Let's be fitness buds!

Let's work together to get to our goals!


  • nicholehwood
    nicholehwood Posts: 9 Member
    Count me in!
  • awelch616
    awelch616 Posts: 7 Member
    Me too. I need all the help and motivation I can get.
  • KathyApplebaum
    KathyApplebaum Posts: 188 Member
    Looking for more fitness friends myself. Mainly a biker, but in the winter I run (slow! LOL), and I lift year 'round.
  • Leroyoliver
    Leroyoliver Posts: 323 Member
    Back at it and looking for active and supportive people to connect with... please add me. Thank you!
  • stephior
    stephior Posts: 9 Member
    Mostly just getting started again, after 6 months break. But even more comitted to my goals again and would love some friends for morivation. Add me please!
  • Shann5315
    Shann5315 Posts: 48 Member
    Count me too ☺