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  • Hell yeah!!! Those are basically my goals after realizing none of my work pants fit thanks to COVID laziness weight gain.
  • ""I work in a really fast-paced office environment so I usually wake up, have coffee, take vitamins, have an apple or banana for lunch, more vitamins, then when I get home I'll either relax or get some exercise in and then relax."" I don't know how to correctly quote your reply, but if you're going all day at work, then…
  • Definitely check out Bret Contreras like sardelsa said! He is the man for this. His instagram always has a lot of workout ideas too.
  • I have definitely considered the same thing because gyms stressed me out. However, I will say that the quality of the elliptical that you get at most gyms is going to be about $1500+ if you were going to buy your own. A cheaper one is not going to have that same "glide" easy movements as the ones in the gym. I had a cheap…
  • Eat more protein! Cheese & crackers is not going to keep you full for long. Maybe along with that, have more ham or other meat, tuna salad, chicken salad, etc. Make protein the focus of your lunch & keep the carbs lower.
  • It can definitely affect how you gain/lose weight due to hormones. If you're really keeping to your daily calorie allowance & nothing is happening, or if you just feel constantly tired/hungry, have your doctor test your hormone levels. They may want you to switch to a different pill or recommend something else to balance…
  • Make a list of things that you can cook that you & your husband will both eat - plan to make those the most. If he prefers spices, let him add his own AFTER you cook it. If you want fish/seafood, try frozen stuff you can cook quickly for yourself or grill outside if the smell offends him. Make a list of things he would be…
  • Search for "intermittent fasting" it's kind of the same idea, but more extreme (longer fasting period). I do it occasionally & it does help, but you still have to track your calories & not overeat.
  • I do it every morning. I got an app (Simple Weight Tracker) that you input your weight every day & it creates a graph for you. I was getting frustrated with the ups & downs (still am sometimes) but this app shows your overall progress so you can see how you're doing over time.
  • I used to do a 10 min warm up before other stuff (crunches, squats, weight machines) then 20-30 min cardio at the end. Last week, I did 30 min cardio first, then other stuff & found that I had way more energy & stamina! I got through my sets of squats & crunches, etc., with much less fatigue than I normally had. It's great…
  • I guess I'm in the minority of saying that some kind of smelly cheese (directly from France) was the worst thing I've ever attempted to eat. I took a small piece & as soon as I put it in my mouth I started sweating & gagging. It tasted like I licked the floor of a moldy basement!!! Otherwise I love cheese, but anything…
  • MFP has me at 1700 cal. per day & I'm about the same weight as you are. It's hard to stick to, but I don't think it's unrealistic. Maybe it depends on what you are eating for your calories? But if 2000 is working for you, keep it up!
  • I'm 6'2" feel free to add me!!! My starting weight was about 215. I honestly don't really have a goal weight, maybe 190 to start with. I have been working on losing fat & gaining muscle & increasing endurance. I just really struggle with food! So I have made some progress, but I'm at about 208 still. Plus I'm getting…
  • I like it from time to time. However, it can taste/smell like vinegar, so that's probably a downside for some people! It is supposed to be good for digestion due to the active cultures, but I think it's more of a trendy thing than a cure-all - but hey, to each their own.
  • Ugh the struggle is real! Rice Krispy Treats are like 90 cal & they have a bunch of chocolate flavors now!
  • I can warn you AGAINST Old Navy. That's usually what I buy mine because they have tall sizes, but I've had 1 pair get tons of small holes all down the butt seam & another with holes through the crotch. Not good for squats! Thankfully I noticed before they became bigger holes, but now I always check them before/after…
  • Exactly! If you KNOW you've got something, I'd say skip it & rest. That is also considerate if you go to a gym where others can catch your germs!
  • I do it too!!! Even if it's "just a little more" I always tend to do that at dinner if I cook. I think it really does help to portion out everything even before you eat. That way you will have leftovers (which means less effort tomorrow!) and you aren't as tempted to go back for more. Good luck!
  • Sometimes yes haha. That barcode scanner does not help! It is pretty easy to manually enter recipes though, so I've been doing my best at that. Plus you can name it whatever you like, so there's a chance for creativity! Yesterday I threw a bunch of stuff in the crock pot & the only thing I had to weigh was the chicken.
  • I've tried the same thing & never really found a solid replacement to my Coffee Mate! So sad. The almond milk was actually the worst, coconut kinds was just watery. I have not tried Silk/soy creamer yet. Maybe try some coconut milk/cream that is meant for cooking? The kind that comes in a can. It has more fat in it. Stevia…
  • Me too, occasionally! Try to keep track of any salt/seasonings that are added to the meat. I was using seasonings with MSG unknowingly & it made me feel super bloated & nauseous after eating. Or high salt content in general could make you feel bloated. I don't always have this problem but that has been sort of a trend for…
  • Same, I really don't notice unless people are about "my level" or taller haha.
  • Last year around the holidays, I literally did not care - at times it was almost like I TRIED to overeat with the idea I would start good habits in the New Year...yeah, well it took a lot longer than that & now I've been stuck with extra weight since then. I gained about 10 lbs in the last few months of 2016. This year, I…
  • This is me today after both pizza & Taco Bell this weekend (not in moderation either) body is angry at me, I can feel it haha. Just started with some hot tea & am going to eat my veggies & other healthy stuff today. Just gotta start over & move on!
  • Just make room to treat yourself & don't overdo it! Just be mindful of serving size or just build it in to your daily calorie goals. Or have a cheat now & then :smile:
  • I know it's not exactly the same, but a leg press might be a good place to start! Or Smith machine with someone spotting you perhaps? Also, you could try glute bridges & add weights.
  • I think on some advanced apps/premium MFP you can enter your reps for calories burned. Otherwise it doesn't calculate it for you.
  • Old Navy has tall & plus sizes! I wear around a size 12-14 & their large sizes fit me well. Their leggings are actually a little TOO long (I'm over 6 feet tall) but I don't mind. Quality can be kind of lacking on some items but the cost is low. The cotton athletic leggings tend to get holes in them.
  • Being more hydrated/consuming less sodium is supposed to help reduce it. Or you could just be one of the lucky ones (like me) who has it no matter what. Started at age 13 so I've learned to just stop caring!
  • FitNotes! It's nice that you can copy previous workouts so you don't have to re-enter if you do the same thing each time :smiley: