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  • Morning rjivory Similar story to yours - annual checkup, numbers were getting close - pre-diabetes. So began to work at tracking and watching what I ate - dropped 80lbs in approx 8 months - numbers went down. COVID hit and weight came back on and numbers went back up - starting again now. But bottom line you can impact/…
  • Many good comments above. For me it needs to be the first thing I do in the morning - then it doesnt get bumped off the list. Yes that extra hour or hour and a half sleep would be nice but in the scheme of things the workout you are doing is probably more important. Its tough to make it a priority when you are taking care…
  • I fight this issue a lot - when I go more than a couple of days without following my plan I try to change up my schedule - prepare "good" food to have ready when those cravings come around and I also find that I am not drinking enough water. Many times you may be thirsty but it comes across as hunger, staying hydrated is…
  • Morning, Motivation is a tough thing at times. You shouldn't feel like you are the only one going through some challenging times - there are many right there with you. Take stock in those that have commented and are encouraging you, build off the positive encouragement and build one day at a time. You may not always feel…
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  • It can be irritating no doubt BUT with any topic the more info you have the better decisions can be made. We don't know their exact motivation for discussing with you but we can be hopeful that their intentions are based on good meaning. Listen and engage who knows you might learn something or you might educate them. We…
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  • Hello Everyone, Just got back on MFP again. Had success previously with KETO, intermediate fasting and tracking calories. Lost 80lbs but gained a lot back. So my goal is to use the same process and plan again with KETO, IM and tracking along with gym work. Best of luck to everyone, be persistent and take one day at a time.
  • Hello everyone. I just jumped back on MFP - starting over. Was part of several low carb/KETO groups and the discussion was always helpful. Lost 80lbs and gained a lot back, you all know how it goes got out of routine and the weight comes back MUCH easier than it went off. I did a very strict KETO last time, and am slowly…
  • Hang in there. I know the story all too well. I just started on MFP again to lose (for a second time) what I gained back. The good thing is you are on here, taking it seriously AND you know you can do it because you did it before. You have the evidence in the photos - you can do it. You know it takes hard work, dedication…
  • Morning, Totally agree with what you are looking for. This is my second time on MFP. I lost 80 lbs on my first go around and gained a lot back now back to lose it all again. I found when I did the best at working out and eating right is when I had a small group of support friends on here that I texted or messaged with…
  • Morning This is my second time on mfp. Last time lost 80lbs gained some back now starting again. And I can tell you never would have done it the first time without positive encouragement and motivation from a few people I spoke with daily on here. I hope you find a few people to encourage you. It makes all the difference.…
  • Little over 100lbs down and ideally another 70lbs to go - set small achievable goals and check them off one by one - celebrate the successes with friends and family and don't get bogged down with the challenges. Focus on improving your overall health - the rest will follow. Every day you have a new opportunity to improve…
  • Did not know those meetings existed - makes sense though - talking through an issue/problem/challenge can be very helpful especially with people that have experienced it or are going through it currently. I hope you attended the meeting.
  • Great podcast with David Goggins - inspirational story - listen to him the next time you are driving to or from work or in the gym. https://teamneverquit.com/podcast/david-goggins/
  • Great podcast with David Goggins - inspirational story of overcoming adversity and losing weight. https://teamneverquit.com/podcast/david-goggins/
  • Great podcast with David Goggins - inspirational story of fighting through many obstacles to achieve a goal. He struggled with weight then made a decision to change - started working out - then went through SEAL training. https://teamneverquit.com/podcast/david-goggins/
  • Great podcast with David Goggins - inspirational story and if you are not motivated after listening I don't know what to say. https://teamneverquit.com/podcast/david-goggins/
  • Early morning coffee and MFP....of course.
  • Sure
  • KETO group https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/1143-keto
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  • I agree - it is a good day because......
  • Some basic info on KETO at the site below. http://www.dietdoctor.com/lchf There are several low carb and keto MFP groups you should take a look at as well.
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  • Have been looking for a "40s" group - enjoy the comments and impressed by the hard work by those posting. Thanks for the motivation. Working on losing my next goal - (accomplished my first goal to lose 100lbs) and have another 70lbs or so to go ideally. Swimming, elliptical and weight training are my main exercises along…
  • Been keeping this a secret for a while, but really want to tell someone. I shouldn't brag but....the other day I put together a puzzle in 1 day - and the box said 2 to 4 years.
  • Just over a year and roughly down 108lbs. Another 60lbs to go.
  • Was down 118bs then gained a few back when I took a break from working out and logging in food on MFP after 1 year of work. Back at it again and ideally will lose another 80 to get to where I want to be. KETO and CICO Starting weight 398 (before MFP) current weight 290 with a goal of somewhere between 210 and 220.