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  • If you're just trying to lose fat, then don't eat back your calories (or eat back only about 1/3 of them). If you're trying to build/maintain muscle, then eat back your calories (probably around 3/4 of them to make up for some trackers overestimating your burn).
  • Not necessarily. When I was a kid, my parents kept healthy food in the house, and whenever they wanted to give us an occasional treat, it would be something like bringing home ice cream for us. There wasn't always a constant supply of sweets in the cabinets. There doesn't need to be.
  • That still is calories in/calories out, though. There surely are tricks to being able to stay below your "calories in" goal, and going low-carb is one of them.
  • Don't keep snack foods in the house. You can't eat a bag of crisps if it isn't there to begin with. That's really the only thing that will help if you can't stop yourself otherwise.
  • Doing the math, your goal comes right around 1 lb per week weight loss, which is totally doable. And of course it's not too late. In 10 months, you'll be 40 whether you've lost the weight or not, so you might as well be a 45-pounds-lighter 40.
  • A+D ointment when you're not running.
  • Eat them with a sauce or a topping you like. I eat eggs with salsa, buffalo sauce, or barbecue sauce. It masks the taste. If you're working out, people are wrong when they say just don't eat them. They're pretty much the best thing you can be eating when you're working out.
  • You could always just search "quesadilla" and pick one that looks like it's probably similar, rather than just guessing the calories from scratch.
  • It looks like you had most of that muscle underneath when you started out. Did you lift before and fell out of it for a while?
  • For weight loss, it doesn't matter what you eat. It only matters how much you eat. Calorie-wise. For general health, your typical healthy foods (lean meats, veggies, good fats) are needed. But for weight loss, focus on your calorie count above all else; that's what matters.
  • Wait a minute, so you were supposed to be at a deficit where you were supposed to lose 2 lbs a week, yet you only lost 1/2 pound a week? So you weren't sticking to the 2 lbs/week plan, what makes you think you can do 3 lbs a week, then?
  • Why are you interested in shakes to begin with? They are good for people working out and wanting to hit protein goals that are hard to get from food, but if you're not doing that, you might as well eat your calories instead of drinking them.
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  • What reason does he/she have to not support you? Are they afraid of you becoming more attractive and leaving them, possibly? I've heard of that fear before.
  • You'll lose generally the same amount of fat either way, but you will be less healthy if you eat sweets instead of good foods, because you won't have vitamins and nutrition nourishing your body that it needs. Eating healthier (leaner, more protein, more veggies, etc.) will help your immune system, help your digestive…
  • First off, when most people think they are hungry, they're actually just bored and want the entertainment of eating something delicious. There's a saying that goes, "If you're not hungry enough to eat an apple, you're not hungry." When you are really hungry, does an apple sound appetizing to you, or are you wanting chips,…
  • There are no secrets, just Calories In vs. Calories Out. However, I'd suggest going low carb (under 100g per day). Carbs make you hungrier faster. Protein and fat fills you up longer.
  • Remember that no matter what you log yourself, your body keeps a meticulous log of everything you've eaten, so you might as well log it as accurately as you can, even if you go over. Lots of people don't like to see the results of logging over their goal, but that's the point of logging, isn't it? To motivate you to stop…
  • Most people are not going to exercise enough to burn off overeating. It's technically possible, but when one McDonald's meal for dinner can put you over your calorie goal by 1,000 calories or more, most people aren't going to take the time/effort to jog that off (which would take hours).
  • Burger King won't help you stay awake. That was just an excuse to get Burger King. If anything, digesting a big Burger King meal will make you more tired than before. Have a diet soda next time for the caffeine, if you want to stay awake. What might help you is going low-carb in your food choices for a while, so you…
  • How has your weight loss been going so far? If you're sticking to the workout routine you listed and you have MFP's recommended deficit every day, your weight loss should be coming fast enough. You shouldn't be trying to lose more than 2 pounds or so per week.
  • This depends on: 1. What is your "budget" Monday through Thursday? Is it well under maintenance, or just slightly below maintenance? 2. How much do you go "over" on the weekends? Is it just a slight bit, or are you binging on pizza and beer every day and going 1,000+ over maintenance? The higher both numbers are, the more…
  • Very simple: Don't keep sweets and "snack foods" in the house. That way, no matter how badly you want them, they aren't there for you to consume. Make it so that the only things in your fridge and pantry are ingredients for meals.
  • The hard part about starting a diet is being hungry more often than you're used to. It's easier to follow diets that are lower in carbs, since carbs will make you hungrier faster. Foods that are higher in protein and fats instead of carbs will satiate you longer so you'll be less hungry throughout the day. Also, sugary…
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  • Any deficit will work; daily, weekly, monthly, etc., as long as you end up eating less calories than you burn overall. It's just easier to keep track of your calories on a daily basis than it is on a weekly or longer basis.
  • You can eat them back, but be careful because machines/devices can overestimate how many calories you actually burned. Many people only eat back about half of the calories that the machine/device says they burned, just to be on the safe side. Or else you could end up eating 200+ calories higher than you thought every day.
  • If any fat-burning pill actually worked, it would be common knowledge and a majority of Americans would be taking it. It would be the best selling thing in America. You wouldn't have to go seek it out and find it in a drug store somewhere. They don't work.
  • You cannot target specific areas for fat loss. That is, your body will lose fat in whatever places in whatever order your genetics determine. Maybe you gain weight in your butt or arms faster than in other places; that means those will be the slowest to go when you lose weight, no matter what exercises you do. All you can…
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  • Weight loss happens in the kitchen, not in the gym. The gym is great for building muscle and burning some extra calories, but you can't depend on working out alone for weight loss. If you aren't already tracking your calories in the MFP app, start doing so. That's all you need to do.
  • You're not going to get much variety for healthy options at most restaurants. You're pretty much stuck with grilled chicken or fish, and salads. Anything else is fatty meat, cheese, and bread.
  • Just stop talking about weight loss with them. Do MFP for a while, and once your neighbors and friends notice the results, tell them it was from MFP, and not shakes.
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