I am a few weeks' away from going to see my grandchildren in LA so for the last four weeks I have taken Slimfast in order to *kitten* weight quicker. It is only a temporary measure as I will resume eating nutritional food when I am back. I love the taste of Slimfast shakes and already I have noticed my skin is better and my hairloss has slowed down. That is not the first time that i have noticed skin and hair improvement when taking slimfast in the past.


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    I have some of the caramel flavoured vitality powder as I tried it and think it's really nice :) certainly no magic there but it's useful if I need to have something on the fly.
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    I have never heard that about Slimfast, interesting and worth a look at! Thanks for sharing.
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    I trust slimfast and other quality meal replacement protein drinks sold at Costco. They seem to provide more complete nutrition than a meal you make yourself.

    However, it took me forever to finish a case of 24. I just got sick of the taste.
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    Slimfast: Look at the label and log the calories.
    Better: For hair, you may need more protein in your diet. For the vitamins in Slimfast, consider taking a 4 cents a day multivitamin instead. Hair loss could also come from lack of vitamin E, iron, selenium, copper, magnesium, which are all in a daily multi. 19 grams of SUGAR.

    Protein drinks at Costco is an excellent idea. Stores like Target also sell these in small packs. Much more protein for your buck and even some with less calories. Some with only 2 grams of sugar. Not 19.
    Protein Drink at Target:
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    I drink slim fast I love the shakes helps me with cravings I use the shake as a meal replacement and a snack.
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    I love Slimfast powder. The premade ones are way too thick for me. I generally have a half scoop with 8 oz milk as a middle of the night, shut up stomach, snack.
    Plus they mix with milk way better than most other powder drinks.
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    I think she said shift but left the f out
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    Loooose the *kitten*
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    pacific904 wrote: »
    I have taken Slimfast in order to *kitten* weight quicker.

    What could she have possibly said there for the "kitten" mod to kick in??
    Likely "shift" (since some people use that as a term for "lose" when discussing weight) and accidentally left out the "f" when typing.
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    Funny that so many of us were all wondering why the kitten was used
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    pacific904 wrote: »
    I have taken Slimfast in order to *kitten* weight quicker.

    What could she have possibly said there for the "kitten" mod to kick in??

    Puzzled by this too - I only said "shift" like in losing. Wonder if I mispelled it and put "sh-t" instead.
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    I really enjoy slimfast but I only do 1 shake a day advanced nutrition which has 20g of protein I nutra blend it with 1 c strawberries and 1/2 lite and fit yogurt very filling