I've signed up for my first marathon

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Last month I ran my first half marathon in San Diego did it in 2:11. Now I just signed up for the LA marathon in March. (Actually, the Concur LA series) I have started training. I have a few shorter races to complete before the marathon -

10k in Santa Monica (Concur LA)
1/2 marathon in Big Bear
5k in Riverside
1/2 marathon in Pasadena (Concur LA)
10k in Redlands


  • Philtex
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    I have run a couple of halfs and have another targeted in the fall. Your 2:11 was a really good time. Enjoy your upcoming races and good luck in the LA Marathon.
  • _Waffle_
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    Great time for that half. Enjoy the full* marathon.


    *Half of a full marathon is actually 20 miles.
  • KathyApplebaum
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    _Waffle_ wrote: »
    *Half of a full marathon is actually 20 miles.

  • _Waffle_
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    The first 20 miles.


    The last 10k.

  • lporter229
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    @_Waffle_ -Yeah, I'd say that's about right.
  • glevinso
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    Yea, that about sums it up