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  • Seriously? Cruel deprivation? Not everyone feels deprived not eating sweets. I used to eat them all the time, and felt like crap after eating whatever it was. I changed my habits and quit eating sweets and now only very occasionally do I eat something sweet. When I do, I get horrible heartburn, feel crappy and regret it.…
  • I looked at her site - it isn't any harder to lose weight at 50 or older than it is any other time. It comes down to the fact that as we age, we become way more sedentary. Eating the correct calories and getting exercise is free. MFP can do the same thing for you for nothing.
  • 2-3 lbs is nothing. I gained 7 over a holiday weekend because of eating out a few times. Was gone about 10 days later.
  • Shock your immune system???? WTH does that do for weight loss? You can't "shock" your immune system. Totally bad advice. I intermittent fast/do OMAD and I can tell you, it does nothing to shock anything into doing anything.
  • There are so many different kinds of meats, find one or 3 you like, and have that.
  • There's a much easier way to diet - eat what you like, keeping within the calories you need to eat to still lose weight. I don't know how much you need to lose, but 1 lb a week is a good start. There is absolutely no reason to complicate this. These weird diets are why no one seems to know why they can't keep weight off.…
  • I do OMAD just because it fits my schedule. I eat at night. But it isn't foolproof. You can still eat a ton of calories at one meal.
  • Highlighted text - no, that's not at all how it works.
  • Eat later in the day? Play with your macros? Carbs may not satisfy you or keep you full, for me protein keeps me full and satisfied.
  • Hate this new layout/format.
  • I live in a food desert. I live about 20 miles away from the closest grocery store. We have a Dollar General, that has food, but it is the cheap, crappy food. And eggs, milk, are actually more expensive at Dollar General than the grocery store. I am also physically disabled, and work 50 hours a week. When I get home, I am…
  • I've noticed that people who lose a lot of weight can look really gaunt in the face. There's a guy where I live that had weight loss surgery and lost a ton of weight this year. He is normal weight now, but people keep commenting on how sick he looks. I don't really think he looks sick, it's just that he lost over 100 lbs…
  • This isn't a weight loss program. It is a calorie counting app/website. Put your stats into MFP and see what it gives you for daily calories to lose 1 lb a week. You don't need a special diet, or to exercise if you can't. You just need an appropriate calorie deficit.
  • I got a medical sheet with all the pertinent info about the vaccine, the potential side effects, etc. I am in Iowa.
  • I agree with doing your own research. One thing stood out to me - OP said "My nutritionist", so I'm assuming whoever told you this isn't a Registered Dietician or Certified Diabetes Educator?
  • Do something else - break the habit. Go for a short walk, do something that requires you to use your hands and think about what you are doing, like a hobby - I paint, crochet, and do other things like that. I can do that for hours and not think about eating.
  • You do not need that much fluid. Especially if you are sedentary. You won't be able to sustain that.
  • No, most don't already know this. There are a whole lot of people who have absolutely no clue about how many calories they take in or how many they burn. Look at all the stupid fad diets out there - I don't think people would be so quick to jump on them if they truly understood CICO.
  • I get headaches occasionally, and usually don't take anything, because different pain relievers can cause kidney or liver damage. I already have kidney damage, so I won't take Motrin, or any other Ibuprofen containing pain meds. I do tough out tension headaches - I don't see the need to take something when I can just deal…
  • Bread is fine to eat. Everything in moderation.
  • Did you put your stats in MFP for it to give you your calorie goal to lose say a pound a week? Also, diet doesn't really matter. Calories matter for weightloss. Eat what you want, within the calories it gives you and you should be fine. Macros also really don't matter, except for satiation. For me, more protein keeps me…
  • I had reduction for medical reasons, I would start with her GP and get referred to a good, reputable plastic surgeon. Insurance will cover it if it is a medical necessity, and the plastic surgeon will deal with that. One of the requirements at the time I had mine was that they take 1lb off of each side for insurance to…
  • I'm 5' tall and what you are eating isn't enough for me. Eat more calorie dense foods, like avocado, oils, peanut butter, nuts, etc. You will hit a wall eating so far under your goal.
  • This is a calorie counting website, that doesn't advocate fad or quick-fix diets, because there are no quick fixes. If you eat in a calorie deficit, you will lose weight. Plug your stats info MFP and chose a reasonable deficit. It will give you the number of calories to eat to lose your chosen rate of loss.
  • In Iowa, they have been vaccinating all eligible age groups for the last several weeks. Anyone who doesn't have it yet most likely doesn't want to get the vax. They were cancellig clinics a couple of months ago due to not enough people signing up for them.
  • 120 grams of protein is overkill- you only need probably 80-90 grams. If you do a really restrictive diet, you are likely to not keep it up and just end up gaining whatever you lose, back. Put your stats in MFP if you haven't already and set it to lose .5 lb. You don't have much to lose and if you do it right, it will take…
  • Take the cooked meat off the bone after you cook it and weigh it and use the cooked entry for the calories.
  • Youtube has a lot of videos that can show you different exercises with dumbbels.
  • For a lot of kids in the US, unfortunately, school lunch and breakfast might be the only meals they get. Some parents just don't feed their kids or take care of them properly.
  • How are you tracking/measuring? Have you lost anything at all? What is your height, weight, goal weight, rate of loss that you have set MFP to? We need a lot more info than you've given to be able to help you. At 1200 calories, you should be dropping weight quickly if you are actually eating at the calorie level you say…