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  • Well done Scott, it’s a tough journey but hang in there. Stay consistent, build good habits and dig deep when it gets hard. Have a solid reason for wanting to achieve your goals and remind yourself often of those reasons. I’ve been maintaining for 2 years now and the road to get there was tough. And sometimes it is still…
  • Hi and welcome! Feel free to add me, I am a Mum to 3 teenagers and I also work night shift, I’m a registered nurse. Totally understand the messed up eating patterns thanks to night shift. I am a long time MFP user and it has helped me keep on track. I hope you find the support and advice that you need on MFP, it’s a great…
  • Welcome back! I am a night shift nurse also, and struggling big time with exercise at the moment, just can’t seem to find my mojo. I have only about 5kg to lose. Feel free to add me - I need the motivation too :smiley:
  • Feel free to add me! I'm a night shift RN and I have been known to eat my way through many a shift! I try keep my weight down by running and intermittent fasting :)
  • I'm a night shift nurse also. Feel free to add me! I run to keep my weight down and also use intermittent fasting which works well on night shifts :)
  • Feel free to add me, I'm a 43 yo Mum of 3 in Australia, I'm a daily MFP logger, a runner and (most of the time) a healthy eater. I've logged over 600 + consecutive days, so if you add me, you're stuck with me!
  • 43 years young. And I log every day (I'm kinda proud of my current 400+ day streak on MFP!) There is only one way to stay on track through this fitness journey and that's to surround yourself with like-minded supportive people - whether they be real life or cyber friends, doesn't matter. Feel free to add me B)
  • Most people go to the gym alone. And TBH, nobody really cares what everyone else is doing. I felt self conscious and awkward when I started going to the gym years ago, and now, its one of my favorite places to be. Be brave and give it a go, you will soon realise that most people will be supportive and kind :smile:
  • Victoria, Australia B)
  • Hey, feel free to add me. I log every day (current streak 400+ days) and I have an open diary. I love to have MFP friends who keep me accountable and who have a shared commitment towards fitness and health goals. Hope you achieve your goals this time round :smile:
  • Hey Christin, you got this. Feel free to add me, I log every day. You can never have too much support, surround yourself with positive people and you'll grow stronger, healthier and wiser. :smiley:
  • Hey Amber, feel free to add me, I'm on MFP every day, my current streak is 420+ days in a row. I'm always working towards a running goal and I'm happy to support everyone's health & fitness goals.... :smile:
  • Add me! And I'm nowhere near Texas! I'm in Australia, I log every day and I need to restock my friend bank... dirty mouths welcome :smile:
  • Welcome back! Feel free to add me. I'm here every day :smiley:
  • Feel free to add me, you can never have too much support!! Good luck with your goals for 2017 :)
  • Hey Marley508, Wow you will be busy! This is my 4th round of 12wbt and I have 2 hungry boys, a vegetarian daughter and a fussy husband to cater for. I have saved time in other rounds by cooking the freezable meals for evening meals and making double or triple the recipe to keep extras in the freezer. Also for my husband…
  • That's great Als03103! You will definitely smash the 10k if you stick with the program. And you're right, 10k should be a piece of cake compared with having 6 kids lol! Nothing like the big 40 to spur on a big goal. I ran my first half marathon 2 years ago, 2 days before I turned 40. We actually watched the Gold Coast…
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  • Yeah I am planning to register for the Great Ocean Road (Vic) event on 15 May. A run with a view. Should be good. Anyone else doing a running program?
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  • Hi Kathy and all the 12WBT gang. I'm Cath, in for my 4th round of 12WBT (glutton for punishment!) and doing the half marathon program. My diary is open for all to see - the good days and the bad! Looking forward to the extra support on MFP, it's a great way to keep each other honest and help pick up the pieces on the bad…
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  • Trying to figure out this ticker... OK it worked!
  • I'm in for 150km. Ambitious but achievable...
  • Feel free to add me! I am training for half marathon in December, have done a few. This will be my first half marathon after an injury earlier this year which put my running on hold for 3 months. So I'm aiming to finish injury free and not too focused on my time!
  • Hi Marie, feel free to add me as a friend. I'm Cath, I am in Australia, currently training for a half marathon in December. I have been using MFP for a couple of years and it keeps me on track, I try to stay between 1200-1500 cals, have achieved my goal weight but really want to maintain because I worked so hard to get to…
  • Feel free to add me! Aussie runner and long time user of MFP but new to the forums. Currently at the start of training program for a half marathon in December, in Melbourne Victoria. I would welcome any new runner friends! Happy running everyone :smile:
  • Hiya, I've been running for about 7 years. Love it, it's my thing. I'm kinda slow but get out there most days. Have just started a program for a half in December - the weather should hopefully start to improve here in Vic, Australia, it's been a long cold winter and I'm ready to swap my beanie for a visor! I am happy to…
  • Sign me up! I am also needing some motivation for the half marathon I have signed up for, it's not till December but I am a few weeks into training, so far so good, it's just a lonely journey at times... Stick with your program and celebrate your progress as the weeks go by :smiley: