I could use some support.

The first time I got extremely serious about getting fit, watching what I ate, etc, I lost over 70lbs but I became obsessive about it. Since then I've unfortunately gained some of it back and I've off and on tried to get back to where I was but I was also in a really rough spot (and relationship) in my life.
Now that my life is much different and I'm much happier, I've been working on myself. I'm already down 10lbs! But I'm also afraid it's already becoming an obsessive thing again. I don't want to be the person that won't eat practically ANYTHING because it has too many calories and generally can't enjoy things again. I need to find a happy medium and some legitimate support that really understands what I'm going through. Help!


  • Lhenderson923
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    I 100% understand what you’re dealing with! Honestly, tracking makes it worse, but I also really enjoy tracking so it’s a tough balance for me to find. I lost 80lbs in the past, and while it started off well and healthy, I became very compulsive leading to fast and unhealthy weight loss. This cycle has repeated numerous times (usually I gain back 20-25lbs). I’m pregnant with my second child now, so now I have the added struggle of making sure I eat enough but not too much, and while my compulsive side is fighting to come out, I know I need to gain a small amount of temporary weight in a healthy manner. I hope that the habits I’m creating right now will carry over to when I’m loosing the postpartum weight and hopefully I can not be compulsive about it. Feel free to send me a friend request!