Am I ready for a half?

I'm training for a marathon next April. I'm following Jeff Galloway run walk run, as it works best around injuries and asthma.

Anyway, I'm at 18 km now. I've signed up for a 10k at the end of august, but there is an option to do a half marathon instead. In my head, I know I should take the challenge and go for the half, just need some outside opinions :)


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    I don't know much about the Galloway program (specifically, the length in weeks). So, going from my own experience, Hal Higdon has some great half marathon programs, but I think they are all 12 weeks. However, if your current mileage per week and training levels are similar to the middle weeks of one if his programs or a similar Galloway HM program, and you've been training for more than a month or two already, you may be able to jump into the middle weeks of one of the beginner half marathon programs now (or a run/walk program), timing the last week of the program with your race in August. Better yet, start one of the programs now, do the 5k and 10k in the next 2 months, and then line it up for a half in Fall when the weather is nice and you're fully prepped.

    His programs are free online. Just search for his name to find his site.
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    If you keep adding a little mileage to your long runs every week a half marathon by the end of august should be relatively easy.
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    IMO, if you're head is in it, you are 100% ready (barring any injuries). I didn't train as much as I should have for my first half, but because I was mentally ready, I knew I could do it. I am a firm believer that so long as you WANT to do it, you are ready. Good luck!
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    You don't mention what, if any, racing experience you have.

    The only reason I'd suggest the 10K over the half if is you need a shorter distance race for mental preparation (some people find their first few races a little intimidating) Personally, I'd rather run a half than 10K just because the pacing is so different (shorter races can be pretty grueling if you're running for a PB) If you're already hitting 18km I'd suggest you're certainly ready for a half from a physical perspective.
  • tiny_clanger
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    Done about 5 races, 3 10ks and a couple of 5 ' s. Also parkrun most weeks. Objectively I feel ready, just need to get my deepest, doubting brain to agree
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    Just go run it, who cares if you fail
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    Yup, I think you are! Go for it!
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    You could easily do the half, especially since you will have fresh legs (do a slight taper leading up to the race) and the adrenaline will be pumping!
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    Done about 5 races, 3 10ks and a couple of 5 ' s. Also parkrun most weeks. Objectively I feel ready, just need to get my deepest, doubting brain to agree

    Like Brian said, if you are already at 18 km, I think you could do it.

    You have a few more weeks. Most beginner half marathon plans have a couple of 18k runs and *maybe* a 20k. You have plenty of time to get another 18k in, even a 20 if you want and still have time to taper.
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    The fact that you are considering it means you are more than half way there! You sound ready. Have a great time.
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    Sounds very doable to me... you are only 3k or so short of the distance now, that sounds like good training to me.
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    Anyway, I'm at 18 km now.
    If your long run is already 18 km, you're more than ready for the half, which is only 21 km.

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    Well I've done it - just emailed in to swap my entry over. Here goes nothing :)
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    I you can do 18, you can do a half... Good luck! Stay away from injuries and you are set!