my furry motivator

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For cardio I do a lot of brisk walking with this girl. If I didn't have her I would probably be overweight.. :)


  • hypodonthaveme
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    I love taking morning walks with my Siberia Husky. He sure does help with speed and great companion. He is very intimidating to a lot of people and some other dogs.
  • lporter229
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    I agree. She is also my alarm clock!

  • KDar1988
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    Beautiful pups! You are so lucky. There are many times I wish we could have a dog but we aren't home for so long during the day.
  • kaaaayla
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    Here are mine. Unfortunately, little black one is slow as molasses. I spend our whole walk trying to coax him into picking up the pace!
  • KathyApplebaum
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    This morning was one of those days where I would happily have stayed in bed an extra hour, but my Labradane was ready to head out the door. A four mile early run is a small price to pay for an exhausted dog, giving me peace and quiet on days I work from home. :D
  • teknosprite
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    I don't have a pup, but I've got two kitties and when they're hungry, they're hungry!! Most annoying but cute and efficient alarm clocks ever! My bf started feeding them when he got up before me, and I started oversleeping hehe. Needless to say, I gave him my appreciation and asked him to stop!