how to-- with a potentially broken foot

I have a strong feeling a bone in my foot has been broken for a while, but it had went back "into place" and hasnt bugged me at all until the other day when I was jogging, I stepped on my foot wrong & now i am limping.
I have a goal of losing weight (this month particularly) so I really need tips to help my foot or other cardio exercises I can do to replace jogging? Any ideas would help please


  • KathyApplebaum
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    The first step (so to speak) is to see your doctor. But you knew that.

    It really depends on what movements are bothering your foot. If it's only impact, then biking, rowing, or elliptical will all work well. If putting pressure on it is a problem, you need to experiment a little (I'd try biking using your heel for that foot -- not the best form, but it could work. Swimming may also work for that.)
  • LazSommer
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    Eat less and go to the doctor. Needing lose weight "this month" means you should have started last year. Hurting yourself further will only make your progress even slower.
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    Calorie deficit for weight loss. See a doctor, don't mess with injuries.
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    broken bones = doctors.

    the end.
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    Yes, already have an appointment in a couple of days, just taking it easy until then. I ride my bike no problem, but it doesnt really get my whole body moving. I know I'll probably not be able to really get the workout Im looking for, but Im not sure how long my foot will take to heal, so just wanted some other ideas. Thank you for the advice!
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    Riding a bike burns just as many calories as running for equal effort. If you want to move your whole body as much as running, ride hands free and pump your arms, but that doesn't really gain you anything and may even hurt your performance (and therefore calorie burn).
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    Sounds like an arch sprain I had in HS. I had slipped down our stairs in socks and it didn't really hurt at first so I practiced on it. But the day after in the middle of a race it felt like I blew out my whole foot. Nothing I could do but tape it up, try to keep weight off it & ride the bike.

    Though you could probably swim if that's an option.
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    You don't lose weight through exercise. You loose weight by eating fewer calories than you burn. Exercise increases calorie burn a bit, but not all that much.

    I ran 3 miles this morning in hilly terrain; at 243 lbs, online estimators put me around 400-500 calories burned. For pure weight loss purposes, it is way more simply to skip an order of french fries than to run 3 miles. Also, people tend to "reward" their workouts by eating more calories, which behavior then makes the exercise completely counter-productive toward weight loss.

    So... get your doctor to look at your foot. And take a serious, mindful look at your caloric intake and TDEE if you want to lose weight.
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    Eat less until you get it checked out