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  • Being French I thought the woo was used sarcastically!
  • Did a juice only fast for 10 days last year - followed Joe Cross of the "Sick, Fat an Nearly Dead" documentary. Watching the documentary on Netflix put my head in the right place to do that. Lost 10 lbs, shrunk my stomach, was never hungry but missed chewing. My skin was a lot nicer too. Found the juicing a bit tedious…
  • I have done it a few times and always lost 5 lbs, no more, on each occasion. A friend lost 49 lbs doing it every week and swears by it. I replaced the hot dog with an egg, in France some people call hot dogs "tubes of death" Whether works for you! But worth a try.
  • I have come to the conclusion that OMAD could work for me. In the last year I have jumped from one diet/regime protocol without success. The latest was Weight Watchers. The next day after attending the meeting I knew it was not for me. Two days later I sent them an email asking them not to debit my account next month. To…
  • Have a look at Eric Berg youtube videos. My friend who was 280 lbs lost tons of weight with his intermittent fasting advice. 3 days - 3 meals no snacks 3 days - 2 meals no snacks 3 days - 1 meal + another snack meal then repeat cycle. Check him out - I am starting this protocol tomorrow.
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  • Temptations - tv adverts, food shopping, husband bringing treats, going home to Belgium ( the pâtisseries, frites and Leonidas chocolates), food quarters in Marks @ Spencer London, Cadburys chocolates, sausage rolls. Would love to go on a fasting retreat but not ready to pay big money to be deprived.
  • For 3 years I loved my retirement, then I got bored and I started to watch far too much television. I do not have strong hobbies that I can throw myself into. I started to get depressed and in England the nearly always grey skies do not enhance moods. I did voluntary work in charity shops, the ones I worked in were run by…
  • Puzzled by this too - I only said "shift" like in losing. Wonder if I mispelled it and put "sh-t" instead.
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  • Plenty of scientific backing behind Dr Fung's statements! Love Eric Berg too.
  • When you are reducing calories you are probably unknowingly reducing carbs.
  • My husband lost 49 lbs following Dr Fung's principles. He is also off all his diabetic and heart medication. Thank you Dr Fung!
  • A bit "cliche" your comment!
  • Would not use it - an acquaintance lost most of her hair after being on it for 9 months and had to have her gallbladder removed. Might have been a coincidence but I will not take the stuff.
  • Watching latest of Better than Saul with hubby. Sunday evening here in London - next will be House on Cards on Netflix. Watched yesterday Sully - really good recommend it.
  • Teardrops by Womack and Womack - love watching video on youtube - the little blonde backing singer is so cute and Linda Womack is so cool- I think the song is over 20 years old.
  • Today went a bit wrong - I chose to forget about OMAD and over indulged on sweet and savoury goodies. I now feel uncomfortable, bloated and nauseous. I cannot wait for tomorrow and resume OMAD with my usual mix of fresh vegetable and fruit juice and a small meal within a two hour window. Will I ever learn not to be my…
  • 1. I am going to have food I like - last night was a slice of pizza. 2. I am not going to tell anyone I am doing OMAD - everyone close to me has got a sense of "deja vu" when it comes to my attempts at losing weight. 3. As part of my meal I will have a green mean juice (celeri, cucumber, watercress, spinach, apples,…
  • I am looking forward to stop binging. I am very good for 3 days and invariably binge on the fourth day and undo all the good. Salted caramel cake from the Coop and rapsberry trifles are the latest binges ( cake for 6 and trifle for 8 are gone in one sitting). Need to put my head in the right place but how do you do that?…
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  • He got his health back - pay attention - he is off all medication!. Why the vendetta against Dr Fung?
  • Following Dr Fung's principles, my husband is no longer a diabetic, has lost 75 pounds and is no longer in need of medication for cholesterol and high blood pressure! Dr Fung, carry on with the good work!
  • I have seen her workouts and it appeals to me - she is not annoying or does not talk too much - I am stating following her from tomorrow - going to give it a month and see. My gym memberdip lapses today. I resent paying £45 a month for something I am not enjoying. Lucy W-R may be just what I need.
  • Jason Fung, although advocating intermittent fasting and fasting, says that this is real life - there will always be birthdays, Easter, meeting with friends, etc - which we should partake to. The rest of the time we can adhere to whatever protocol we are following.
  • I still shudder when I hear the words "Kinder eggs". A few years ago, I bought a box 48 Kinder eggs in UK Costco to take to my grandsons in LA amongst other presents. Little did I know that they were banned. I have learned since that I could have been fined $1000 per egg if stopped at Customs.
  • My aim for April is: - to go to the gym 4 x a week, doing 4 spinning classes and use 2 weight machines for 30 repetitions. - to have 2 tabs of olive oil and apple cider vinegar + lemon and nothing else for two days a week - preferably on the two days I am really busy. This gives my skin a really nice glow.
  • I believe that the skin is like a piece of leather, it needs regular oiling/feeding from the outside - and good nutrition. My years working in a unit for the severly burned confirmed this. Patients' scars improved a lot by massaging their scars with oils, even olive oil.
  • In the UK, Cadburys, Marks and Spencer and Thorntons do great Easter eggs - my partner will completely ignore my plea not to get me one - and I will end up with at least two. I cope with that by breaking them in bits and putting the bits in a plastic bag and then in the freezer. Each day I allow myself one bit. A bit…