SL 5x5 & Cardio

So it seems he recommends only doing a half hour of cardio on lifting days, and not doing any on the other days. I want to follow the program but it's hard for me to let go of doing any other workouts on the other 4 days. Has anyone done more cardio and still had good results? Or would I be holding back my progress if I did more? Not sure if this matters/helps but goals are to lose around 30 lbs while maintaining as much muscle as possible, right now I'm eating 1500-1600 regardless of exercise for the day. Prior to SL I've been doing a little strength training here and there, but mostly HIIT type cardio type classes + running. Thanks for your help!!


  • StacyChrz
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    I've been doing SL for about 4 weeks. I still do cardio on my non lifting days but maybe 45 minutes instead of 90 min. I feel good and listen to my body. If I have the energy I will do more cardio, if I'm feeling worn out I do less. I feel like my weights are progressing well and I am noticing changes in my body shape.
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    I lifted M/W/F and did cardio T/Th and sometimes Saturday. Cardio was running 5K or more, usually. I had great results.
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    Hold back your progress? Depends on what progress is important to you. I do SL to improve my cardio (I bike and run), so I do 4 days of cardio and 2 of SL. Would I make more progress in my lifting if I cut back the cardio and increased the SL? Sure! But my goal is to be better climbing hills and less fatigued after long (2-3 hour) cardio sessions, and this schedule is doing that for me.
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    From 185 through cut, bulk, cut cycles down to 168, I did SL5x5 MWF and ran on TRS. You just need to be realistic that your strength won't go up as quickly as it would if you were giving your body more rest and eating more.
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    define your goals find a picture of what you want to achieve for yourself, then plan your fuel needs accordingly... HIIT and steady state cardio are complimentary... I look at HIIT as muscle building for the circulatory and respiratory systems... steady state as an opportunity to warm up all the muscles and engage the body's endocrine and exocrine systems... yes... doing cardio before lifting may affect your leg work outs depending on the intensity or the apparatus... BUT... the key to reaching your goals is to clearly define those goals... and how you feed the beast will determine your success... do you want to look like a marathon runner? or a fitness model? BOTH are highly dedicated and driven atheletes...the difference is one's for show the other for go...
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    doing more cardio at a beginner or intermediate level isn't gonna hurt your progress, i think it would actually help.