Lucy Wyndham-Read

She is a personal trainer i discovered on You Tube. She does alot of short HIIT workouts ive done a few and quite enjoyed them. Has anyone tried her workouts and seen any results?


  • pacific904
    pacific904 Posts: 92 Member
    I have seen her workouts and it appeals to me - she is not annoying or does not talk too much - I am stating following her from tomorrow - going to give it a month and see. My gym memberdip lapses today. I resent paying £45 a month for something I am not enjoying. Lucy W-R may be just what I need.
  • rainbow198
    rainbow198 Posts: 2,245 Member
    I really enjoy her walking & "toning" workouts as a warm up or something light to do on my active rest day.

    Actually I did one of her workout today before I hit the weights.

    I also like that she isn't too chatty or cheerleadery. I use my own music in the background and go to the pace of my music. I'm looking forward to trying some of her other workouts. She has a great channel!