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gunrock1970 Member


  • I'll see if I can find the link later, but Shaun T said when he launched T25, that TBC is the hardest workout in the programme.
  • Good luck. My mum is trying this at the moment. Go for it!
  • Wow, man! Absolutely, no disrespect, but how do you put on 44lb in 3 months (September 2015 to Jan 2016)?! I'm amazed that you can put on so many pounds and get them off again- your skin must be elastic! How's the plateau going, have you busted through it yet?
  • My advice is to follow the program as it is. The modifier is there for a reason and there is no shame in following her. Do the five weeks of Alpha as prescribed by the program. Then switch to Beta and do the five weeks as prescribed. This will stop you from getting bored or hitting a plateau. When you finish Beta, go back…
  • Any program will work for getting you in shape (if you commit to it - not too many duvet days!) but if you don't cut your calorific intake you will just be a fitter and perhaps heavier (due to new muscle) version of you.
  • If it's fat on your chin (the famous double/triple chin) then yes, as you lose weight all over it will reduce and hopefully disappear (depending on how much weight you lose). If it's the general shape of your chin then, no, it will not change.
  • Ah well, we'll tell the scientists at Cancer Research UK to stop trials then. Thanks. Anything else they shouldn't bother looking at? :/
  • There is some limited evidence that it has cancer slowing or stopping properties: It also has supposed antimicrobial properties (which is one of the suggested reasons for it's use for marinades and cooking in places like India - where refrigeration may be scant):
  • Cool. Go easy on the portions, rice is nearly all carbs and starch!
  • More power to you, that's the spirit! Just had one more thought, maybe she has "bitchy resting face" and her glares and dour demeanour are just the way she looks?
  • Turmeric is best used as an additive to cooking. My wife is from the old British colonies in India, so turmeric is a staple in our diet. It's is used mostly as part of a marinade for meat and fish dishes and at the time of cooking (oven baking or shallow frying) of meat and fish/prawn dishes. Can't imagine what it would…
  • Me too. Polar heart rate monitor and chest strap. Here's some of my calories burns for T25: 02 September 2015 - Core Cardio 430 07 September 2015 - Dynamic Core 303 26 October 2015 - Alpha Cardio 442 21 November 2015 - Alpha Cardio 445 23 November 2015 - Speed 1.0 425 25 November 2015 - Total Body Circuit 460 All recorded…
    in T25 Comment by gunrock1970 February 2016
  • Human beings can be weird. Men can be *kitten* (especially the 'no-such-thing-as-leg-day' bull-necks at my work's gym), but I think there's also a type of woman who sees every other woman outside of her clique as an enemy that must be repelled or destroyed. Go figure. Personally, I wouldn't be intimidated (though I…
  • If you don't dial-in your calories, you'll get a good degree of muscle and improve your fitness levels, but for "informercial level" results you need to be on-point with your calorie intake and a do a few rounds.
    in T25 Comment by gunrock1970 February 2016
  • When you get to the end of Alpha move on to Beta (I dare you not to freak out the first time you do Speed 2.0!). When you get onto the end of Beta, try Alpha again; you'll be able to do more of it without modifying and if you go harder at it, you'll still be getting a good workout.
  • Total Body Circuit kicks everybody's *kitten*. I have seen a Shaun T youtube video where he claims it's the hardest workout in T25. You will get better at it but having done a couple of rounds of T25, TBC still kicks my *kitten*.
  • Exercising with a chest infection or fever is not a good idea. Get some rest and come back strong.
  • The things is, OP, the worries about your shape or it's proportions, whilst normal and understandable, are a waste of energy, as the bottom line (no pun intended!) is: your Mum and Dad had sex and made you. Sure if you lose weight and firm up, your butt might be in proportion with the rest of you, but then again it might…
  • Bravo. You look easily 10 years younger.
  • I have got a fitbit for Xmas and found it was too generous with it's steps compared to my old (dead) Up24. I have adjusted the stride length and I'm not sure it's totally correct - still seems too easy for me to hit 10k. Claimed I did 15k steps yesterday. I did walk a lot more, but over familiar routes and I would have…
  • My wife has cajoled me into ordering 21 Day Fix Extreme as we were getting a bit bored with T25 and she isn't excited by Les Mills Combat that I have waiting. It turned up today. I'll rip the DVDs (so I don't have to watch FBI warnings or ads for products and websites I already know about or don't want. And no, I don't…
  • The same way you select the left shoe? :D Sorry, couldn't resist!
  • Don't know about anyone else, but I found if you exercise the amount of control that you need to, to correctly get through the first half dozen forms in Sun-style Tai-chi a few times in one session, you should get a decent sweat and if you're new to exercise, perhaps even some DOMS the following day. With the one leg bent,…
  • There's the Bowflex MAX M3 or M5 - they look pricey and from where I'm standing a little bit like snake-oil, but there are some good reviews about.
  • I started again on Alpha yesterday! Just get in and get it done. You'll ache, but it will be worth it.
  • I'm beginning to think Op is a bot. Eliza made better responses than this. :#
  • Congrats to the OP for getting stuck in and doing it. Keep going!
  • Yeah, he's kind of a dork, but there you go! My wife doesn't like him much either. Me, I don't mind him too much. I think the difference is that Shaun T exudes more enthusiasm and motivational skill than Tony, and Tony gives off a smart-*kitten* air.
  • I'd do some of the free youtube Tony Horton Ten Minute Trainer workouts. If you can two or three in a row (20 - 30 minutes) after two months, start T25. You'll almost be ready!
  • I started T25 with a BMI of 35 and weight of 287lbs. It's hard work but do-able. After much yo-yo-ing, I'm now at 277lbs but with less fat and more muscle after about eighteen months (less time than that in reality; I've had time out due to broken limbs and a bereavement). Ditto the Shakeology. No need for that. Count your…