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  • No. It’s water weight. It’ll drop off likely all at once again.
  • This depends a bit on your height and weight and intensity of your exercise. But in general, you shouldn’t net below 1,200 calories regularly. Eating back at least a potion of your exercise calories is usually a good idea. That said, it’s important not to overcalculate your calories burned, which is very easy to do. This…
  • Plant nanny!
  • You’re definitely not the only one, but you want to be careful. You can easily blow a whole week’s deficit in a day. If you want a cheat day, maybe choose to eat at maintenance that day rather than a deficit. Another thought, it may not be your best bet to be eating in such a way that requires a weekly cheat day. Ideally…
  • Either eggs or oatmeal! This morning was three eggs, with potato, cheese, orange pepper, onion, and avocado with a sausage patty on the side.
  • You can send me a friend request if you want! I have a one year old and I’m currently pregnant with my second so I’m not loosing right now but trying hard to keep my weight gain under control this time around. I’ll be back to loosing once they’re born in August! I’ve successfully lost 70lbs using this app in the past.
  • I 100% understand what you’re dealing with! Honestly, tracking makes it worse, but I also really enjoy tracking so it’s a tough balance for me to find. I lost 80lbs in the past, and while it started off well and healthy, I became very compulsive leading to fast and unhealthy weight loss. This cycle has repeated numerous…
  • I am a mom to a 13 month old! I lost all of my pregnancy weight (I gained a scary 60lbs!) by watching my calorie intake and trying to get out for a walk daily. It didn't always happen, especially with the little downtime. Since I was breastfeeding I had the extra challenge of balancing my supply with my deficit, but…
  • This looks great! I've been trying to eat salmon once a week and needed a new recipe.
  • I agree with the above poster. Therapy may help significantly for you. There are some that are well trained in diet and food issues. It is true that it is up to you. Not your nutritionist or your family. They can be there for support, but in the end it is about the decisions that you make. Remember that it is less about…
  • It does sound more like a craving to me. I once cut out added sugar for a month (I am not suggesting this, I just was curious to see if I could do it), and I know well the feeling hat you're describing. It subsided for me around day 10.
  • Same! And I’m pregnant again so any motivation I may have had is once again out the window! Once I put my son to sleep, the last thing I’m about to do is exercise, but hopefully when the weather gets nicer we’ll be able to go on walks together. He’s just over a year now so I have to wait until the ice on the roads melt.…
  • When I want to be particularly healthy, I go for oatmeal, egg and avocado on toast, or nuts. I also like peanut butter toast, cheese and crackers, and dry cereal when I have a few extra calories to play around with.
  • This is so important! Sometimes a short, relatively controlled break is needed just for your sanity. It’s also super fitting given that it’s the super bowl and valentines is tomorrow. It’s okay to have a treat now and then! You can always eat at maintenance too.
  • 5’6” and 145lbs. I wear size 6-8 pants, and medium tops, though some smalls fit too.
  • It’s been a month, let’s bring this thread back!
  • I did not use one. I didn’t find it necessary personally.
  • I’ve been on the combination pill and mini pill (currently while breastfeeding). Neither have had any impact on my weight. My sister was in the Depo shot and did not gain any weight (she was already in the obese category though).
  • That’s more than okay! Life happens! There will be days where you’re over and days where you’re under. What’s your rate of loss? If you’re aiming to lose 1lb a week, 300 calories is still under maintenance. I’ve lost 80lbs over the last 6 months, there have been many days that I have eaten over, and some days that I’ve…
  • I love an unplanned maintenance day! I get so excited when I take them. Having maintenance days can help you prepare for when you actually reach maintenance anyway. Enjoy your day!
  • I hadn’t thought about my overhang for a while until I read this post. I had to go check it out in the mirror! I’m happy to report that it is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller! I was the top end of healthy weight until college, then gained a lot of weight. I was obese for about 5 years then lost about 65lbs. I was still overweight…
  • 11 days is not enough time for you to need to re-evaluate your diet. This is not a plateau or a stall. You’ve lost a lot of weight fairly quickly, just let your body catch up with you. As a male, you probably shouldn’t be eating just 1300-1600 calories anyway. Make sure you’re not trying to loose weight too quickly, as…
  • No, pregnancy is NOT the time to loose weight (unless directed to by your doctor- but that only happens when you begin your pregnancy much heavier than you are). You will have all the time after you give birth to loose weight and prioritize your health. I just had my first baby in Jan! I started the pregnancy over weight…
  • Hey! I have a five month old boy! I came back to MFP to loose the baby weight (and I lost all 55lbs of it recently!) and now I’m trying to loose just a little more. I lost 66lbs in the 2018 too so I know that using this site works! Please feel free to add me, I love having mom friends.
  • Like pp said, six days means nothing. It’s completely normal for the scale to not move every single week for various reasons. What you need is more patience. Just keep doing what your doing, log accurately (with a food scale), and the weight loss will catch up. Great job on loosing 10kg so far!
  • When I first started this journey, I figured that I’d lose some weight, then burn out like I had always done in the past. Now I know that eating at maintenance is perfectly okay to do now and then, and it would help me reach my end goal. Now I know that even if I have an off day, it’s not going to derail everything that…
  • Tick researcher here! Yes, the more often you are bit, the more likely you are to have a mild skin reaction. Many people mistake these immediate reactions to be from a pathogen/disease, which it’s not (as you seem to know). For a positive spin to this situation, yes it’s annoying, but it is also kind of a good thing to get…
  • I had to stop complaining about my weight and hating how I looked and had to start actually trying to do something about it. Loosing weight is pretty simple really, it’s just CICO. But getting in the right headspace for it can be hard. That quote is so true- I also had to stop stoping after a bad day or couple of days and…
  • I think you need to figure out why you want to lose weight. Is it just because you’re “supposed to” before your wedding? Is it for the photos? Or is it because you want to be healthier long term? All of these things may require different motivation. Secondary to this, you can’t always rely on motivation for weight loss. It…