway:

    I haven't been eating at a deficit. And I reserve the right to complain if I don't lose any fat :grumble: :laugh: Everyday is a new day. I can do it today. Yesterday, last week don't matter.

    The August heat is oppressive and I really have to concentrate to meet my goals!
  • jo_marnes
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    Way to go redlipsticky - it is all about mindset after all :-)

    And yes, well done to all those losing and getting towards their goals - sometimes I forget how hard it was. I tell ya though, it's worth it. I have been HAPPY with my weight for a while now and it really does make a difference when I look in the mirror. Feeling awesome is amazing :happy:

    So I lifted last night - squats update. Have managed to get parallel with 60kg, more than I have before. Again, thanks to my cyber spotters for pulling me up on checking my form.

    I also decided that Sat night must be freak night at the gym. Seriously, I've never been on a sat night before and I don't know where these weirdo's have been hiding but honestly, wtf? Nearly everyone was either pulling some really odd faces while lifting (while I tried not to giggle) or lifting with some seriously bad form. There was one dude - and I'm assuming it was a bicep curl he was trying to achieve - but his back was bending so much with the effort I really have no idea how he didn't break in half - it was like a banana!! Was quite glad to get out of there, lol.

    Combat today and then an afternoon with my kiddos - happy days :happy: