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  • Try not to stress about it so much. Learn as you go and make little adjustments here and there. It takes a good amount of time to get the hang of it. But you'll get there! I'm also at 1200 and can tell you that working out means you get to eat more! 1200 should be your NET. So if you burn 400 calories in exercise, you get…
  • You may want to discuss some diet options with a registered dietician who specializes in ostomies. Your doc should be able to refer you. I hope you're able to get some answers. Good luck!
  • Totally understandable. A pint is two cups. A liter is just over 4 cups. Drink 1 to 2 liters per day and you're golden. :)
  • FUN! Thanks! --- Name: McKay Age: 30 Height: 5'4" Start Weight (1st June): 226 Goal Weight (1st July): 216 1st June: 226 8th June: 15th June: 22nd June: 29th June: 1st July: Weight lost/gained this week: Weight lost/gained this month: Successes/struggles this week:
  • MyFitnessPal has a water tracker on the FOOD page.
  • I lost 9 lbs. in my first 10 days of working out. Same scale at the gym. My boyfriend always weighs 150-151 and his weight was dead on so I think the scale was functioning just fine. It can happen. It probably is water. But I'm not dead.
  • It's arbitrary and stupid. I was 114 lbs. and on volleyball, stunt cheer and cross country and have never had a thigh gap. That's the bother with muscles. They fill up space. Forget this stupid thigh gap garbage.
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  • I just wanted to say congratulations on a seriously impressive accomplishment! Sounds reasonable to me. :)
  • Yup! 99.99% of people don't have it. They just don't want to be reminded of food sloshing around with saliva in someone's face. ;p One of my biggest pet peeves is people who blow their nose at the table. If you do that at home, you're disgusting. If you do it out at a restaurant with other diners around, you deserve to be…
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  • YUP! I lost 80 lbs. without ever lifting a weight or running a step. Just netted 1200/day. But you should net what MFP tells you to. I just happen to be short and female so the 1200 is good. But if I work out for an hour a day, that means I eat 1700 total. I just hopped on my bike once or twice a week and rode a few miles.…
  • I didn't go to the gym last time I lost 80 lbs. I just rode my bike once in awhile. And when I go to the gym now, I just use the stationary bike. And occasionally shadow my boyfriend on machines when he does upper body. But I don't know what I'm doing! haha! I bought a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor and try to keep my heart…
  • I get them, too. And I used to be on cross country! I never found a suitable treatment so now I just rock out on the stationary bike or elliptical. Low impact is better for joints anyway. I don't know if that is any help. :/ Good work getting back at it!
  • My boyfriend has misophonia. Misophonia, literally "hatred of sound", is a rarely diagnosed neuropsychiatric disorder in which negative emotions (anger, flight, hatred, disgust) are triggered by specific sounds.[1] The sounds can be loud or soft.[2] The term was coined by American neuroscientists Pawel Jastreboff and…
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  • It's probably bull$hit. Plain and simple. Unless they're purposely gaining weight, which is always possible. I'm losing but my BF is gaining. Luckily, he's a bottomless pit so he never has that problem. ;p But yeah, I've managed to royally screw up these last two weeks by not paying attention to calories as closely as I…
  • Make your diary public and we can help. You've come to the right place! Are you being honest about weighing all your food and working out?
  • A new (simple and flattering) wardrobe: jeans, black t-shirts, a few dresses. And a breast lift/augmentation. :)
  • Exactly. Just don't gain it all back the second you get married. Stay on a healthy track!
  • It's not low blood sugar or poor sleep. I'm not snoring anymore and actually sleeping through the night. My boyfriend confirms it. I sleep anywhere from 7-9 hours depending on the day. I eat normally, not low carb and I don't deny myself a certain number of hours before bed. I'm doing ALL my normal behaviors except working…
  • Best thing you can do for yourself is what you're doing right now. You can't lie to yourself and expect anything to change. So I'm giving you a virtual high-five for accountability and honesty! Great step in the right direction.
  • That's exactly what is happening with me, too. Glad to know I'm not the only one! Thanks, everyone, for your input.
  • Thanks, so much, y'all! So far, so good. Been at this for a week and have lost 6 lbs. so far. (Maybe more, weighing when I get to the gym in an hour.) I appreciate the support!
  • Bumping for daytime visibility. :) That's what I get for posting at 1am. :p Thanks to everyone so far for the words of support and for the friend requests!
  • You're at an extremely healthy weight for your height and age. Have you considered shifting your goals away from weight loss to other goals? Such as getting stronger, faster, having better posture, becoming a better dancer, etc.?
  • I completely disagree with this. 2 lbs. is not unrealistic by any means. It takes burning about 1,000 calories per day through diet and exercise. If you eat at a 500-calorie deficit, that means you can do about 45 minutes of cardio to reach your goal. It just takes commitment. I lost 80 lbs. with the 2-lbs./wk. goal and I…
  • Super sweet. More money might mean better functionality. The database is a disaster of bogus entries and the recipe builder is a mess. Fix those two things and I have ZERO complaints. Love MFP. :) Been here since 2011 (edit: this is my 2nd acct.).
  • I never use the calorie output of machines so I won't with my HRM either. I'll be inputting my HR into the Brayden calculator. That said, I'm losing a lot of weight using this technique so until I stop losing the weight I want to lose and that I ought to be losing, mathematically, I'll stick with this approach.
  • Exactly. I just want to know my heart rate. I use the Brayden online calorie calculator in conjunction with the HRM. I just want to be able to know roughly how many calories I've burned even when away from a machine with sensors. :)