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  • Doing my first sprint tri in May as well. I'm really enjoying the training so far -- adding swimming into my bike+run routine hasn't been as scary as I thought it would be. (I may change my tune after the first open water swim! LOL)
  • I find when I run in the rain with a jacket, I sweat so much that after a couple of miles the jacket is holding in as much water as it keeps out. Some people use a trash bag with arm and neck holes cut. I haven't tried that. Remember you're more likely to chafe when you're wet. Either wear super good fitting (snug) running…
  • The only people I judge at the gym are people who don't re-rack their weights. :) Honestly, most people are so busy doing their own thing that they aren't thinking about you. If they have time to judge you, they aren't working out as hard as they should. ;-)
  • Looking for more fitness friends myself. Mainly a biker, but in the winter I run (slow! LOL), and I lift year 'round.
  • This. I turned to exercise. I literally run away from my problems, and it's been a life saver.
  • I agree with everyone else -- you schedule it in. That's what I did while balancing working full time, grad school in a STEM field, and family. And honestly, I found that if I worked out regularly, I needed WAY less relaxation time. Working out relieved the stress of school far better than my other leisure activities. Does…
  • If your long run is already 18 km, you're more than ready for the half, which is only 21 km.
  • Amazon also has the Orgain powder, but Costco is cheaper. I use that one because it's easy to find and I'm allergic to milk and egg, so my choices are limited.
  • It took me around 6 months (and a 30+ pound loss) before I noticed a real improvement in how much time I could do, and about a year (and a 50+ pound loss) before I noticed a definite speed improvement. Some people I know made progress faster, some people make progress slower -- every body is different.
  • Biking has definitely helped me. Average weekend ride is 3-4 hours and 1500-2000 calories. I wind up eating about half of that back, but that still means about an extra pound lost a month.
  • Hold back your progress? Depends on what progress is important to you. I do SL to improve my cardio (I bike and run), so I do 4 days of cardio and 2 of SL. Would I make more progress in my lifting if I cut back the cardio and increased the SL? Sure! But my goal is to be better climbing hills and less fatigued after long…
  • We're all too busy biking. ;-)
  • This morning was one of those days where I would happily have stayed in bed an extra hour, but my Labradane was ready to head out the door. A four mile early run is a small price to pay for an exhausted dog, giving me peace and quiet on days I work from home. :D
  • Your doctor should be a good resource for that. However, when I had knee issues a few years ago, my doc recommended rowing. I decided rowing was not for me, and I was able to modify my biking set up to avoid knee pain instead. YMMV
  • What are your goals? What are you doing now? What do you like or dislike about that? Kind of hard to answer your question as is, because it's so vague.
  • TIL. Thanks -- makes total sense!
  • Depends on why you have so many left. If it's because you're exercising a lot and using MFPs exercise estimates, it may be a good thing, since those estimates tend to be way too large. Otherwise, you may not be getting all the nutrition you need, plus you may not be able to sustain this in the long term, setting yourself…
  • I'll echo the "go slow and repeat" sentiment. The real goal is to be out there every single week, not to burn out, get injured and discouraged. Even if you're walking, you're going faster than everyone who is on the couch. If your run intervals are super slow jogs, you're still faster than a ton of people. Congratulations…
  • Good job!
  • Fiber is a huge help with this. Just realize that, at least for me, it takes about an hour or so after I eat it to feel full. Add some beans, peas, or broccoli to your lunch, or have some oatmeal for breakfast. Add a big glass of water and you'll feel full.
  • It took losing 95 pounds and running a half marathon before I stopped thinking of myself as fat. I had a few aha moments in the same couple of weeks. I realized I was no longer dreading sitting where chairs were pushed up next to each other, because I didn't spill over any more. On a business trip I pulled out a snack…
  • People who get really technical about it say that running is faster than jogging, but most runners I know call both running. Get fitted for proper shoes and a good sports bra, then start out slow. So slow that you think people will laugh -- the goal is to get out there several days a week and build up your stamina and…
  • Everyone seems to vary a bit. Personally, I don't worry about eating unless I'm running for more than 60 minutes. Then I'll eat something light an hour before (like a banana), and about 50 calories of jelly beans every 45 minutes during the run. My husband needs more before and during, while my running buddy doesn't worry…
  • The first step (so to speak) is to see your doctor. But you knew that. It really depends on what movements are bothering your foot. If it's only impact, then biking, rowing, or elliptical will all work well. If putting pressure on it is a problem, you need to experiment a little (I'd try biking using your heel for that…
  • There's lots of us out here! :)
  • I started C25K when I was 268lbs. (I already had a good walking base.) I spent a whole lot of time repeating weeks 1 & 2, with my "runs" being super slow jogs, but I was gradually getting fitter and fitter. Allow yourself to repeat a week as many times as you need -- it's all good. Getting out there 3x every single week…
  • Recent studies have shown that it's possible, just hella hard to do. Lots and lots of protein is the key. reference
  • My vote is for getting the bike tuned up and replacing a part or two. I popped for the major service (about $200) a few months ago, and it was like getting a whole new bike. I'm in the minority on this, but I don't worry about shaving every last ounce off the bike. Getting rid of the last 10 pounds I need to lose will make…