Hello I'm in need of help with exercises I can do that will not bother my knee's I was told I have DJD in my knees and a lot of exercises make my knee's hurt help it is so frustrating !


  • KathyApplebaum
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    Your doctor should be a good resource for that. However, when I had knee issues a few years ago, my doc recommended rowing. I decided rowing was not for me, and I was able to modify my biking set up to avoid knee pain instead. YMMV
  • CaptainPepperJack
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    Can you go to a pool? Swimming is easy on the joints. If you can't swim, even walking through the water, or dog-paddling will burn calories.
  • Paul_Carcone
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    It's trial and error, I think. Almost every cardio exercise will have you bending your knee. However, swimming is really gentle on the body (but seriously dull - in my opinion) whilst something like the cross/eliptical trainer will give you a running-like experience but without the impact. A good stretch routine will help - so perhaps Pilates/Yoga accompanied by a sound diet??
  • STEVE142142
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    Just to give you a little background had a double hip replacement last year and I have an arthritic knee. First of all I'm glad to hear you're working with a doctor he can help you a lot as far as exercises to do in conjunction with a physical therapist.
    As far as exercises that don't put stress on the knee swimming is a great workout. I once had a physical therapist tell me that any kind of exercise you do on land can be done in the pool, but a lot less stress on the joints.
  • lvnadon0
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    thanks everyone great advice I've down 27lbs and pain isn't as bad bicycle at gym has helped a lot and I do use elliptical trainer but I'm definitely going to try the pool !!!! thanks once again!!!!!
  • RanaSimon
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    Sounds like you need some low-impact training for your joints. I have the same problem with my knees and ankles.

    I use a website called Fitness Blender for a lot of at-home workouts. They have hundreds of videos, all categorized by difficulty and even impact level. All the videos are free on the website and Youtube, but you can also pay for a pre-set training course. It's usually about $10 for a 6-8 week program. They take the free videos and plan them out into a calendar for you to check off as you do each day's workout. The low-impact courses worked wonders for me, and they usually show easy, moderate, and high difficulty versions of every workout if you want to challenge yourself as you go along.