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  • This. I once gained that much, that quickly...it turned out to be adrenal and thyroid imbalances.
  • Lenora, thank you for this! Somehow I missed it, on the first pass. Yeah my scale is nuts...but I've had no NSVs in weeks either, which is what led my trainer to feel I wasn't getting enough calories. Now that I have two other explanations for the weight gain, I feel better, but I am also hoping that perhaps I built a bit…
  • Okay, today I have bad cold, and my period. So I guess that's the abrupt weight gain, more or less explained. Heh. Happy Sunday, Ladies! :flowerforyou: Silly period. I been tryna quit, I swear.
  • YAY! That is awesome. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
  • This is it; welcome! All ya gotta do is keep coming back. :smile: Larisa
  • And this one's for all of you, this fine Saturday. Because reasons.
  • Virtual hugs to you, and good on you for sharing. I learned something valuable today, after triggering my PTSD* by accidentally hitting my head on the corner of a cabinet: Just telling someone made an enormous difference in getting it back under control and not ruining my whole day. I'd never told anyone before, hey I'm…
  • HA no whistles. Lots of smiles though. It's a very cheery little dress. :smiley: Oh you are being so loving. I hope Charlie regains some confidence, soon, and returns some of that love. :heartbreak: I agree it's good f him to be taking care of himself as much as possible. It will bolster his self esteem.
  • Kim, Oh my goodness, that garden sounds HEAVENLY <3 <3 <3 And, I'm almost six feet tall...there are pluses and minuses to that. :wink: Linda, best of luck on your 5K, how exciting! Janetr, that is one of my favorite quotes, too. Larisa
  • Hahaha I'm Carmen's wacky aunt. :tongue:
  • Gaaah I haven't been swimming since I started this job. I've been walking, and lifting...and tomorrow I'm doing an aerial obstacle course thingy...I hope the TI workshop next week works! Then I can finally join the early morning lap swim.
  • Mary <3 the curious deer and the ambitious pup!
  • Aww thank you! I had a pretty good day. I've gotten a little extra sleep the last couple days, that has gone a long way. My weight is up, darnit! But I'm doing all the things, so I'm going to give it the full two weeks before I panic. And I really do look closer to 195 than 205, so I'm trying to be gentle with myself.…
  • I love all the things you all share. Thank you for making this community. Larisa in Seattle
  • :flowerforyou: Love you ladies! Thanks for all the expressions of support and encouragement. :love: Very tired today, very "off". New boss wasn't even a jerk about it though, so that's something. :blush:
  • GLo you can do it! :sunglasses: I'm hovering at 202 right now; I want back into Onederland so bad!! :anguished: But there's a lot to be said for muscle tone. I've been super envious of an even taller friend (6'+) who weighs 190ish; then we did measurements. I'm 41-33-43; she's 41-34-44. I still want into Onederland; I…
  • That's funny, because with this new job, I just switched my strength training from full body 3x a week for 60 minutes, to daily, 40-minute splits. That may actually help, but take a bit to show up. It's barely been two weeks. :smile:
  • Me, either; I tried just last night. Harumpf.
  • Ugh, my favorite was just a couple days ago; this person says to me that "ketosis is when your body breaks down muscle for fuel" and "that's why you're not muscular". And when I pointed out to her what ketosis actually is, biochemically speaking, and that she doesn't know me except for online...I'm actually so muscular…
  • I signed up for a Total Immersion workshop, for week after next. Everyone says it will help me swim more effectively, with less effort. I'm very hopeful. Wish me luck? :smile:
  • Okay I woke up this morning with hilarious bedhead (I'm badly in need of a haircut), so I made this...so this is what my tiny head looks like, with hair. :lol: (I do actually smile, too :wink: ...it's just weird for me, in a selfie).
  • Janetr, you look wonderful! <3 <3 <3
  • Thank you! 1800 it is, then. I'll definitely at least give it the two-week shot and see what happens. My trainer really thinks that's it. I'm so, erm, robust. There are healthy women my height, whose entire bodies weigh less than my lean body mass alone. I may just not be feeding it enough. *sigh
  • Aww, thanks! :heart: :love: :kissing_heart: But my weight starts with a 2. Not good (enough). :wink:
  • Actually, sometimes they do. :confused: I'm so sorry. Ugh.
  • Oh, so June goals: 1. Figure this thing out! 2. Keep logging everything. 3. Keep exercising:* M-W-Sat legs/glutes * T-Th-Sun back/chest/shoulders * Walk to or from work/gym both ways at least twice a week, one way at least four times. * Swim class on Sunday 4. Fortify myself mentally so I don't lose my will.. not quite…
  • Good morning, Ladies, and Happy Sunday. I apologize for venting after not keeping up for a couple of weeks...but I'm sooo frustrated.... I've gained slightly this week. Technically I've been plateaued for about ten weeks now. I am nailing the diet and the logging and the exercise, and I don't know what to do. A couple…
  • <3 details to follow. :flowerforyou:
  • Hi Ladies, So sorry I've seemingly been ignoring you. I got my old job wrapped up only a week after starting the new, :sweat_smile: and I'm learning so much new stuff every day, that I come home and my brain just wants to be quiet. :blush: I skim the messages every couple days to make sure everyone's doing okay...I…