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  • I hope so too! I eat potatoes with dinner almost every night and couldn't live without them. Poor little delicious bad carbs. ;)
  • The Enlightened chocolate peanut butter is amazing! It's my second favorite flavor of the low cal ice creams, followed closely by their red velvet. Halo Top's caramel macchiato is my first favorite.
  • This. So much this. I currently use 15 and 20 pound dumbbells and a 35-pound kettlebell, so my heavy probably isn't heavy to many, but as I started with incredibly weak arms and 5 pound dumbbells, it's working for me.
  • I've been in maintenance since April/May and was initially very stressed because we typically go out to eat about once a week, and sometimes more, in the warmer months. But after the first few times out, the stress went away and I started enjoying myself. Now, I order what I want and savor every bite. To make up for it, I…
  • I would not have one slice. I would have ALL the slices.
  • March 2017: Now: I went from a size 14 to a size 4/6. I hit my original goal - 140 lbs - in December 2017. Then I decided to drop to 130 and reached that in April 2018. I've been in maintenance since then, although I've dropped a few more pounds in the process. I'm currently 128 lbs at 5' 6.5".
  • Blueberries (breakfast) Blueberries, strawberries, peach, cauliflower, spinach (lunch) Cauliflower, small red potatoes (dinner)
  • It was. The testing they did was a mess. They injected as much MSG in lab rats that they did when testing saccharine - more than any person could reasonably eat. The FDA has classified MSG as "generally recognized as safe," and it's in so much processed food now, it isn't even funny. Doritos, Pringles, frozen dinners,…
  • My favorites are cottage cheese with cinnamon and Truvia nectar, plain Greek yogurt with berries and Truvia nectar, or rice cakes with PB2.
  • I got the Nush blueberry cake and quite liked it. I also have the banana nut but haven't tried it yet,
  • I hit my held low plank goal yesterday of five minutes.
  • I'm 5' 6.5" and my original goal weight was 140 lbs. (I wanted to fit into my size 10 jeans and knew I weighed about 140 when I did.) I was a size 14 when I started (not sure how much I weighed scale-wise, but my best guess is around 170.) Once I hit 140, though, I wanted to get leaner so I set a new goal of 130. I'm…
  • I went to Target yesterday and in the dressing room, I got a good look at my back and was very pleased to see the muscle definition there. Also, my held low plank is up to 4:45. I plan to reach five minutes (my original goal) this week.
  • Cottage cheese with peach slices. Rice cakes with PB2 (or regular peanut butter) and raisins. However, I've also had a pint of Halo Top for dinner when I was too tired to even throw together one of the first two options.
  • My husband accidentally grabbed a pint of the dairy free caramel macchiato and while the flavor wasn't bad, the grittiness was unpleasant. It's my favorite regular flavor, though.
  • I have a strong core from years of belly dance (and I still dance as part of my warm up and frequently between sets), but my current three times a week routine includes dead bugs (my favorite), flutter kicks, toe taps, leg raises, Pilates roll-ups, and planks. I also do Vinyasa yoga four times a week, which helps as well.…
  • One of our grandsons spent Friday night with us and we went to the park. Last summer I tried to swing across the monkey bars and was still too heavy and didn't have enough upper arm strength. This summer? Three times across without a problem. I could have continued, but opted to climb up and down the short climbing wall…
  • I recommend Floating Yoga School. You can find her videos on YouTube.
  • A four minute low plank. I've been adding a few seconds each time I do them (three times a week) instead of to failure. My new goal is five minutes; after that, I plan to hold one to failure because I'm genuinely curious.
  • If you're paddling for 3 hours, you need more fuel. You chose candy instead of chicken. I'd call that a choice, not a binge. And honestly, I'd probably do something similar if I needed more calories (says the woman who works a pint of Halo Top into her calories almost every day). I'm maintaining, but since it's summer…
  • I use a cork mat from Yoloha and love it, but before that I used a Gaiam mat, which was only about $25. https://yolohayoga.com/
  • We use apple slices, but other fruit--pineapple, melon--works well, too.
  • Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with Muenster cheese and Rotel fire roasted tomatoes; Wholly Guacamole 100-calorie cup; spinach; watermelon Mid-morning snack: banana Lunch: tuna with riced cauliflower and peas; cottage cheese with Truvia Nectar, cinnamon, and peach slices Afternoon snack: rice cakes with PB2 and raisins…
  • Sending well wishes your way! I hope the not logging works out well.
  • I went to Old Navy this weekend for shorts. Ended up buying a pair in size 4 and a few extra small shirts. Vanity sizing? Most likely. I'm small, but more of a size 6 small, not a size 4 small.
  • Another recommendation for Yoga With Adriene, but another vote for going to a few classes first as well.
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  • Last night while taking several selfies with out-of-town relatives at dinner, I sat in chair pose beside their seat in the restaurant without even thinking. I didn't even realize it until later. A small thing, to be sure, but a marker of being fit.
  • ^ This. My original goal was 140, what I weighed when I fit into my two favorite pairs of jeans. Once I got there, while I was happy to wear the jeans again, I wasn't happy with how I looked so I continued to eat at a deficit. I'm now 130 pounds and happy. Certainly there's room for improvement, but that's what recomp is…
  • I was a single mom with a limited food budget for a long time and some of my staples were eggs, pasta and sauce, ground beef and rice seasoned with Lipton Onion Soup mix, meatloaf seasoned the same way, macaroni and cheese, potatoes, and frozen or canned veggies.
  • Breakfast: two eggs, scrambled with Muenster cheese and Rotel fire roasted tomatoes and chilies; a side of cooked spinach; instant plain Cream of Wheat with Truvia Nectar and apples cooked with cinnamon. Lunch: tuna with spinach and chopped cauliflower, seasoned with Old Bay; sliced mini cucumbers; a fruit salad of…