Are you like me and have an unstoppable sweet tooth?

I go nuts especially at night for sweet snacks. Ice cream especially, but there are tons of calories. I recently found that hannaford have their own ice cream sandwich brand. 140 calories for a standard size ice cream sandwich! The “light” variety. It’s rare to find a light version of ice cream that doesn’t taste like artificial sweeteners—they really are super tasty and at cheap calorie cost.

These puppies helped me down 25 lbs so far and I’m hoping this shout out will help others!


  • angelsja
    angelsja Posts: 860 Member
    Blended frozen berries and yoghurt have helped me or frozen banana and peanut butter
  • TravisJHunt
    TravisJHunt Posts: 529 Member
    Chapman's makes smaller ice cream treats at around 150 cals per.
  • cat_lady77
    cat_lady77 Posts: 203 Member
    Ugh the struggle is real! Rice Krispy Treats are like 90 cal & they have a bunch of chocolate flavors now!
  • Aplant77
    Aplant77 Posts: 112 Member
    Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars are delish! They are 100 calories for a lot of food. My favs are Cookie dough, Coffee chip and Sea Salt Caramel.
  • emcclure013
    emcclure013 Posts: 231 Member
    I love Blue Bunny mini swirls ice cream cones. The caramel flavor is 140 calories for a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone with caramel in the middle. They're big enough to be satisfying, they taste extremely indulgent, but they don't break the calorie bank!
  • mlinci
    mlinci Posts: 405 Member
    Yes, I have a sweet tooth and will always crave something sweet after a full meal.

    I had to learn to incorporate it in my daily calories - so about 300-350 out of my 1900-2000 daily calories come from chocolate or other sweet treats. I’m now maintaining at 136-138 lbs.
  • Katerbat8644
    Katerbat8644 Posts: 8 Member
    When I get an insane sweet tooth I usually get icecream from the brand halo top. You have to let it sit out a bit because it's pretty solid lol. But its usually under 400 cals for a whole pint. The one in my freezer is 280 for the whole pint. It's not the best icecream ever, but it's decent and does the job.
  • coletammym
    coletammym Posts: 6 Member
    Try some frozen fruit.. or some dark chocolate.
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 7,353 Member
    So why do you snack at night? Why not at day time? Are you bored, do you need to find something that keeps you occupied? Quite often, a 'sweet tooth' is just boredom.