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  • Awesome!
  • Whatever you do, don’t stop. More sleep, more water, better food choices, exercise more often and push yourself a little longer. If you don’t lift weights, try adding it to your routine.
  • The weight battle is a daily struggle but if you compare the before and after in 99% of the ways in your life you will see it is worth it. With that being said, you have to do weight loss realistically by making a lifestyle change. Everyone is different but for me I didn’t go low carb, no pills, no restrictions. Just eat…
  • The amount of sodium in one hot dog throws of my whole system so I can’t imagine all the sodium in that food log. Try grilled, oven baked chicken, pork, fish, turkey. My suggestion is eat balanced and within your calories. Carbs are not your enemy. Get outside, get in the gym...walk...sweat...sweat...sweat. Set attainable…
  • Just don’t buy it. Keep steady full balanced meals around. If I feel like eating like crazy I only allow myself to go over by 1000 calories and it’s heck to pay in the gym the next day because I will work it off. Very sorry to hear about the family situation. A few things I did that were hard at first but I’m so glad I did…
  • When I was much bigger I was invisible. 154lbs lighter, people call me the “mayor” of my chain gym because I know everyone. I keep a smile and determination on my face and prove I can accomplish my goals to myself. It benefits everyone around you. That feels sooo good. Being able to lift people by just being who you are.
  • Stop. Refocus. Forward. Plan, prepare and work hard anyway even when you don’t want it or think you don’t. Nothing fabulous comes that easy. Maybe stay in maintenance but DO NOT STOP! Do not stop holding yourself accountable. Whatever is making you do this, you are stronger than it...and !*?$ it. I use the gym as stress…
  • Lose the “noise” in your life. One of those things is worrying less about others opinions. It will all get much easier when you do. The lions don’t worry about what the sheep think.
  • Enjoy yourself and get back to your routine tomorrow. Life happy, enjoy who you’re with.
  • Look great. Yes, lift!!! I did the same thing. I love lifting now :). Good job
  • Daily. Missed 6 days last year. Love it. Therapy. Creates drive and motivation. Love results.
  • I can only speak from my experience but eat right, somewhat portion control, drink water, sleep and exercise’ll be able to read your body. I lost 150lbs last year. I didn’t diet, take pills, surgery...just listened to my body and didnt fuel myself with junk.
  • Create a complete new you, new chapter. We are here to help. I did it. 154lbs in 10 months gone. Diet and exercise, that’s it. No carb cutting, no pills, zip. You got this.
  • Reward: self confidence, better health than the day before. For food: I eat whatever I want...just make sure I’m willing to work it off...not everything is worth it...problem fixes itself.
  • I lost 154lbs last year. Diet and exercise...done. Don’t need to carb cut, Pills etc. need help? I’m here
  • Been there, done that. Add carbs. Worked like a charm.
  • Try not diet or cutting carbs or anything of that nature. Eat properly, exercise, sleep, drink water. Your body should do what it supposed to. If not, see a doc.
  • I call it “emotional exercise”. I barely sit down. Couldn’t tell you the last time I watched tv. Used to love tv but now I don’t make time for it. 154lbs gone, 11months, don’t miss sitting. Diet and exercise that’s it. Your emotions might change when you decide to focus on something that makes you feel so good. I made up…
  • I lost 154lbs over a year ago. I never tracked past four months in. I learned what my body needed. I eat whatever I want I just know what it takes to burn it off and make a decision whether it’s worth it or not. I eat more calories now than I did heavy on some days. For me it’s about balance, choices, sleep, activity.…
  • I lost 154lbs by diet and exercise. I eat whatever I want and however much I want BUT I work it off. Once you make yourself work it off and you properly account for it and you see the body results you get at the gym you won’t always want it. Eat right, drink water, exercise, sleep. That’s it. I’m here to help if I can. You…
  • I’m a survivor..Destiny’s child
  • I can’t speak to the proper way but I lost a lot last year (150lb- food choice and exercise only) and dealt with food challenges in the beginning (I’m talking mere weeks). For all food that I like that doesn’t fit the “healthy” category...I still eat it. I just eat it a lot less often and a lot less. There is no…
  • Tiny hurdle, keep got this.
  • I try to order something that isn’t completely ridiculous in calories but at the same time every once in a while I just eat what I want. On those days I work harder at the gym and watch what I’m eating in other meals. I’m down 150lbs. I think after the first three months of watching what I was eating, I learned the values…
  • Gym, the gym can be life changing. Once you are cleared, get in there and do it. I am not a professional but I committed to 30 days straight of pushing myself tired or not. I couldn’t wait until the end. By the time I got to about day 22 I didn’t want it to end. I counted food in terms of exercise and negotiated with…
  • I lost 154lbs last year. That for me took some work. Eating mostly good, sleep, water and exercise...good daily exercise. Not only did it make me feel better and look better it changed the way I see so many things. My confidence is bursting and that makes so many things play out completely different. J was confident before…
  • My rules for myself: Never eat in front of the tv, all food must be at table. Allow for nighttime snack, save the calories. Popcorn, carrots, oatmeal, cheese, nuts. I have two things that zap my cravings... Peach ice tea from crystal’s so sweet just a little usually cancels my sugar craving. For salt, low sodium…
  • Possibly sinus related? Is it only with exercise? Is it with all levels of exercise?
  • Burned 2234 calories in the cybex...had been a while :)
  • Walk, walk, walk...a lot happens in the kitchen for loss. Make sure you’re making good choices there too. Hand weights.