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  • Hey, I don’t know much about eating disorders but, it sounds like you could use the help of your doctor and a nutritionist to help you with your struggles. A good counselllor or therapist would also be able to help you deal with issues surrounding an eating disorder. Good luck with your journey
  • I’ve been through several plateaus and they suck!! I kept eating clean and exercising and the numbers would not budge but, my waistline did. The scale eventually caught up to my progress. Be patient and kind to yourself. There is a lot of good advice above. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and not letting stresses…
  • Hey George, you can add me. I’ve been back and fourth on here for a few years now and am finally close to my goal weight. I’ve realized how important it is for me to track my food and exercise to be successful. I’d love to cheer on your progress 😊
  • The initial weight you lose on keto is water weight and it’s easy to fall out of ketosis. Get some keto sticks from the pharmacy or Amazon to test for ketones. Are you eating within your calorie goal, do you exercise and track your Macros? You may just need a simple tweak.
  • I’m a carb binger too, salty crunchy things. I can eat them until I feel sick. I started a modified Keto 60/30/10 last January. I get my carbs mostly from non starchy vegetables. I’m strict with myself because that’s what works for me and I no longer crave the processed junk I used to love. I’m carb sensitive and my meal…
  • You might want to see your doctor. That doesn’t sound ok
  • I would add resistance training to your workouts. Cardio burns more calories based on time spent exercising but, can also burn lean tissue. Resistance training continues to burns calories after your workout is complete and will help you maintain or build lean tissue. Scales don’t account for fluid fluctuations, weigh your…
  • One day at a time and soon you’ll be there 😊
  • I was in a car accident (2013), herniated l4/5 and impacted my si joint. I live with chronic pain. I gained weight after my accident (35 pounds) and felt horrible every day. I spent 2 1/2 years going through various treatments that only gave very short term results. So I joined a gym. I started working out 5 days a week…
  • Asking for help is hard. I’ve had to do it too. I felt out of control not just with diet but my whole life (long story but short story was a car accident that left me in chronic pain). I went to my doctor feeling like an embarrassed failure. My fantastic doctor was very supportive and helped guide me to the resources I…
  • I started hitting the gym hard last year, im 48. Changing your body takes time but it does change. I’ve lost 42 pounds and have and continue to build definition. I started working out on my own and started to feel stuck so I got a trainer to work with me towards my goals. I have between 15-20 pounds I still want to lose. I…
  • I’m in the same boat. Have lost 6 pounds in 5 months. I’m down a pant size though
  • I exercise 5 days a week cardio, weights, work with a trainer and just started kickboxing. I eat healthy most days occasionally I have a treat day. In the past 5 months I’ve lost a grand total of 6 pounds but I’m down a pant size and 2 notches in my belt. Think of how your clothes are fitting. The number on the scale is…
  • We’ve all been the newbie at one point in time and have felt scared, insecure and self conscious. I’m too busy trying to perfect my imperfectly perfect form but I’ve learned that most people are helpful. If you are following a program and carry it around with you, good for you. It will keep you on track.
  • I suffer from chronic back pain and currently a sore shoulder. I do a lot of core work and lower body workouts. I need physio but am currently to busy at the gym to go. Start slow and listen to your body.
  • You can add me
  • Congratulations!! Weight loss is not easy, if it was none of us would be here. You are doing a great job.
  • That is awesome!
  • You can add me.
  • I wrote a lot more but obviously it was too much more. My end point was make sure you are eating what you think you are, add strength training if you haven't, look closely at the health benefits you are achieving and celebrate your successes not just by the number on the scale.
  • Back in January, when I remotivated myself for what seems like the umpteenth time, I strictly ate 1200 calories a day and started working out 5 days a week. I lost 20 pounds by March
  • You've made a step towards a happier and healthier you. Congratulations. The hardest part for me was starting and enlisting a support group. I felt embarrassed about my weight and it was difficult to admit I needed support. I have learned that there will be good weeks and bad days. Don't let the set backs set you back. If…
  • I restarted mfp in January. My weight loss isn't as quick as I'd like either. I log every meal, even the ones I wish I didn't eat and workout with cardio, weights and a core regime 4, mostly 5 days a week. I've lost 35 ugly pounds lol. I'm in my late 40s too. I try to focus on the health benefits, I feel better, stronger,…
  • I've been dealing with the same problem. I'm considering seeing my physiotherapist about it. I think mine is Achilles tendinitis.
  • My trainer is amazing and motivates me to push harder and go longer. He challenges me to do new exercises or exercises that I'd rather skip (burpees) but I find out I'm stronger than I thought I was. Your trainer has to be a good match, I've gone through a few to find the right one.
  • Of course looks matter, it's the first thing we notice about each other. The good, the bad and the ugly but, it's only an impression of who we truly are. You aren't what you look like, it's just a body that contains who you are and your actions and personality tell the story. When I met my husband I was a neurotic thin…
  • I sent you a request
  • I've struggled with injuries too and it can be frustrating to not be able to pick up where you left off. I have learned to add 10% a week of either time, intensity, or weight to stay injury free. I only add one component per week and some weeks I am not able to add anything. I started adding a minute of slow jog to every…
  • If you are looking for support through friends you can add me.