Kombucha - benefits?

Does anyone drink Kombucha drinks? Have you noticed any benefits? I am told they are good for keeping your digestive system in sync and can help with other ailments. Also, how does it taste?


  • cat_lady77
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    I like it from time to time. However, it can taste/smell like vinegar, so that's probably a downside for some people! It is supposed to be good for digestion due to the active cultures, but I think it's more of a trendy thing than a cure-all - but hey, to each their own.
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    I drink kombucha all the time. I don't drink soda (too sweet tasting for me) and can't drink alcohol during the week (won't wake up early enough to lift) so I drink kombucha. I guess it has probiotics, but so does yogurt.
  • Debmal77
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    Started drinking 1/2 cup a day a few weeks ago. I can't digest yogurt so I thought I would try it because of the probiotics. I have acid reflux and was told by someone with the same condition that they do not use their medication anymore because of kombucha. I am very skeptical but I thought I would give it a try. I have been feeling better digestive wise, however I believe it is too soon to tell. I am seeing my gastroenterologist next month and will discuss the subject with him.
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    I drink GT's Organic & Raw "Gingerade" flavour when I can get it on sale. Maybe consume it 4 times a month/1 per week. I find it really "gets things moving" if ya know what I mean. I've cut back on eating yogurt so this has (I think) been a good replacement to get in some probiotics. Pretty low cal per bottle (tastier than my flavoured soda water and better than me swigging back yet another coffee). I've always really enjoyed Ginger so that's the flavour I've been purchasing. I should try a couple of other flavours too ... to expand my horizons a bit. I do agree... the smell isn't the best. My husband says the smell lingers. LOL
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    If you're buying them just for the benefits, you're just wasting money. Drink it because you like the taste, not just for the benefits. A clean healthy well balanced diet will give you all the benefits that your body needs.
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    It's a probiotic. I brew my own. I had an early batch that was vinegary, hell it was vinegar. If it hadn't gotten any better I'd have quit trying. My 2 most recent batches have been, at least to me, delightful. My wife put a drop from a recent batch in her mouth and retched. She does that with coconut, too. And milk. She's not the best judge of taste.

    There are lots of ways to get probiotics. Do we know what probiotics you need? I don't know. Your gut bacteria are important, but good science is not strong on it.
  • mmapags
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    I don't notice anything from consuming it. I like it and have a friend that is the Owner of Baba's Brew. She makes some delicious flavors. It is probiotic but I don't have any gut health issues or imbalance and haven't taken many antibiotics that might impact that over the last 15 years.
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    Thanks everyone - I just went to Trader Joes and bought 2 bottles of Trilogy - hopefully I can get past the smell!
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    I hope you like it! If you do like it, it’s super easy and incredibly cheap to brew your own.
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    I drink it because I like the taste and it's fizzy. I've brewed my own in the past, pretty easy to do.
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    I like it a lot for probiotics, and I find that some flavors give me energy. I’d rather drink calories with something positive in it, which I gain from this. Sometimes, it replaces a cup of coffee or is great blended into a smoothie.
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    alcomer wrote: »
    Does anyone drink Kombucha drinks? Have you noticed any benefits? I am told they are good for keeping your digestive system in sync and can help with other ailments. Also, how does it taste?

    One of my daughters has suffered from mild-moderate constipation throughout her life. Since she started drinking kombucha daily she has become very regular. It taste pretty good.
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    It'll give you instant street cred with hipsters or the real housewives of wherever.