Experiences of a juice cleanse?



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    I had surgery a month ago and doc put me on a juice cleanse for anti inflammatory purposes. He had me on bone broth for protein, and the juices had to include green leaf veggies. I was allowed some solids, free range chicken breast and eggs. Those things are very easily processed, low calorie, and good cholesterol and fat. Sweet potatoes and steamed orange, yellow and green. veggies. I did well on this. I'd suggest you at least include the bone broth. 16oz a day. Or a protein shake.
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    I do smoothies - do not do this to detox or cleanse your body. your body does that all on its own unless there is something wrong with your kidneys and liver.

    For me (and your mileage may vary) I did the smoothie 'cleanse' to detox my sh**ty habits. It forced me to make better choices, do grocery shopping, plan my meals, and gave me a relatively simple jumpstart to *thinking* in a healthier, long term way. Track all your food. Track everything you do. Make sure you account for snacks - do not do this without making sure you have extra food because you will be seriously hungry. Make hard boiled eggs, portion out your nuts ahead of time, get good fruits and veggies to snack on.

    Basically, prep the heck out of this.

    And 5 days isn't long enough to change your habits. It's just enough to make you miserable and not see results unless you do something drastic which isn't going to help you in the long run. In the end, calories in, calories out are what counts.
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    I would be too hungry to do this, but I think juicing veggies is a good way to get nutrients into your system quickly, especially if you are a picky eater and don't like veggies. Juicing fruits is just a way to get sugar into your system quickly. Eat whole fruit instead. But your body needs protein, fiber, and fat as well. Juice veggies as a way of supplementing your diet, but unless your doctor tells you too, eat real food too.
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    getfitpixi wrote: »
    4kg lost due to the cleanse
    Just working on keeping it off

    You lost 9lbs in 5 days? Wow...