Stomach Problems after Protien

Hi All,

Has anyone noticed that after eating beef, poultry, pork, or fish they get a very full and heavy feeling (sometimes even nausea) in their stomach that lasts until the following day? Pasta will make me full, but within 2-3 hours, I feel fine and "digested". And I'm not talking like greasy burgers and fried bacon. I'm speaking of a ham sandwich, sushi, or steak with vegetables sautéed, or some chicken stir fry with noodles and veggies. Eggs and peanut butter to a lesser extent bother me, as do certain yogurts. I am not lactose intolerant as I drink plenty of milk, enjoy ice cream from time to time, and have zero issues with cheese. But meat per se seems to cause awful stomach aches. Anyone else have this problem? Because of this, I tend to eat meat very sparingly, and only when my eating options require it but am curious if others suffer from the same thing. (I travel overseas for 4-5 times per month for work).


  • jgnatca
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    Maybe it’s the fat in the protein? Get your gall bladder checked out.
  • GrumpyHeadmistress
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    I occasionally wake up with an upset stomach after a protein shake. Never figured out what causes it since it’s infrequent.
  • __CMS__
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    jgnatca wrote: »
    Maybe it’s the fat in the protein? Get your gall bladder checked out.

    I don't believe it's fat because I can eat high fat desserts and high fat cheese without issue as well as coconut, avocado, and butter.
  • cat_lady77
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    Me too, occasionally! Try to keep track of any salt/seasonings that are added to the meat. I was using seasonings with MSG unknowingly & it made me feel super bloated & nauseous after eating. Or high salt content in general could make you feel bloated. I don't always have this problem but that has been sort of a trend for me.
  • goldthistime
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    I felt like this after having been vegan for a while and then starting to eat meat again. It felt like I had rocks in my stomach. I'm fine now.

    Have you increased your consumption of meat/protein?