Accountability Coach

Can anyone recommend someone with either education or experience as an Accountability Coach? Someone who can hold me to my goals, call me out on *kitten* but also motivate. Ive done accountability buddies before but it ends up being to "friendly" ... Obviously im looking for something virtual. Text reminders and checkins, nutrition & MFP diet share .. maybe with weekly video weighins.... something like that.. suggestions??🤗🤗


  • DW1Texas
    DW1Texas Posts: 130 Member
    Totally agree with what you are looking for. This is my second time on MFP. I lost 80 lbs on my first go around and gained a lot back now back to lose it all again. I found when I did the best at working out and eating right is when I had a small group of support friends on here that I texted or messaged with every day. It was about accountability but also about support and encouragement. So I get the idea of wanting a coach.

    I HIGHLY encourage you to find a small group of dedicated friends that you interact with everyday - people that have similar goals and even similar reasons that got them to this point. Or a coach as you are looking for.

    There are many gifted people on MFP, and I am sure you will find a coach to help with your journey. Stay positive and don't give up.