How often to you weigh yourself?



  • JMcGee2018
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    I weigh in daily and use the Libra app on my Android to help smooth out the fluctuations and show me my overall trend.
  • cat_lady77
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    I do it every morning. I got an app (Simple Weight Tracker) that you input your weight every day & it creates a graph for you. I was getting frustrated with the ups & downs (still am sometimes) but this app shows your overall progress so you can see how you're doing over time.
  • deezus
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    Then I track it in a chart to see overall trends.
  • kellyw4444
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    I do not weigh myself daily as I don't want to be obsessed with the numbers on the scale and let them determine whether I am being successful or not (I definitely have done this in the past). I am making these changes in my life to be more healthy and the scale isn't the only measure of that. However, I am with @tirowow12385, when I feel like I should be seeing a positive change, I weigh myself - which these days, translates into 2-3 times per week. I track on MFP at least once a week - regardless of up/down/same. However, if I weigh myself mid-week and I am the same or up, I do not track it, but if I am down, I track it! As a result, my trend goes down, down and down. Also, if I am the same or up mid-week, it does motivate me to work hard for the rest of the week! As I write this, I realize how I am "gaming the system" but it is working for me right now, so I am going with it :)
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    I used to only weigh myself once a week. I thought I would become obsessed if I weighed myself once a day. Recently, I joined a challenge "Give me 10 days" and you weigh in daily. Surprisingly, it is really working for me. It holds me accountable, and I cans see that the fluctuations that I experience, are common for everyone, and when you get off track, it's not the end of the world.

    I only check in my weight on MFP officially once every 1 or two weeks.

    yep this.

  • witcherkar
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    Im in the biggest loser challenge so i only weigh weekly. Plus i have to roll down the street to use the nursing homes wheelchair scale to weigh. Id weigh everyday if i wasnt so lazy
  • Golferdrone
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    4 to 10
  • raindawg
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    I weigh every day, but I've learned not to react to the variations from day to day. I record once a week and it's usually the average for the week, unless there was an obvious anomaly day that I discard.
  • DamienAngelica
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    Every morning and my scale reports it to my Fitbit app. I'm getting close to switching to maintenance calories and I intend to continue the daily weigh-in even after.
  • bobshuckleberry
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    Not overly concerned about the scale. I go by how I feel, how I look and how I perform. I weigh myself maybe twice a month and use a tanita scale every couple of months.
  • HoneyBadger302
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    I weigh in daily, and since getting introduced to Libra, have been using that. Before using the app, I was tracking my daily weigh ins and averaging the week - but the app just makes that method a lot easier LOL.

    My weight flucuates a LOT day to day, so only an occasional weigh in (weekly or less frequent) can give pretty "false" readings in both directions. I much prefer the overall trend method.
  • GOT_Obsessed
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    I try to weigh myself weekly but I often crack and check the scale on the 5th day, not the 7th. But I don't weigh in if I had a very salty day the night before. I know me and if I see an up number it could start my day off in the wrong direction. I avoid that if I can.
  • NHDaisy2
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    I also weigh daily. I used to record every loss in MFP since re-joining I've started only recording my weight 1day a week.
  • Just_Jon
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    I used to weigh myself every day, because I liked tracking the daily fluctuations.
    Now they're too annoying, so I just weight once a week.
    The scale moves more dramatically than the daily weight, and gives me something to look forward to.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    Search for "How often do you weigh"
  • peggy_polenta
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    4 times per day. 1st thing in the morning. (this is what i consider my real weight) right b4 my workout. right after my work out and sometime b4 bed.
  • Fitnessmom82
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    I weigh myself every day and track in the Libra app. It actually stops me from obsessing. Seeing the fluctuations and the day to day reminds me that weight loss is not linear and a pound up is not always a pound of fat. I know what to expect at certain times of the month, I am learning what foods may cause me to bloat ect...Now that I am very close to my goal it's helpful for me to make sure that I am not under eating. I lost at an average of 2 pounds a week for most of my weight loss. I've slowed to .5 pound a week and as I approach maintenance I think weighing myself daily is beneficial for monitoring things.
  • goatg
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    Once per week when I'm good. 2-3x/wk when I'm micromanaging.
  • As the title says, how often do you weigh yourself?

    I'm not planning on weighing myself more than once a month. I have a history/reality of EDNOS and I figure it's best not to become obsessed with the scales again and head down that route, so I'm sticking to less regular weigh ins and relying on the logic of 'If I burn more than I take in then I have to be losing weight' in between weigh ins.

    Does anyone do a similar thing and it's working out for them?

    I weigh about every other day. I start getting kind if lax when i dont weigh frequently. I need to see a good result from my efforts.
  • Lesscookies1
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    I weigh myself every single morning because I don't calorie count or use a food scale to track my food intake, and it's been working for me. Weighing myself every morning gives me a chance to see how what I eat the day before affects my weight.