Trying to reverse pre-diabetes

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Hi all!
I've used MyFitnessPal before, but never very faithfully. I've been on a very long journey battling my body. I would say, "battling my weight", but I thought I was fat long before I ever was. I joined Weight Watchers when I was in the middle of my recommended BMI, and no one stopped me. It only made me obsessive, and with each failed attempt, I put on a little more weight each time.
I recently started testing my own fasting blood sugar every morning and discovered that my numbers are high. Out of 19 days, only 2 of them have been in a normal range. 13 have been in the pre-diabetic range, and 4 of them have been in the diabetic range.
As soon as I saw that first scary number, I immediately made an appointment with a dietician, and have been tracking everything I eat, and minimized the sugar to only a couple of special occasions, cut down the carbs a lot, increased my vegetables by a ton, etc. And I've gotten back to the gym 4-5 days a week.
In the past 19 days, I've lost over 5 pounds. I have at least 85 more to go.

I'm posting here because I'd love to connect with those of you out there who have dealt with this issue, whether with pre-diabetes, or diabetes. Maybe you were able to reverse things. I have questions! Maybe you weren't able to reverse things. I STILL have questions! Maybe you're in the trenches with me now. I'd love to offer each other support.

Thanks for listening! I look forward to connecting!


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    I have a story similar to yours. Instead of Weight Watchers, I started a faith-based weight loss program called Prism when I weighed only 143. I have been on many programs since then and my weight just continues to increase. I have 3 more days left with Noom. I lost 21 pounds from November 30 to January 24. Then I got covid and threw all my efforts to get healthy out the window. I have gained 13 of the 21 pounds back. I have been pre-diabetic for about 10 years now. I have used My Fitness Pal on and off for quite a while, but have never really connected with anyone through this program. I decided yesterday that I will do my best from now on to take better care of myself and try to avoid becoming a diabetic as long as I can. I would love someone to share this journey and share tips and difficulties with. I just turned 60 last month. Both my parents were diabetic, so I am almost guaranteed that same fate. I want to fight to avoid it as long as possible.
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    Sharon! I sent you a friend request. Thanks for replying!
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    Morning rjivory
    Similar story to yours - annual checkup, numbers were getting close - pre-diabetes. So began to work at tracking and watching what I ate - dropped 80lbs in approx 8 months - numbers went down. COVID hit and weight came back on and numbers went back up - starting again now.

    But bottom line you can impact/ lower your numbers - many have experienced it. I did it through tracking calories in and out - setting macro limits and eating more closely to my daily calorie recommendation all with MFP, a dedicated workout plan and a lot of encouragement. For me a modified KETO worked well, once I got in the groove.

    Obviously there are other methods and programs - really does not matter - you have to find the one that works for you, schedule, lifestyle etc. But to start, at least tracking calories and macros made a huge difference for me.

    Applaud you for reaching out to the MFP community - I know I would not have been as successful the first go around without the people I met on MFP going through similar situations, sharing stories and recipes and workouts. Support and encouragement makes a difference and the great thing about MFP is that there are groups for almost every situation, just have to look around and find the right one.

    Also - great job so far - taking the step to start is a tough one, so check that box. Keep working at it, there will be highs and lows but the key is to stay as consistent as possible, and to find a routine that is sustainable with your daily life. Best of luck!
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    Thanks, DW1Texas! (Headed to TX later this week to see my grandbabies!)
    I appreciate you sharing. May I ask: how did you "divi-up" your macros? Did you go by percentages? Or by grams? And can you share what those were?
    Friending you now.
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    Well done for reaching out, and for noticing your patterns.

    First thing's first - do you have an eating disorder? I don't know, a few things you said there looked like potential flags for that to me. Might be worth checking in with a health care provider about that.

    Secondly, I'm pre-diabetic, and it's absolutely possible to improve your numbers. I am on a diabetes prevention programme at present (run by the NHS, UK). The main factors are as you probably expect:

    Lose weight (if you need to)
    Move more (and favour exercise after eating starchy carbs, to help your body use them)
    Control how many portions of starchy carbs you eat
    Control how much added sugar you eat
    Be sensible about dietary fat

    Make changes in a progressive sustainable way - no more yo yo dieting, that's worse for your hormones.

    In the first 3-6 months of change your numbers won't change much, as your hormones need to get into balance before weight loss and blood work numbers change much. Keep at it.
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    Hi! I used to be able to be diagnosed as having Binge Eating Disorder (BED) but haven't qualified for that in a long time. I'm actually a therapist now, and have done a lot of personal work to overcome the old needs for coping. Gratefully, I don't struggle with that now. And the dietician I work with also specializes in eating disorders, so we work together to create a healthy way of eating that can be lived for decades to come, rather than some extreme program that will just go by the wayside when it gets old.
    Thanks for sharing your plan. I'm seeing my doctor in the morning for an official diagnosis and see if he wants me to start meds or anything. In the meantime, I've lost 7 lbs in the last 3 weeks since this discovery, and will just keep making healthy changes, one day at a time.
    Good luck on your plan. Are you still in the pre-diabetes range then?
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    I'm glad you have made what sounds like massive progress past binge eating, and you sound very well resourced in support around that 👍well done for doing the not inconsiderable hard work around that, and your in a brilliant position to be of service to others now. Xx

    I'm fairy sure I would have qualified for that diagnosis in the past, too. Eating a large bar of chocolate in bed regularly(and the rest), it isn't hard to see that that's how I ended up pre-diabetic.

    I actually had my bloods done last week and haven't bothered to ring up for the results yet 🤦‍♀️ but officially I'm not due for them for another 6 months.

    My periods went out of whack big time (menhorragia is decidedly not fun) and my healthier eating has helped them get back on track, so I know that I'm having a positive effect on my hormones that way. Plus I have chronic fatigue that has pretty much just disappeared now that I'm eating like this, which is utterly magic and incredible to me.
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    That's so great! The older we get, the more we value health over "looking great in a swimsuit". Ha! Ha! My doctor visit did show I am officially pre-diabetic. My A1C was 5.9. So at least I'm already on the right track. He prescribed Metformin and I'm working up to the full dose. Feeling OK. Weight loss is always slower than I wish, but I'm grateful to be following a healthy plan without a lot of struggle. I always struggle to get more vegetables in. What's your favorite ways of doing that?