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  • No Candy January. :) :#
  • Can't we just recycle last years resolutions that weren't met? After 4859 pages, would you still call this a little game?
  • Not to worry friend, you can't outrun a bad diet anyway, so most weight loss is made in the kitchen. Give yourself enough time for healthy recovery after surgery rather than rushing back to the gym, and stick to what works for you. Walking is a good way to exercise, and to explore nature! Best of luck!
  • There's only one kind of burpee for me.. this one >:)
  • Not strange, I talked to Polar too, and sent them some screenshots of MFP and Flow - they found a bug in the transfer is what they said :) Great to have it back in order.
  • Same problem.. annoying as sh**. Mine transfers steps correctly, but calories burned/daily estimate is all messed up. Landed me on a -760 kcal adjustment yesterday, where it should have been a +150 kcal adjustment. For now, I have switched off negative adjustments.
  • I agree with previous responses and add a small illustration to underline that calories in VS calories out is what's going to determine your weight maintenance, gain or loss. Secondly, you're writing you suspect your intake is (...) - I would propose you get a food scale, that way you'll know for sure what your intake is…
  • Chili sin Carne, focaccia (homemade, wholegrain version) and egg. Total 355 kcal :)
  • WOW... 60lbs... amazing progress, well done!
  • Hi, and welcome! My top three...: 1. Get (and use) a food scale - accurate logging = greater results! 2. Try to fit in some exercise (google "Exercising with kids", and you'll get a lot of ideas if finding time is an issue). 3. Meal prepping simplifies busy days... Good luck, B
  • Welcome!
  • ^This Determination is doing what needs to be done, even when you feel like not doing it. Although, as others write above, it might be worth considering if there's a different path than "traditional gym workouts" to travel... Best of luck!
  • Getting a plate and screws means your injury has been somewhat complicated (otherwise they would likely not have been needed), and rehabilitation is important (as I hope you've been told). Maybe you should consider getting advise from a different doctor? Or at the very least, a physiotherapist as mentioned from…
  • Great job so far! 8 months 2 days today, 8months 3 days tomorrow! What kind of advise are you looking for (i.e. what are your goals)? Weightloss? Workout/Fitness? Or just "healthy" (which people seem to have 1000 different definitions of).
  • 1. I'd probabably go for either the burger (and not eat all the bread), any sauces etc on the side, or chicken wings 2. Ask for veggies - they might have them even if not advertised broadly online 3. Maybe get an extra workout in before you go out? A long walk? 4. Leave the guilt for indulging at home - they won't do any…
  • Welcome! Feel free to add me :) I'm no PhD student, but I do work as an engineer, at the same time as managing a business on the side and having 3 dogs, one training for various competitions, one training for SAR... Quite familiar with managing a hectic life... :smile:
  • ^True! (I was mentioning oatmeal over a smoothie as a good idea, as it would be more filling for me than a smoothie) :smiley:
  • I'm a perfectionist. If I don't stick 100% to my plan (whether it's food, exercise, work or something else), I feel guilty. It doesn't do me any good, but that's how I'm put together. I'm trying to improve on this area. While learning to accept that sometimes things don't have to be 100% to be good enough, I try to put…
  • You've got some good advice here. How about considering some part goals too? Almost 100 lbs is quite a number to take on in one "go"... Create rewards for yourself... after e.g. 10-20 lbs and so on, to keep motivated?
  • This. But - my personal choice - I would rather eat something than go to bed hungry. (because I tend to wake up in hungry hippo mode otherwise) The following day, start really looking at food choices, making sure to get enough protein and fats to stay full within the calorie allowance. Good luck.
  • Getting a scale will give you great start, :) another tip is to get a tape measure and some "current status" photos of yourself (don't rely on the scale alone for progress, as the scale will not always accurately reflect how good you are doing) :) And - if you plan on becoming more active, consider a new pair of good shoes…
  • This! :) Repeating - don't worry, the fluctations are more than likely temporary! Happy thoughts, straight course, progress is coming!
  • ^Indeed! Well put, Sir! @JeromeBarry1
  • Figuring out portions are not that hard - get a food scale and pre-log meals, I promise it helps! Also, feel free to message and/or friend me :smile:
  • My (best) thought for you (and I'm sure some will disagree) 1. Calories in Vs. Calories out WILL work. 2. The best diet is one that you feel good about sticking to. My personal one; Anything goes, with moderation If I want chocolate, I eat like 10 gram of dark chocolate, and I'm happy with that. (Doesn't work for everyone…
  • ^This! :) Especially about talking to the ob/gyn. There's no reason not to track while pregnant, but I would set a kcal level for maintenance, preferrably one recommended by a health professional
  • Good going! C25K works (if you want it to...) - there's no better reward than the ones you achieve through dedication and hard work :smile: And wow - 18 lbs in 3 weeks! That's progress!!!