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  • You're abdominally obese by roughly half an inch. You said on a different thread that your period is 11 days late, which might account for some bloating and water weight. Did you have an honest discussion with your doctor?
  • If your period is 11 days late, that in and of itself will affect your weight, given the potential causes for that (other than pregnancy). I did read your other conversation thread; you received good advice there.
  • Meds and making a conscious effort to stay connected socially are the most important things for my mental health. I have found that, no matter what I do/don't eat/drink and/or do/don't do for exercise, my psych conditions require meds. That said, if I take those meds as directed, I am much more likely to put conscious…
  • What is your current height and weight?
  • Net is total consumed minus exercise. If you ate 1800 calories one day and burned 300 doing exercise, your net would be 1500.
  • What's wrong with cheeseburgers? Good source of protein and fat; carbs are optional depending on if you use a bun or not (I am gluten intolerant, and gluten-free bread is pricy, so I usually have a lettuce wrap instead). Add some veggies, and you've got a good bunch of micronutrients, too.
  • Additionally, there's nothing magical about drinking a gallon of water a day. If you need to drink that much because you're thirsty, fine, but 10 or so glasses a day is probably plenty.
  • It took four years to hit goal (lost 100 lbs; went from a size 22 to a size 8); maintained for three years or so. I spent four years building new habits, so maintaining that weight loss has been pretty easy. I'm at the point in my life where I have time to add new habits (exercise), so I may be able to lose a few more…
  • OP = original poster. Your digestive issues with meat have nothing to do with your blood type. The Blood Type Diet is pseudoscience.
  • That is probably part of the problem.
  • 1. Are you restricting too much during the week? 2. Food is neither good nir bad. Weight loss is not moralistic. You are not "good" during the week and "bad" when you eat more than you need to. 3. Try this: for a week, pre-log everything you eat in a day, either that morning or the night before. Start your log with a piece…
  • Search YouTube specifically for chair fitness or chair exercises. Alternatively/additionally, get some resistance bands or physical therapy tubing and use that to work your upper body.
  • I lost 100 lbs over four years and have maintained that for roughly three years. I found non-scale victories much more rewarding, as they will happen more frequently and a lot sooner than getting to goal weight. Make a commitment to logging your food correctly for a month - there's a goal that is short-term and attainable.…
  • Hi! Mom of three, PhD student, also work 50+ hours per week. I do not get up early to exercise; I don't get enough sleep as it is, and I refuse to sacrifice any more of it. My husband is in charge of putting our little guy (2 yrs) to bed; that buys me half an hour to do something (the older two can entertain themselves for…
  • Some people prioritize things like sleep and time with their kids. OP, I work 7AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. I exercise after my kids (9, 6, and 2) go to bed.
  • Neither. I fit what I want into my calories for the day. We have burgers once a week, I have chocolate when I want it, alcohol on weekends, pizza a few times a month. I eat sensibly - I pay attention to serving sizes, and that's what I have. I don't understand the point of a cheat day/meal - who are you cheating? Why cheat?
  • That is a lot of protein - excessive, almost -especially for a woman, unless you're doing some serious bodybuilding. Check out some of the low carb groups. You need more fat, for sure. "Fat is bad" is scientifically incorrect, especially if you're doing low carb.
  • Then your nursing school should get its accreditation pulled, as that is factually wrong and indefensible,
  • I logged babywearing as backpacking only if I went out for a walk; I did not log babywearing around the house (i.e., cleaning, doing dishes, etc.). If you do a search for breastfeeding in your food diary, you should find one that will give you the negative calorie adjustment.
  • Have to avoid dairy, as well - even full-fat cottage cheese contains 5g carbs (4 of which is sugar) per 113g serving..
  • I liked the concept of 21 DF as far as the nutrition balance was concerned, but it is definitely possible to follow that system correctly and eat too many or too few calories, even though you're following their program as specified. The overall program may be too restrictive for you. Have you tried tracking what you…
  • Weren't Adamn and Franklin drinking cider, not cider vinegar? Given the reference to the tankard, probably alcohol-based.... So, are alcohol-containing ciders considered fermented food? Asking for a friend.
  • How much weight do you have to lose, total? A loss that big the first week is going to be more water weight than anything, and will come back over the next few weeks. Will a regain on week 2 derail your motivation?
  • So you feel like you have a parasite, but a hospital and two doctors visits didn't find one? Have you had parasites before (diagnosed by a doctor)?
  • Disagree with the bold. This assumes that he cares about her needs, and from her post, I don't think that's an accurate assumption. Say she tells him she needs this, and he says no - then what? How does she take that little bit of power back?
  • First, congratulations on losing weight! You may find that the slower loss is more sustainable. That said, your husband should not control what you eat. If he can't cope with you adulting for yourself, a marriage counselor might not be a bad idea. I would simply tell him you'll eat what you want to eat, end of chat; if he…
  • Besides the ones on the tens of thousands of posts already? No, those pretty much cover it. Synopsis: enter your stats into MFP. set a goal. Eat the calories MFP gives you. Be honest. Track everything. And perhaps browse through some of the threads with similar titles to yours.
  • Oh gawd, no..... Hyperpalatibility is a thing. Food addiction is not. Yes, the food industry wants food to taste good - that's kind of the point. If fast food was addicting, drivers of McLane's trucks would need to be armed instread of drivers of Wells Fargo trucks. I was an assistant manager of a fast food place for…
  • Yes. You get a calorie adjustment based on how many calories you're estimated to burn in a day; this number updates throughout the day as Fitbit and MFP sync. You can get a calorie adjustment well before 10k steps, too - nothing magic about that particular number. I just got a Charge 2 a few weeks ago, and love it so far…