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  • Don't use the elliptical? I get weird numb foot problems on ellipticals and recumbent bikes. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or what. I just do something else.
  • I had to Google this one. I'm going to say no, that will lead to success in no way.
  • Are you sure? You aren't here to motivate us, then sell us Shakeology once you have our friend request are you?
  • That would sure be nice since I was about 100 pounds lighter for most of my adult life. I'll just eat these brownies and be back at my set point in no time.
  • You may want to use the USDA database entry for coffee, because it will give you the actual calories instead of rounding to zero. Otherwise, it looks fine to me. ETA: You also may want to weigh your sugar for more accuracy.
  • I make a 1200 calorie cobb salad. For whatever reason this meal makes me feel better about dieting. Start with lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, then add chicken, avocado, hard boiled eggs, olives, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, and blue cheese dressing.
  • I don't know if surgery will help or not. Instead of loose skin you will have scars. Will you be self conscious about that? You should definitely do your research on the recovery process and expense involved. Skin removal is not an easy surgery. Have you been to a therapist since you lost weight? It's a big change to go…
  • You are overthinking this. Dudes are always happy to get a lady naked. They don't care if you look like a supermodel. Many women who have never been heavy are going to look a bit saggy here and there from having kids or just plain gravity. It's really not a big deal. Try out confidence for a change. It sounds like you had…
  • The problem with articles like these is how easily they are misinterpreted by those who don't think critically or read past the headlines. My family has too many of such people. Somebody will sort of read this article then tell me I had better be careful with all that running I do because it is bad for my heart! Such…
  • You can get 100 calorie packs of all sorts of cookies. If you bake you can always make mini muffins and cookies. You will have to experiment with the baking time. Sometimes it is nice to save up some calories and go out for a fancy dessert instead. I'll admit to eating a huge slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake for a…
  • I took it briefly but it made me really tired and actually gain weight, because I'm normally a very fidgety active person. You likely lost weight because the topiramate made you less inclined to eat. If you want to maintain the loss figure out your maintenance calories and stick to them.
  • I've had success with diet and exercise, no CLA necessary.
  • I work out mid afternoon when I have the most energy. When I work I do evenings or lunch break, because there is no chance I'm setting my alarm one minute earlier.
  • Thank you for the advise about frozen gourmet pizza's. Take out is a must for me because we are so busy. But if we have a frozen pizza (and maybe a side salad) that would not derail me too much. I don't intend to never eat pizza or Chinese again. They are just so easy to over eat because of the deals/coupons. So I am…
  • That's messed up. Sugar is yummy, and one cookie is never enough, but it is not physically addictive like alcohol. I hope you or a loved one never had to face an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It's a much bigger struggle than a diet.
  • Blue cheese. There is nothing diet about my salads.
  • I can't see myself doing keto or anything else more restrictive than counting calories. Too much extra effort. Someone around here should post the flowchart. You are probably just eating more than you think. Also, congrats on the 92 pounds! Great job.
  • I weigh every morning and track my weight on Trendweight.
  • I don't care for diet soda either. Artificial sweeteners taste so weird. I drink lots of club soda or sparkling water. I love the fizz. It's good with a slice of lemon or lime. I drink coffee with half and half, a bit calorific, but yummy. Also, herbal teas. I must have five different kinds in the pantry. Plain iced tea is…
  • Added sugar is not addictive or some required nutrient, so yes, you can cut it cold turkey. You should speak to a doctor about your issues. That should not be happening when you don't eat sugar unless you have a health problem.
  • I started at 5'3" and 280 lbs, so I sympathize. I used to get really bad plantar fasciitis where it hurt just to stand on my feet. If your back pain is a symptom of your weight it will get better as you lose. It's been said already but worth repeating, buy good walking shoes. You may have to replace them frequently too,…
  • How else do Pizza Hut employees get fruit in their diets?
  • Considering I was at my lowest body fat of my entire life when I delivered pizza, and ate nothing but free pizza, plus went out drinking several nights a week, I'm going to say yes. Was it healthy or a good idea? Probably not.
  • Both will work. I often use ounces because I'm American and I'm more familiar with what 8 oz is vs whatever that is in grams. I can usually find fruits and veggies from the USDA database in 100 gram increments, so I use that too.
  • Neat. I've never been good at jump rope. It's cool there are ways to slow it down.
  • In my experience muscle soreness is a sign of not doing enough of the same activity. I only get sore when I skip workouts. Like if I only lift or run once in a week, or suddenly do a really long run, I get sore. That is way different from soreness in other places like your joints. If my knees or hips feel sore it means I'm…
  • Does the extra resistance make the rope go slower so it's easier to jump?
  • What was said above. Use the label information. The manufacturer may have changed the ingredients or serving size since the online entry was made, it could vary regionally, or someone just put it in the database completely wrong.
  • What is a CrossFit jump rope and is it any different from a regular jump rope?
  • I take excessively long and frequent diet breaks, because I get sick of counting calories. I could have been strict and lost all the weight in a year, but I'm patient and otherwise healthy, so whatever. I'll get to goal eventually. I don't have any loose skin after losing 70 pounds and have only had to buy three new…