Hi, 31M motivation problems


Backstory: have insecurity about myself. Struggling with weight problems. I am at 119kg want to loose between 19-29 within a year.

I cannot wear t-shirts only I need sweaters to hide myself. The goal is to be able to take a outdoor bath July / June next year with my friends on a Florida vacation. I love water but hate my body so have not been in water the past 10 years due to my complexes. Not used a t-shirt only even in 30C degrees weather.

My worst enemy is my sweet tooth. I could easily eat a 200g chocolate bar every day!

I have not told anyone I know about my problems. I do not want to either. Not sure why I write this post as I clearly do not have a question. I am just a bit lost.

I tried using MFP but it's hard as I want to keep this a secret until it starts working. So weight of food is hard to calculate in the hidden :P

How do you guys do this!? Sharing my struggles openly is not a option. Not possible, I tend to push close people that want to help away as I my whole life have been living on a mission to be able to support myself alone. Bah


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    I just finished typing in response to someone else “if it feels too difficult, find a way to make it easier”. Same advice goes to you. If you are worrying about weighing food in front of others, estimate when you need to.

    As to the problem of having a “sweet tooth”, that was my problem too (although I was more about cookies and pastries than chocolate), my first suggestion is to make sure you’re getting adequate protein.

    I’ve adapted to having less sugar in my life. There are a variety of views regarding sugar consumption here on MFP, but for me, it It’s helped to pay attention to my macros. I found that on my “difficult” days, I was eating 60% or more carbs. When I stuck to 50% or less I was okay (although I probably didn’t get enough protein on those 60% days, so back to my first bit of advice).

    Now that I’m close to goal (new, lower goal actually), I aim for 40% or less carbs. I’ve shifted the extra calories to fats.

    You’re in good company here. I’ll bet there are lots of people who would characterize themselves similarly. Plus lots of experienced people offering great advice. I find just reading through the threads helps me keep my interest/motivation going.
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    Great podcast with David Goggins - inspirational story of overcoming adversity and losing weight.