How to have fun working out

I don't know how to have fun working out and fasting at the same time


  • mtaratoot
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    Then don't fast?
  • PAV8888
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    I, personally, time my longer duration but objectively lower intensity workouts to take place after having eaten at least 300Cal otherwise I tend to cut things short
  • Retroguy2000
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    Why fast? It makes no difference wrt weight loss. It's CICO that matters.

    Why fast at the same time? Fuel your workout, fast at other times of the day if you want.
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    According to the profile picture of the OP, looks like she is about 12 years old........
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    I'm always fasting when I do my first workout of the day because I do it first thing in the morning. If that's not your jam, workout after eating? I personally don't like to workout hard after eating bc it feels heavy or like it might come back up 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    Some people feel that fasted cardio works better for them. Not all - some. Like @DancingMoosie wrote, some people feel heavy after eating. Some people like a little fuel to improve performance. Some just like a cup of black coffee....

    I've even done some fasted cardio. It was more of convenience than anything else.

    The issue is some people think that fasted cardio will aid with fat loss. It likely does mean you are accessing your energy stores DURING your workout. First goes the glycogen, and then the fat. The deal is though, if you then eat after your workout, you are replenishing that energy. What matters at the end of the day (week, month...) is if you ate fewer, more, or exactly the same calories as you expended. That drives fat loss or gain. If you don't eat before OR after your exercise on a regular basis, you might not be giving your body the fuel it needs. There's more to nutrition than being in a calorie deficit to lose fat. You have to give your body and brain fuel. You need nutrients. You gotta eat. Even Eagles Gotta Eat.
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    I enjoy most of my types of workouts. But if I work out fasted (more than briefly), I feel miserable, and underperform. Solution: I eat before workouts.

    I lost weight fine without fasting, maintain weight fine without fasting. Devotees believe that fasting has other health benefits, but it isn't an essential strategy for weight loss. My athletic performance matters to me, as does feeling good when I do workouts, so I don't fast.

    If you want to fast, that's an option. But it sounds like there are tradeoffs. Only you can decide whether what you expect to achieve by fasting is important enough to not have fun working out.
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    No need to fast before a workout unless you like this. Doesn't sound like you do, so don't.

    When I worked out first thing in the AM I brought along a smoothie in a leak-proof shaker cup.
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    So, I don't fast before most types of workouts, except yoga when I'm going to be upside down a lot. And I have a hiatal hernia, so that's why. (Not a doctor-recommended thing, just an "I've had a hiatal hernia for more than 10 years now, and this appears to matter thing".)

    Maybe eating a bit before working out might be beneficial for making your workouts more pleasant @avamurawski123 ? I eat before most workouts.
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    Caloric deficit is for weight loss
    Exercise is for muscle building or maintenance.

    What are your goals?

    There are lots of other good reasons to exercise. If you want to exercise, then find something you enjoy doing. The best exercise is the one you do.
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    Experiment. It’s all about calories anyway.

    What if you move some calories before a workout?

    What if you made those calories higher protein or carbs or fat?

    I’ve found I respond best to high protein first thing, before I begin my morning-heavy workouts.

    Recently, I tried increasing my pre-workout calories, liked it. Increased even more. Yuck, felt heavy and lethargic. Brought them back down and had a stellar training session. So I think I’ll be bringing them back down again permanently.

    If I did my workouts fasted, I’d be a quivering pile of goo by mid morning.

    That’s me. We are all different. I wouldn’t consider that “fun” at all. You might thrive on it.

    Like the poster above, I’ve learned not to eat certain things if a power yoga class is on the morning menu. Nothing sucks like clawing at your throat during a hot class following a giant Sunday morning fritter and coffee

    Likewise, I’ve got an afternoon hot class coming up in a few minutes. I’ve learned lately to time my big bowl of blueberries and cottage cheese at least an hour beforehand for the same reason.

    It’s your body. It talks to you. Are you listening and learning?