Where I was and where I am now


I never ever wanted to be one of those serial dieters, yet here I am. At one point I thought I would be a weight watcher forever, boy I was wrong. Sometimes I just wish I could go back. I’ve been “intuitive eating” for the past three years and I feel like it’s only made it harder to lose weight again. It feels near impossible to lose even two pounds. But that girl in the middle - I need her back!! It’s never too late.


  • DW1Texas
    DW1Texas Posts: 130 Member
    Hang in there.

    I know the story all too well. I just started on MFP again to lose (for a second time) what I gained back.
    The good thing is you are on here, taking it seriously AND you know you can do it because you did it before. You have the evidence in the photos - you can do it. You know it takes hard work, dedication and persistence.

    Having a big goal is good, but I found that for me to get started I needed to focus on the first few days to get a routine and really focus on what I am eating, then working out and tracking calories in and out. Hit daily and weekly goals and then look at the big goal down the road. I have and will make mistakes everyday. But just try to build each day and get some support and encouragement from others in your area, gym or on MFP.

    You can do it.
  • work_again
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    let's do this! I'm in the same boat. Need to drop 10-15 and get my confidence back.

    The nice thing about that 2018 pic... is you KNOW you can. You've been there. Let's get it.
  • Skyler103
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    I know what you mean. I've lost a few pounds, but I just can't stop eating. I log accurately and weigh all of my food. I'm even working out several times a week. Snacking at night is killing it for me. Good luck getting that middle person back.
  • ITUSGirl51
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    You can do it again. You know how. Just be patient, it may take some time. I agree that small goals are the best. Go for an average of 1 lb a week. It may be you lose nothing one week and you did everything right, but the next week you drop two pounds. It will come off if you keep at it.
    I’ve done the yo yo thing since I was 16 and now I’m 54. It’s over and over and over again. I lose, then gain it back. But I’m never going to stop fighting this battle. The last loss was in 2018. I kept it off a year. Gained back half and now am on my way back down.