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  • Wrong you are starving yourself if what you are saying is true. But then, you aren't logging everything so nobody will actually be able to help you properly without full information. Once you're tracking honestly, and fully, and not hours and hours after eating it, you will be able to get some help. You've already had…
  • @KM0692 I know exactly what you mean. I had huge success with WW pre-SmartPoints. Once SmartPoints came out I started feeling guilty about food and realised it wasn't good for my mental wellbeing at all. And my weight was increasing rather than decreasing! Now I'm doing calories and I have more freedom to eat that…
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  • At my heaviest I was 484 pounds. In my first week I lost 14 pounds. That's 2 pounds a day. But the rate soon slowed down and "normalised". My rate of weight loss is still above normal in terms of pounds but in terms of % it's around 1% a week which is what it should be.
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  • 3 pounds in 4 weeks is a perfectly healthy rate of weight loss. It didn't go on overnight so it won't drop off overnight.
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  • That's what I tend to say now @oolou - much easier. And, TBH, for most people it's not really about the number on the scales it's the clothes size anyway.
  • I also think part of it is they're so used to seeing is a certain size so, any drastic reduction of that size, is going to be amplified from their viewpoint. If you went up to a stranger and asked if they thought you were too thin they'd probably have a completely different answer as they don't have the prior image of you…
  • I had it only tonight in fact. They tell me with my build even a BMI of 25 would be too low for me. When I can be bothered to get into the debate I just say "show me a fat skeleton then" :smiley:
  • Well firstly, a P value of 0.059 is an insignificant result so that's a false statement they've made. Secondly, it was given as a supplement so isn't representative of real food. Thirdly, it was only carried out on males. Fourthly, it was only carried out on "healthy" individuals - therefore those who are not overweight.…
  • The World Health Organisation recommend 5g of salt a day - which is 2000mg of sodium
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  • Cold pasta being lower in calories is akin to when I hear people say that eating fruit is better for you than drinking smoothies because you burn more calories chewing it. Like wtf?!?! Where do people get these ideas from?!?! There's other reasons not to over indulge on smoothies but that's definitely not one of them. The…
  • I thought it might but just wanted to double check - thank you. Yeah I must admit I've put products back on the shelf after realising it's gonna be a pain to accurately work out the calories in it :smiley:
  • Just be wary. We tend to underestimate the amount of food we eat and overestimate the amount of activity we do. For example, I go to a three and a half hour dance class every week *but* I spend about half the class sitting out dances I don't like and socialising. So I actually only exercise for about 90 minutes.…
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  • Oh I'm definitely not getting bogged down by it. It was just something that intrigued me and got me thinking that's all.
  • Ah that's made it click in my brain now. Thank you very much :) I think what confused me is the scales call it "muscle mass". The penny has well and truly dropped now. Awesome.
  • It's lean body mass (minus my bone mass). Have edited my post accordingly. Apologies.
  • Well I'm doing Zumba so there is some exercise - I just meant I'm not lifting weights and the like. Also carrying around 380 pounds of body isn't exactly light work. But it's only increased by a couple of pounds rather than 50 pounds. And it's dual frequency BIA. Yes yes I know it's not going to be a perfect measure so I…
  • Oh and yes it's lean body mass (without the bone mass as I get that as a separate measure). But, even so, 220 pounds of any type of mass is still higher than my healthy weight and I don't plan on donating any organs :wink:
  • No, the reading I get gives me the mass as a weight not a percentage so yes, it has increased in both mass and percent. I'm not hung up about it I was just trying to understand how it actually works.
  • The trouble with cooked weight is so many factors affect the actual weight once cooked - length of cooking time, method of cooking, cooking temperature. It's always best to weigh ingredients raw as much as you can. Having said that, in this particular example, we know the calories for a quarter of the item so a quarter of…
  • So you essentially had chicken soup with spinach? Maybe just search for Campbell's chicken soup? And then add in the spinach
  • I'm still over 27 stone but I have the resting heart rate of an athlete and my cholesterol and glucose levels are perfect so, actually, you can be fat and healthy. The only health issue I do have is high blood pressure *but* even my doc and a specialist have said that isn't weight related because it doesn't respond to…
  • That's okay to do if you only ever eat whole foods. The majority of us don't and so it starts to get muddy when trying to separate free sugars from added sugar. In the UK we're recommended 90g of total sugar a day so that's what I try and follow.
  • I wouldn't bother getting into the "debate" with him either. Some battles just aren't worth your energy. I've lost over 100 pounds so far and I eat pasta ... and bread ... and chips ... and fries ... and potatoes ... and candy ... and doughnuts ... and you get the picture :wink:
  • Think it depends what brand of lager you look up. Or maybe they've slightly modified it since it was first launched. But I know it definitely used to be less for lager. But even so, just 1 SmartPoint difference between the two is pretty crazy.
  • It was until they launched SmartPoints last year @enterdanger - now foods with sugar in are heavily penalised. And they don't differentiate between added and free sugars - hence a pint of Skimmed milk being more SmartPoints than a pint of lager. And that's despite foods rich in protein being "rewarded"!
  • WW points used to be basically tied in with calories. Now that's all changed there's so much possible guilt about food. For example, a U.K. Mars Bar is 12 SmartPoints. If you're on 30 SmartPoints a day then you would only be able to have 2.5 Mars Bars and that would be your lot. A Mars Bar is only 260 calories - so two and…
  • I think you've hit the nail on the head @setzerfan when you said it's about having that choice. It's very much about living in the moment and doing what you can right at that moment in time. You either choose to eat the chocolate or you don't. But by making that choice you have the power rather than food having power over…