How to balance working out with a busy schedule?

College classes start back up soon, before I lost weight by only dieting now I've been working out over summer break but college is hard (I have to keep my GPA up for scholarships), I have music and Church also outside of classes and my siblings play sports so I take them to games also I have a 40 minute commute to campus. How do I balance working out and all of this while still having relaxation time?


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    This probably doesn't sound like help, but honestly you just have to make time. I worked full time during my undergrad chemistry degree, as well as had an hour commute each way. It was tough. Now I'm working on a graduate chemistry degree with an hour commute, it's even tougher. But I make time. My "relaxation time" is usually a walk, I'm used to not having leisure time.

    There aren't any tips and tricks that I know of besides just having the determination to stick with what you need to do. Good luck!
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    Oh, I can totally relate to this.

    I agree with an above poster that you just have to make time. Some of that will probably have to come by giving up relaxation time, or finding a relaxing way to work out (swimming or a long bike ride on the greenway is usually mine).

    You can also sneak some working out time into your regular schedule. When I was working on my MBA, I did a lot of reading on the elliptical, for example. You might be able to walk your siblings to their sports events, or you could run around the field while you cheer them on - or volunteer to be a ballboy. Can you take running clothes to church and then run home from there? Can you listen to your textbooks or record your lectures and re-listen to them on the drive or while working out?

    Get creative and you can make this work!
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    If you can shower at your campus you could try bike riding to/from your campus. You are already spending 40 minutes on the commute so you get that time back for free. The main issue is if you are set up to do it. Probably other things, look for chances to double up, like maybe doing 10 minutes of intense calisthenics right be for you take a shower. Just spend less time in the bath/shower if you can.
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    I get up at 5am each morning so I have an extra hour to do a workout or light house work each morning before getting ready for work. I pre make my M-F meals on Sunday's and Sunday is the ONLY day I watch TV.
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    Yep, planning makes it work. Look at your day ahead of time and set some time aside as an appointment to yourself for your workout. My schedule is crazy-pants between working in the lab for 10 hours, my wife working night shift, and our 3 year old son. I get up at 5 am and kick butt before there are any distractions that can steer me off course. Consistency is key, so find when it works best for your schedule.
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    Do you learn well just by listening or reading? Record lectures and listen to them while you work out (you can get a super cheap recorder on Amazon or pay slightly more for one that you can play back without downloading it to another device, or your phone probably has a recorder, although quality of those can be questionable) or bring your notes/books with you while you're on the elliptical or treadmill, as someone above mentioned.
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    You have to schedule it into your life just like you schedule everything else. I work 2 jobs and have 3 busy kids. I get up at 5:30am to go to the gym. I'm not a morning person, never have been, but I force myself to be one now.
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    Park far away and walk more while on campus. Get up early or stay up late and exercise. Make it a priority and take advantage of the weekends to get in a couple good workouts. I am a single mom to 3 kids 6 and under and work a busy corporate job so I can relate. Good thing is you can still lose weight without a lot of exercise, just eat well.
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    I agree with everyone else -- you schedule it in. That's what I did while balancing working full time, grad school in a STEM field, and family. And honestly, I found that if I worked out regularly, I needed WAY less relaxation time. Working out relieved the stress of school far better than my other leisure activities.

    Does your school have a gym on campus you can use between classes? Can you go for a run while your siblings are playing sports? What about working in some body weight exercises during down times at home? There's always something you can work in.
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    Em, what do your parents think about how packed our your schedule is, and your desire to lose weight? Have you spoken with them about how overwhelmed you feel? I have 3 kids myself (25, 22, 18) and when one of them comes to me and speaks with me respectfully and honestly, I appreciate it. All of that said because - is it absolutely necessary for you to drive your siblings to practices? Your parents can't do it? (it's kind of THEIR responsibility)

    I grew up as the parent of pastors, so I completely get the music practices/performances as well as church commitments, and they are important. However, you are also important :) Can you workout while waiting for your siblings practices to be over (if for some crazy reason their own parents can't drive them)?? Run to church during the week (if it's close enough)? Cut back on music? Workout on campus before/after class? I know that my kids' campus has a gym with all kinds of equipment.

    I would also suggest getting up way early to exercise, if there is no other time that you can do so. I am 49 years old, and my day is PACKED. I get up at 5am so I can get my workout in before the craziness of the day starts.

    And -- I probably came off as asking you to be disrespectful to your parents. I absolutely would not recommend that, but I would recommend being honest, telling them what you need, and what you can and can not do. Best of luck, sweets. xoxo