Gym apps

Anyone using apps to plan their training sessions? There's so many apps available I don't know where to start


  • quiksylver296
    quiksylver296 Posts: 28,140 Member
    I use bodyspace. You have to have a profile set up on to use that one. I've heard many people on here recommend Strong, but I haven't tried that one.
  • Mithridites
    Mithridites Posts: 594 Member
    Body space also. Find it very helpful
  • ABabilonia
    ABabilonia Posts: 622 Member
    I use the 5x5 StrongLifts, as a newbie this app has helped me a lot
  • heybales
    heybales Posts: 18,831 Member
    FitNotes - can setup lifts, sets, reps, weights, rests, warmups like Stronglifts app, but for other programs beyond 5x5 and 5 different lifts and accessories.
  • Okiludy
    Okiludy Posts: 564 Member
    Strong is a really nice lifting log. Unlike the one built around a program you can create your own. I used it for when I did Starting Strength and now for 5/3/1. It even has graphs to track your estimated 1rm from your lifts. Nice for quick over views.
  • Psychgrrl
    Psychgrrl Posts: 3,167 Member
    I use JEFIT. Free app and website. I like how it tracks records and one rep max for each exercise. Good video library of exercises as well. I also love seeing the total pounds lifted at the end of my workout that day.
  • cat_lady77
    cat_lady77 Posts: 203 Member
    FitNotes! It's nice that you can copy previous workouts so you don't have to re-enter if you do the same thing each time :smiley: